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Last update for (2)Outlaw_Anthem : 2013, 04, 22 23:42
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
460 (2)Outlaw_Anthem 96*128flothefreak1.2final

The map has been rated 59 times and got a total of 70 points


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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

My contribution the starpartys contest.
1on1 map, desert, 96x128 (who'd have guessed)

I took the statement "no highground -> ramp -> cliffnat" literaly, which means that there is NO highground, no ramps and no cliffnats :>

Note the gasposition on the 2-bridges-expos and the little path to the main when you mined the minonly completely.
I like maps where you can attack from all sides but the enemies main :P

What do ya think of it? Any comments concerning the balance?
"the" should be "to" in the first linie, furthermore, it is "there are" :/
the position of the nat will get in the way of troop movements which is really gay
But it has to be there ;/
for z has to be able to defend FE and base at once, for the nat is lying exposed on this map
Just put the geysir on top or bottom, then the units can at least walk out towards the enemy base without walking into the peonline.
Yap, good idea, thanks
changed it.

further comments wanted, especially about the balance...
Nice map!

Maybe too many expos for me but still a great map, seems balanced in my eyes, although not very original.
... should be tested yes. The mineral wall at the mainbase might confuse units. Better test that ingame.
I checked pathing right now. I took 36 goons and put a cc with turrets spreadaround it at the natural. While it worked quite good at the bottom pos, it was horrible at top. So I moved both naturals away from this spot. Now one (especially zerg) has more problems covering the main with the natural expansion, but like this there shouldn't be any pathing problems left.

The minonly-mineral-wall confused the goons when sending them to the enemy's base...
No I think about taking this feature away, but then this map is even less original (which is bad because the map nevertheless is partly based on non-original concepts) :/
Or should I make unit movement out of the base harder for a player, sotosay let the mineral blockade as altrernativ entry and difficulty for the player?

thanks for making me aware of this problem, I tend to not thinking of pathing while mapping...
You could put the min-only on roughly top and bottom middle position next to the mains instead. So, you'd have the feature and the ptahfinding _might_ be no problem, but you had to test it again.
Ok, I did this, even if I didn't want to put the minonly there in the first place because it is no more exposed to the middle now. But there is no other way I guess.

Updated pic and melee version, I will make the obs version and the pathing tests tomorrow, good night :O
try putting the blocked entrance at 12 and 6 crags instead. that way they definitelly wont be in the way.

If it still doesnt work, the map is better of without it. compensate it with a cliff on some expansion or something to give another harrasing possibility instead?
I already did this, starparty
the pic should have been updated yesterday

gonna upload new version, mom
ah, nice :9
should I add cliffs on the spots marked in GMCS?
I don't want to give this map up, but it vanished a bit beside the 2nd try "Evisceration"

comments about proposing other changes are also nice :9
I somehow feel I don't get the work I put into this site (and other user maps) back...
and because of that I'm on my single own when trying to improve my maps.

-removed corner minonly
-added cliffs at those 2 expos
-decorated properly
-center changed slightly
-entrances resized
I don't know but i think there's gonna be a bad patchfinding, because of the mineral block. If you want to make a later second entrance to the main, you may try to put this wall expand, to the map edge, but mayby on some other map, with a concept that won't make you click on the side of the map that could make a bad patchfinding. Sorry about english, i hope you understand me.
uh, the mineral block was removed in this version, too, forgot to mention it
I saw on my own in backsight that it wasn't really a good idea
Sorry, i forget to refresh the picture.
chill down, it was actually my fault cuz i just did forget to mention
changed the gas thing due to SP and LGI
updated obs vers, too.
Why is minerals on bottom pos gay? Do you do this on purpose?
I cannot see any homosexual affinity expressed by my minerals.
minerals on the bottom cause some light problems because units spamn on the bottom of minerals usually. So mapmakers try not to use minerals on the bottom if possible for main bases.
I don't get what you're talking about, sry.
since when do which units spam at minerals??

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