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Last update for (2)Taebaek Mounta : 2016, 08, 08 16:22
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4833 (2)Taebaek Mounta other[Ragnarok]Valkyrie0.1leagueground

The map has been rated 45 times and got a total of 5 points


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Noah2nd posted this on TL:

New Ofiicial map in Afreeca Starcraft Challenge
Taebaek Sanmaek (태백산맥) 0.90
Sanmaek = a chain of mountains

Made by Ragnarok[Valkyrie]

It's strongly protected thus I couldn't crack it so it's OBS ver.
I'm excited that old mapmakers are back yay!
Protection boooh :(

I wish [Ragnarok]Valkyrie would spend more than two minutes decorating his maps for a change...

I am not gonna be surprised if this turns out to be entirely untested and hence full of bugs and badly balanced. All those cliffs and the open backdoor to nat and main alone are going to cause a lot of headaches, for PvZ and ZvT in particular, probably also in PvT if the terran ever gets into a contain position (which give the short rush distance seems not overly hard...).
Sorry for being a pessimist, but this kind of hipshot map introduction is not exactly going to make players more acceptable of new maps...
Well, both mains have mining bugs, and so has the top nat. So that confirms the suspected amount of prior testing, I guess...
Bottom can use the ramp outside the natural for an easier wall in?
The two tile wide pathway looks fully buildable.
cant see those two middle expansions being taken ever.
im thinking that people will expand towards the left side more?.. but it isnt as friendly as destination is.
if terran ever get to a decently strong point then contain will be brutal.
nevermind i dont really want to think about this map.

and who in their right minds would put 8 critters in a map.
lets also not forget P can pylon along the high ground and gateway on low ground.
modified by CrystalDrag
This is so bad it looks like I made it. What a load of crap. Let me know if you want an open copy of this, I have the capability to do so.
Ver. 1.1. Cracked defaultly.

It'll be cool if uploader will refresh Overwatch one too.
Okay, so they changed one of the cliffs next to the nat and the gas position at the nat... They did not fix the swiss cheese ramps though.

Seems like they changed the mineral only positions on Overwatch.

However, I bet you there are still the random cover tiles... Certainly did not improve on it aesthetically either...
Ver 1.9.

From TL:

"Saw this on Ygosu, looks like the map creator updated both maps. The biggest changes seemed to have been made to Taebaek Mountains, e.g. the back cliff behind each natural has been eliminated, as well as a Xel'Naga Temples added to those corner expansions at 7 & 11."

I wonder why map name didn't fit?
modified by outscar

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