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Last update for (2)Undiscovered System : 2006, 02, 16 07:02
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
684 (2)Undiscovered System 96*128trcc1.5final

The map has been rated 70 times and got a total of 103 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

So far my best work in space titleset map ( symmetrical terrain ) And the decoration took me a lot of time ;P
good job with the plating
its a very nice map, but i suggest removing the corner expos and simply make it space there. Then the map will be easier to learn and more straightforward, what do you think? Money isnt a problem anyways
-or- remove BOTH corner expos and replace with islands? That will give even more intense games..
ya, the corner expos feel somehow misplaced, as totally excluded from normal gameplay- like, hiddenexpo-tricks or something.

very nice look, playing on this map will really make fun because ingame this just looks great.
I really like it :)

maybe you should make a little highground square in the middle, where are now that 2 doodads (?) in the plating-square. this would make the "middlepoint" more striking and remarkable ingame, and imo such checkpoints feel good while playing, like the temple at LT, for example.
also, this map would probably benefit of one or two cliffs somewhere at the expansions, I miss them somehow because they often serve tactical decisions (clifflurks, cliffcanns, cliff-psi etc), and just add variety in the games.
maybe at the natural minonlies, or the 2 and 8 o' clock-expos, you could make one.
which dumbhead gave this one time zero and another time 1 point??

rated it 10 as equalizer, normal vote would have been 8 probably
another 10
so the 2 times of some dumb-voting should be corrected

As Starparty suggested, I converted(is it a word O_+? ) the corner expands into islands, and also added cliff near 2 and 8 o clock expos, + added 1 piece of hig platform in the middle
hm, I still would suggest to make this cliff bigger - maybe pull it a bit into the "path" the expos lie on, it doesn't make any difference on this spot if the path is larger or smaller

and think about cutting those isles off by using space. it would feel better imo on this map. also, they would be more "isle"-style :)
it's nevertheless an improvement
Why would'nt make a difference ?_? if the path is smaller. Ya, i will put space instead :P
it doesn't make any difference for gameplay if the path is smaller at this spot, because there won't be any push from this side towards the expo, nor will there be any unit movements that are disturbed by a smaller path.
I just wanted to point out that you can pull the ciff more to the path, because this would not have a negative effect on the meaning/usage of the path or something else that could fuck up balance or gameplay somehow.

I say it in another way:
I would pull the cliff so that it takes more space from the path away. so the cliff is bigger then. And there is no negative effect when the path is a bit smaller than before.

sry if i was not clear enough
I understand, but i don't get the point to make the cliff bigger O_+
imo people tend to use cliffs more when they're bigger

may sound strange, but it seems that it works more as "tactical option" in their minds when it's bigger. maybe this comes because it's more striking the eye when they see a map's picture the first time, dunno
ya :P Ok now, i think it fits perfectly :)

I Made island of high platform, connected with the cliff near te other expand. I think it is enough big now =)
ya its nice, gw
#2 SP :D
Very nice map, and almost 100% symmetry, impressive.

--oG)Duke vs ToT)iNcontroL((1on1, 1.13)

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