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Last update for (2)Unholy Gods : 2013, 04, 22 23:41
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
458 (2)Unholy Gods 96*128Listoric1.0final

The map has been rated 69 times and got a total of 70 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

made this map for Starpartys Random Competition #3.

But i really have to say i like it as it is now. The contest made me try never ideas i never used before. It's not THAT unconventional, that's for sure, but it's definetely different from my normal mapmaking style.

What do you think? :)
As u wish:

First, if you haven't done it yet, check for little spaces behind the wall (the one sourrounding the mains) for dropping tanks (though I think you've already done).
Do so as well in the small crack right below the 3o'clock gas there tankdrop possible?

FE for z seems to be hard, and I am not sure if you can flank T enough in pvt...this for general sight.

Ar 3 and 9 o'clock, I would change minonly and gas expo, for the cliff expo is a) easier to defend and b) not cliffable. So the more "worthy" gas expo should be on the more "risky" (lower) place. But this is personal likes, so it's up to you.

Look if you can build comsat on the 12 o'clock isle, there are some stones that may prevent it.

In general, except of the 3h and 9h expos (a bit too standard for my taste...),I like the map very much, especially the design in the area of the naturals. Looks cool, only there is just one path leading straight to the enemy.
This is no bad in normal maps, but it is not quite original, if u get me.

Nevertheless, nice map with a lot of great designed areas :)
I already checked everything but i check it again, just to be sure :)

PvT flanking... yes, might be harder, but it`s enough space there in the middle i think. P has to lure T into the center. Z has it a bit harder to defend his choke right away, but it's possible, as long as Z also prevents the enemy from gaining this small mineral block in the back of the natural. If that mineral is mined, vults could drive easily into the main and do serious damage (speedlots as well). Adds a bit more action to earlygame ;)

Many routes to fly to the open enemy bases should make drops quite efficient here as well.

I decided to put the gas on top, after the ground expansions are quite far away frrom the main and natural. i thought it might be helpfull when the gas expansion is on the cliff then, to compensate the distance.
The gas is tankable from ground, so it's best for the bottom position to take the left expansion, while the upper takes the right one.

This is quite interesting, because you got very short distance to the enemys main base then. So, as the "clock is ticking" you move clockwise frpm expansion to expansion through the map, till you bite your enemys ass, literally.

I made a cometic update. Deleted some small doodads which weren't buildable as (unfortuately) just guessed. Now everything works fine.

Thx a lot :)
Another small "for the looks" update :)

i consider this map as almost finished now. Maybe someone sees major flaws that i (or flo) haven't encountered yet?
The replay is quite entertaining. I was busy scouting (my own) map, and messed up the startup a bit, so Romy had the chance to crush my expansion. Quite entertaining imo :)
Another cool replay, both are really worth to download imo. A 37 minutes battle where lots of things happen, gg!
I just watched the tvp replay, lol the toss was playing so dumb:D like how you used scv to fight though, that's my style too.

This map looks pretty awesome to me, the replay was showing that too, even though you both played pretty weak imo.
Yeah, that's for sure. I just play to seldom and on a low level with only 90 apm. We play every day two games and while my skill drops into a giant hole, her skill rises slightly a bit each time ^^

I really love those scvs or any other micro fights. That's the only thing i'm good at somehow, and that's also why i often lose because my macro sucks awesome.

Thx for watching :)
very tight id have to say, but it is very likely to dont matter..

however there is only one clear path to the enemy. Its a very nice map overall, but it does not fit into the compettion description. I suggest you add another too, so you wont have to destroy this one because as a regular map on this site is just as good as it is.
Yeah, i intended to create a map after your criterias and when it was finished, it was something different, but not exactly what you wanted to have. But it's really a fun map to play on. I played it dozens of times against Romy and she likes this map best by now, even if she's not a pro (or even because of that ^^)

btw, flacker seems to have no idea what to do against T :P thx for playing :)
Ok, after flo said something interesting over this map in the MOTW "poll", i decided to write down my experiences with this map and would like to have some comments on those maybe.

I definetely like this map, after it is just pusre fun. The first minutes are very intersting, after you have good harrassing possibilities with the extra path, or just because you warp a pylon there, to be sure no vulture get's into your base unseen. Also a FE with zerg in front of the choke is a very good opening to prevent an early rush but still be able to mine a bit and set the third hatch at the natural.

The "problem" on this map is the mid-game. STarcraft is a lot about fighting for expansions. But after the next ground expansions are quite exposed, even on a high-cliff and behind the bridge, it's easier to take the corner island, after it being quite safe behind your bases.

So the game (by now, most time against my unexperienced "i play BW for 6 months now" roommate) is often the same. Cheese and harrassment on startup, then expanding, then some fights at one of both naturals, expanding on the island. Then again figting at the natural, try to get one of the hard to defend middle expansions while kicking the enemys ass with a well placed drop into the main to lure units away from the natural, to win the game by overrunning the defenses. (well... still sounds like a normal SC game somehow ^^)

The middle expansions are the ones used last and often aren't a fighting place at all. Maybe it's different when better players try their luck. but by now it's most of the time a fastpaced fight about the natural.
remove bridge and add ramp`? then you will have intense battle about the side expos instead. It would be alot easier to hold them.

but then you must also add a tiebreaking factor
OMG, i just had a good idea and made (2)Unholy Gods II. Might be just an update, but it would play different, so i'd say i link a picture here first.

Free Image Hosting at
That way, the sideexpos get an absolutely new meaning and iportance... hmm...
Forget it, i upload the new version as well, it just feels too good not to be changed, but the old version is very interesting as well. I keep both. Thx :P

--Listoric vs Romy(1on1, 1.13)
--Listoric vs Romy(1on1, 1.13)
--Listoric vs Romy(1on1, 1.13)
--Panschk[FP] vs flacker[FP](1on1, 1.13)
--Panschk[FP] vs flacker[FP](1on1, 1.13)

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