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Last update for (2)Melting Point : 2015, 01, 15 00:24
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4762 (2)Melting Point 128*128J1NX0.3betaground

The map has been rated 41 times and got a total of 12 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Mappers are gosu nowadays. I doubt they will extrude newbies :)

Anyway, not a bad map. My tongue is so simple for detailed valuation.
The main and nat is kind of fun. I think I would re do the middle and the 4 bases there first. They are too close together.
Hmm, dont know if you get it right. The concept was, NOT to be able control both these expansions in the same time.
The top right and bottom left centre expos are actually neutral expos and lays in no mans land, trying to expand there is just suecide.
And i thing those neutral expansion are attractive, only when you are completely run out off minerals. Then it is good thing they are close.
Hmm, on second thoughts, I think less standard maps are useful and important so ignore me.
Funky main-nat layout... Terran can put a lot of tanks behind the cliff to defend. Will need anair scout, probably, though.
I find this map too flat :P, I like my maps with hills and stuff!
Hey guys! I know that this is off topic but can you check out my (maybe raw) solution about recording full screen BW games and tell if it works. I know that at least Freakling won't keep his silence and comment something.

I'm really looking forward to stream your maps. I'm not going to play for now without commentary because my English sucks but I won't end game against AI without showing off full map. I'm going to analyze full map with every mineral lines, chokes and etc.

Here's topic about recording full screen:

It seems that mca64 launcher can record while playing full screen. My didn't work, it was corrupt so I thought that only way was to make a solution. So, my method is alternative.
modified by outscar
It is the flattest map i can come up with, but i think it still be interesting to play on it.
Main theme is "no high ground, no ramps". I just broke this rule with little backdoor cliff, for some distraction.

Freakling: I also like your hilly maps with stuff, but there is already more then three thousand maps on this side, and i am trying to be original and somewhat distinguish.
I made this map because i didnt find any similar concept and feel i have an option to fill the gap.

outscar: Good luck with your projects.
Yeah thanks. My bad, that was a raw (and unnecessary) manual.

Now I'm making something really special as a new year present for fans and for celebrating almost 17 year anniversy of SCBW.


Hey outscar, thats a nice full screen streaming guide, cheers.
Dont work too hard over christmas holiday!
Thanks Cardinal for support.

Even if I work hard afterwards I can uncork a box of beer and enjoy it with my work. I think I'll finish my work within 3 days but I want to publish it about 25-26 maybe 27th December for Christmas. I'm hoping for from everybody to use my patch. Maybe call it patch 1.17. It's not about balance but... no any spoilers.
Ha no worries. Well, this secret project sounds exciting and ambitious. Im looking forward to it. Be sure to keep your expectations realistic. Thats in regard to the community reaction. Brood war players are conservative when it comes to gameplay changes. And some people can be rude too. Also, christmas is a busy time, so people might not be browsing forums as much blah blah blah. Just be thick skinned basically.

Uncorking a box of beer, hmm. Something tells me you dont drink much ;)
I think this will be my last project for BW and also I don't think that I will go far by mapmaking. My creativity is dead. I will switch myself to gaming and try to get some ranks higher than D. And I promised myself that I'm not going to switch to SCII before finishing business at BW.

Uncorking every beer from box, not the box - that's the right sentence :).
modified by outscar
Yeah, dont get burnt out doing a hobby.

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