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Last update for (8)Chaos Arena : 2013, 11, 18 18:55
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4675 (8)Chaos Arena otherNegativeZero0.1experimentalground

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

-Size is 64x48
-Center mineral patches are 1500x6 (stacked), corner patches are 3000 normal
-Center geysers are 5000, corner geysers are depleted
-Corner mineral townhall blockers are to discourage terrans immediately flying CC to the corners. Each is a single patch containing 64 minerals rather than multiple stacked 0 patches - this forces workers to return to a townhall to clear these out, preventing terrans from just lifting the CC anyway and mining them out while it's flying.
modified by NegativeZero
Why lift, if you can just SCV-rush?
If you lift then you preserve all your workers while the rest of the players are killing each other in the middle. Lots of LAN games with friends on an old version of this map pretty much proved that flying your CC to the corner was very strong, possibly OP.

(Not that balance matters too much on a map like this, lol.)
How do you preserve your workers by lifting?

And SCVs win anyway, unless badly outmicroed, because they're just much tougher to kill than probes or drones.
Because your workers are off in the corner away from everyone else?

Here, watch this for an example (sort of) as well as some lulz. It's SC2 but the map is almost identical (and yes, I made that version too).
Doesn't matter...

The video only shows that those players had no experience with maps like this.

And 2v2v2v2 is chaotic to begin with. 2v2v2v2 on this map ultimately is probably a pure coin toss.

Also, SC 2 SCVs aren't as tough as BW ones, if I am not mistaken.

I actually made some similar maps about... Don't know, probably 10 years ago. And my general experience is, that it come down to pure worker rushes. You basically need to immediately attack any one who attempts to mine to prevent them from ever getting up any additional stuff, because if you allow any one to mine, while you are fighting, you'll end up in an unrecoverable disadvantage. So it comes down to immediate pure worker rushes, although people may try to avoid any direct engagement as long as their 5th worker isn't out.
And SCVs generally win a head-on battle, although probes and drones, if properly microed, stand a chance, by abusing their regeneration. However, to use regeneration (to equal SCVs you need to regenerate a total of 20 SP/HP after all), you'll probably need to disengage at some point, and that gives terran a chance to get some mining in and just repair their SCVs, which is much faster, or even build more.
And even if a Terran loses all their SCVs, they can just lift off and effectively make their CC unkillable.
And the blocking minerals don't actually prevent a liftoff, you could just land there and mine the blocking mineral with 2 SCV, then lift off again and move closer once it is used up.
freakling, it's a fun map
I know that. Doesn't mean that I cannot discuss its balance, just for fun.
modified by Freakling
Great map, even better than accidentally playing an observer map on melee mode.
While at it, heres some of my silly maps that I have hosted a bit:

I played some 4 person games on (8) Instant Battle Arena (a very similar version of this by -NegativeZero-, just jungle version and no blocking minerals and probably some other quaint differences...
While the people I played with absolutely sucked (E Ranked), I found playing with Protoss quite easy as what I would do is mine with 2 probes and harass with the others, killing drones is easy and harassing SCVs wasn't too hard for me either, it might be because they sucked tho so idk...anyways I with superior micro managed to kill off all their workers and control the center...I also found that when the Terran fled to the corners, I would manage to establish control quickly enough that them lifting wasn't that great of an advantage...also Negative, you should upload IBA to here :D
Also upload Bloody Mess please
This map is identical in every way except improved in symmetry and aesthetics, so nope.

Also Bloody Mess is from this site, map number 3648.
Ah I see it...
I don't like the mineral blocks, I find that personally I prefer fighting for control of the center...maybe add one or two reduced patches (80?) minerals to corner expos to give them a small burst, but then stack the center minerals x2 to make it more desirable? idk....random ideas...
Wait.. SC can run a 48 dimension? ;)
modified by CardinalAllin

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