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Last update for (2)SunGoesDown : 2006, 12, 31 12:44
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
459 (2)SunGoesDown 128*128NoNamedOne1.0final

The map has been rated 48 times and got a total of 46 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

absolutely fantastic 10/10

you have achieved the perfect balanced of the races!
omg its nice u say it but i prefer some ideas whot i made bad it cant be balanced its my 2nd map
ok, first of all, download yourself a *scm to *jpg tool. We won't upload every picture for you when you upload or update your map ;)

but i'll upload it for you know. btw, AiurZ, that really doesn't help :) Try to be fair and give help instead of making fun out of him. Thanx a lot :)
Ok, it helps us to help you if you could write some sentences to explain your thoughts on that map.

And next thing is, have you ever played Starcraft before? Have you played multiplayer?

Things you need to have in a map are:

- fair expansions for every player
- every expansion has to be as vulnerable to attacks as the counterpart of it on the map
- you need a big battle ground (in the center) so that units can move
- it is best to have only one entrance to your starposition
- Terran is very strong when ways are small
- Zerg and Protoss need much space to move around on the map
- All races need mainbases as big as a screen (in editor) to have enough building space
- the UNIT AI is really bad, they don't get it that minerals are obstacles, and the pathfinding is absolutely fucked up when minerals are used as temporary blockades
- always test your map ingame
- check unit ranges (Terran Tank with Range Upgrade)

Then, ALWAYS scrabble your mapidea on a piece of paper first, and think about what the map should look like, where the expansions should be, what the routes to the enemy should look like, if ther is enough fighting space, and so on and so forth.

Read through everything please, again and again. And then try to update your maps reguarding these ideas.

hope that helps :)
first of all mass thx 4 helping, wos long time truying to do SC maps but had no1 to help (didnt now about this page)... and i'm not so muth playing SC, i wothink muth reps etc. so nows strat etc but cant paly it too good alone.

-fair expanzions
-thionk its kinda ok on this map or not? the 2nd gass is same long from main/exe on cliff/poison for dore hath, mb ust the mineral exe at mid is a bit beter for up player....

y are are prob. right whits the mid a bit too muth thinks thear i will change it...

btw i didnt find any sige tank megaimba pozition, am i blind?

think mainbase is kinda big is +/- same as in LT...

dont now the prob whits 2 entreace, its they are small np to block one whits GW and 2nd whits lots for protos, rax+suply for T, and if u got hath in front of them it is ok 2(get some minerals thear and closer to gas)

dont understand point 2, u mean vulnureable to HT/lurker/sige tanks etc? or whot :))

again mass thx Listorik.. and i now the guy wos joking

Sprecken Sie German?
"- All races need mainbases as big as a screen (in editor) to have enough building space"

this depends on your resolution.
oh, forgot that, sure, it depends on the resolution.

on 1280x1024 it's almost exactly one screensize. Got this resolution for your now, just forgot that other peeps may have other res ^^ thx AiurZ
ok total remaked it, same is only starts location and it nearest places.
In general: make it look better. for now, you only have standard blue. Try to create a nice mixture of dirt, mud, crushed rock, flagstones, and crevices (those only with purpose)

And reagrding the walls of the mainbase: You can drop tanks on it which is imbalanced. Make the cliffs into small walls of high ground, so you have the same effect without this problem :)

And the middle definitely has to be changed into some more open space.

I really like it that you try to improve yourself, go on!
the dropable main wosnt the whot i wonted to do :) so u think do smaller start pozition and biger mid?
Well, at least remove those bridges!
Make a wider, larger way to the middle. You wouldn't have a chance against terran bocking this little bridge.
if i delete bridge no way defend PvZ
"Sprecken Sie German?" - flothefreak

Wouldn't you say it 'spreken sie deutsche' ?

Where are you from NoNamedOne and how old are you?
LoL @ AuirZ's comment too
Sprecken Sie German? - Is somehow a german joke about Amercians who try to speak german (at least, i know it as such)

It`s "Sprechen sie Deutsch?", just to inform you ^^

He's from denmark
As it is now, no way in PVT. :X
why no way? u can block bridge by lots/workers
Modified :)
y a bit start location smaller and mid bigger theats all
problem in PVT is not blocking a small entrance, but GETTING out of it...

you should learn the game and its general properties in gameplay before creating maps :/
y i now the game kinda muth, P get hard to get autside at all map, not harder on this then on eny other, atlest ig P get vs Z island(usual) then he get 3x gas and 4x minerals, theats more then usual P had whits islad exe....
P dont need to go aut if P get camping +3/3/3 upgr +200/200 its neer to imposible for Z to play vs it, 3/3/3 archons+dark archons+HT+mas lot/goon+some reaver+corasirs whits web and neer to nothink to do whits it Z
1) I was speaking of PVT and getting out in THIS matchup.

2) You have NO idea of BW.
If protoss goes camping, zerg will take about every expansion and will have 200 supply __MUCH__ faster.

"3/3/3 archons+dark archons+HT+mas lot/goon+some reaver+corasirs"

I have mass 3/3 ultras and mass cracklings and mass 3/3 mutas and mass devourer and mass guardians and mass defiler and mass lurker and mass hydras and mass queens and mass overlords and mass drones.

And after a large battle, I build my 200/200 troops in about 1-2 minutes again, while YOU won't, because you don't have ~8-10 expansions :X

I don't even mention the fact that there won't be any game on earth were you will have this protoss army T_T

coming back tp PVT:

Terran has do push from his bridge to the other. This is not a long way. And when he's there, you'll never come out of your base again.

Well, and don't DARE to say you'd go carriers.
Until you have 6 of them (and no ground army) I got a lot of tanks, and more battlecruisers than you have carriers.

can anyone play vs me this map oO, all my frend endet whits SC(hadnt played it for 2years), so i had no1 to play it, and i cant cr8 to try publick
Can't create too. :/
wud realy lieke to try to play it, its nice to think about strats on map but it is 1000% beter to try it
Bad lookin imo...
Someone's pic replaced this map's pic
modified by Nightmarjoo
The picture is an older version of VomiT's "Sunder"
Hmm, Panschk, how are those mappics saved? :p
well, atleast the pic that replaced it is much better looking than this map :D
it warns in map upload thing about same name pics
well, the simpliest solution ever is to fix the name fe. must be (x)asd.pic.jpg as there are similar rules for the mapname

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