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Last update for (4)OVERWATCH : 2017, 06, 03 04:02
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4835 (4)OVERWATCH 128*128[Ragnarok]Valkyrie0.4betaground

The map has been rated 79 times and got a total of 31 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Unfortunately protected. I would actually like an unprotected upload of this.
I already made a rundown of how badly this is made here and here
Are we fucking on 2001? BoxeR should come and take a look to this to remember old times. I can bet that mapmaker spend not more than 10 min. Middle is ugly, decoration sucks no doodads. This is the most boring map I've ever seen. I think game will be over before/after players will take 3rd. I think siege up on the ramp, block 2 pathways and gg.
modified by outscar
The protection used on these is unlike anything I've ever seen. OSM/2, UU2, totally ineffective. Very interested in how they accomplished this.
OSM2 and UU are not working on everything.
CardinalAllin can probably unprotect this.
Yeah, I know, every unprotector crashes. 1st I thought maybe it's because of hangul letters but no. OSMAP, UU, Scunprotect, SMC no matters. If you guys can crack it tell me please software name.
I have some of the better minds at SEN working on this. I'll let you know.
I just found out that chkdraft actually has the function to display tile elvetion...
Too bad that it does not seem to be able to do much else yet (or maybe I should just find the neweset release ?!)

EDIT: Wow, there is even more weird stuff going on there than I ever knew. WTF, blizzard?!

EDIT2: Also looks like my desert maps need a bit of a cleanup...

EDIT 3: Seriously, wtf?!?

This is not a mapping bug. This is just Blizzard standard issue terrain .
(in case you don't get the point: That tank should definitely not have high ground vision and advantage over the marines on the other side of the wall!)
modified by Freakling
OMG Freakling, don't spoil those things! You're about to make siege tanks imba!
Gotta expose the bugs!
on chkdraft is it for manually editing tiles only?
It is intended to become the new SCMDraft, eventually, with lots of additional functionality. You can find it at and Github.
In practice, at least for the version I got some time ago, displaying terrain levels is the only actual functionality it has to offer yet (for an example look at LatiAs' alternative Overwatch thread); and I only found that out by hazard (okay, I was looking for exactly that functionality...) like two days ago. Still, this is immensely useful for that feature alone already...
Hopefully it will also become able to display cover and vision blocking tile properties.
modified by Freakling
Updated this.... For what it's worth. I don't really want to comment any further.
Let's add this to iCCup map pack and do even more favor to Fish server by killing population. Still before yelling too much let's see how this gonna work out on ASL. Expecting macro style.
What happened today on ASL, Piano 11 vs. Larva 5'o clock.

Piano sniped with rines zerg's hydra den on main from low ground because it was close to edge, then he killed his macro hatchery with siege tanks. Did Piano use scans to do that or main is reachable from low ground?

EDIT: Well apparently he used scan, seems it was Larvas fault to put buildings that far. Still harassing edge of main seems really really easy and useful compared to FS.
modified by outscar
Definitely scan.

On FS you cannot get into a good position to do something like that so easily (you have to get across the bridge or al the way around through the 3rd first, whereas here terran can just move head on to the area in front of the nat). Most maps have some clutter around the mains for this reason. However. I would not blame this on the map. The mains are sufficiently large that he would not have had to place his buildings exposed like that (especially as Zerg!).

I really liked that game, though. Really spot on actions by both players. And SK style is just so much more interesting to watch than the mech blob.
1.3 is out:

(Taebaek included)

Some resource placement changes and he added some doodads, can you believe?
modified by outscar
freakling, about that tank abuse in that picture you posted... is it becacuse the tank is standing on part of a high ground tile?
I also posted pictures of the terrain level analysis for both maps on, which should make it pretty clear how to reproduce the effect.

EDIT: Oh, you are speaking about the bug on (3)Incidence (the ice map the picture is from, but you can probably find this on any ice map with outpost terrain [Tau Cross!]). Yes there are strange spikes of medium ground (only 1 subtile = 8 pixels wide but stretching out 3 subtiles from the cliff, so even big units like tanks can still fit on them [if you know where to click!]). They cause tanks to have high ground advantage (cover against ranged ground attacks and vision across the medium ground cliff).

Looks like this in chkdraft:

modified by Freakling
Question!!! Didn't this map appear in an ASL ??? Curious to be honest.
I think it appeared in ASL 1, i remember Last beating Flash on it and eliminating him.
mmmmm interesting... so this map can be considered better or worse or what O_o?? curious here.
This post is not displayed due to its content
@RickV better or worse compared to what? In relation to what?
Is there any good reason for those elevation spikes? Was it a mistake in programming?

Hopefully with CHKDdraft we can better avoid them.
Those spikes are just one of the many symptoms of sloppy terrain flag setting by the original deelopers at Blizzard. You can find a full list here (or at least my best attempt at one).

And you don't need CHKDraft any more (although it might still become a useful editor in its own right one day) since the current WIP release of ScmDraft also has terrain level overlays (and also ones for every other tile flag and more!).

Personally I really hope the Blizzard devs are wise enough to just patch all the errors from my list (that's what I made it for, anyways, as a bug report). There is absolutely no reason to keep any of them. There is zero use for screwed up terrain levels in any kind of map.
modified by Freakling
sorry for answering just now @JungleTerrain been really busy with work... anyways I was wondering to fs or so.. but that was just asking a question.. so yeah.. @Freakling question.. isn't finding a way around those bugs what map making is the fun about? just wondering of course... unless you want the game to be something like sc2..?? well that's just asking been honest here.
Well... Coming up with things like custom ramps that recombine terrain elements with known properties in a functional way: Yes, that's fun. Having to work around things that simply do not have the correct properties to begin with and are hence unusable in both the naive was originally intended and for advanced and creative mapping techniques and that produce tons of bugs in maps without map makers even doing anything they were not supposed to be doing in the first place (let's say: place a High Basilica doodad on High Basilica) ? just the bane of my existence and essentially time lost for basic mechanic debugging that could have been spent elsewhere.
OH I see what you mean.. fair point Freakling.

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