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Last update for (4)Outer Cloister : 2015, 01, 01 20:36
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4761 (4)Outer Cloister 128*128J1NX0.1betaground

The map has been rated 52 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Looks fun. Hmm I wonder if these 2 new maps are from the new mapper J1NX.
Yep, they are mine.(i left a note in the map description)
I usually make this lazy minerals lines in my betas.

Also, my first time using SCMDraft mirror tool! :D

I think this map is awesome.
Thanks. I would not play against Terran on this map. Are you a Terran player Cardinal?
I thing that circle cliff need to be wider or at least had some wider ramps.
Or maybe i shoud rename it to MeatgrinderII, that will fix it.
modified by J1NX
Ha, I would say Im equally bad with all 3 races.
The balance is actually pretty good.
There are 4 ramps that you could move a bit; the ramps that connect to the 12 and 6 o clock bases. If you reduced the size of those 2 high grounds a little, it would make the choke from the centre of the map into the 3rds wider.

Id probably also add horizontal ramps from the centre to the 12 and 6 o clock bases.

What do you reckon?
Yes, definitely going to resize 12 and 6 o clock high ground, and relocate some ramps.

Well, i prefer and most enjoy Terrans. But Zergs was the only race which i was trying to play competitive.
And my best games was with them.
Cant play Protos, because i have some disability to build observers before i have base full of mines.
And when i watch a match, it would be P>T>Z>P.
Base full of mines, lol.
What do you mean 'when I watch a match, it would be P>T>Z>P.'
Do you mean when you watch pro games, you most enjoy watching Protoss, then Terran, then Zerg?
It doesnt need to be pro game, i enjoy amateur play too. It just who i like to see win over who.
Ah gotcha.
I think you need at least a small ramp from the area in front of the nats to the plateaus at 6/12, and I'd also try to widen those ridges, kind of like sniper ridge or, in a way, New Empire of the Sun. Maybe you can squeeze the mains more against the sides to create more room in the middle to play with. As I see it, the main problem overall here is that there's basically only one very long and tight path leading from the nat to the third and from there on to the middle. I'd say your analysis that you wouldn't want to face a terran on that kind of terrain is correct.
Ok, i am trying to somewhat nerf Terran on this map, here is the new update.
- some new paths
- 3th is much safer now
- made four hills in the middle bigger and unbuildable
- change 3 and 9 o clock expansions to min only

hope you like it.
modified by J1NX
Will units find the correct path between horizontal positions on thier own or will they get stuck on the ramp block?
Of course they will find the path. I wouldnt tolerate such issue.
modified by J1NX
Well, you have massively changed the map. I still like it.
The concept remain same, this was only balance/pathing update.

Adding those small ramps to 6/12 clif was necessary . (as Freakling point out too)
Trouble was, how to fit them in? because they make horizontal spawns too close.
(solve this with neutral buildings)
Then "surprisingly" big pathing bug appear. Omg, i spend so many hours on fixing that shit!
Damn small zergling collision box, cost me a lot of troubles.
But as i say, all works fine in the end.

Open 3rds was bad idea also, cant use them on that kind of map.
(it was just temporary layout on last version, becouse of the only one path from nat)
So, typical high ground expos with small ramp it is.

I switch two expos, to min only, becouse less gas means less tanks. Also players need expand farther away to get 4th gas. Not just camp in one quarter of the map, how many terrans like to do.

Plus, i like this new vertical harras paths.
Righto. Yeah this is awesome.
You have more patience than me to deal with that kind of pathing ha.
Pathing is most important aspect of map for me.
Time i spend on other things (concept, drawnigs, decos, balance...) is really insignificant
compared to time i invest to better pathing.

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