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Last update for (4)Overwatch_0.94 : 2016, 06, 17 01:48
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4836 (4)Overwatch_0.94 128*128LatiAs0.8betaground

The map has been rated 77 times and got a total of 58 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Is this a giant take that to Ragnarok? If yes, it definitely works :D

How much gas do the geysers have? So many gas expansions is probably way too much. It would be better to have an overall wider middle (moving/widening aome of the ridges) and four mineral onlies rather than a small middle and an abundance of gas.
modified by Freakling
Someone should ASAP show this to Afreeca organizers. They will be shocked at 1st and then get embarrassed. I thought about middle expansions too, imo gasless or very little gas will be good solution. I prefer seeing more comfortable 3rd than open middle area expo.
Ive written a big reply on the tl thread with pictures:
click here

Well done, and thankyou. You restored my personal motivation.

@Freakling and outscar: The gas is 2000 at the close 3rd. Its just right (2500 would be fine too, might as well bump it up to that). The middle is good as it is aswell. I would not move the ridges or make them wider.

I would make the 3rds a little easier to take though as described in the pictures. But they would still be relatively hard to take.
The normal 3rds has full geysers then?
My concern right now is that the perimeter one needs to defend 4 gas bases (one's main and nat, the clockwise outer and counter-clockwise inner 3rd/4th) seems pretty short (and half the ground is buildable, so Terran can tighten it even further with some depots and turrets. That is why I'd like to see the ridges closer to the centre rotated outside and widened a bit and the ridges to the outer 3rds maybe moved counter-clockwise a bit to keep everything spaced out. Would have to reconsider gas positions for the inner thirds (if keeping them as gas bases). But I think the bases could be just moved a bit outwards as a whole (There's enough wiggling room at the outer 3rds to move them out of the way to avoid unwanted tank angkes and such).
Here's a picture to make it clearer.

This is really my only concern I have with this map right now.
I guess the picture of the updated version on was still work in progress?

One thing to keep in mind is that there is a pretty strong difference between right and left desert ramps:

This leads to narrow ridges like these being effectively very unevenly wide.
(and also pretty narrow overall, because desert ramps already have a lot of low ground, compared to other standard ramps).
modified by Freakling
to highlight what I said about terrain levels:

This definitely needs some cleanup!
modified by Freakling
How can I see that, Freakling? I want to use it.

sry, never mind. I found it
modified by LatiAs
Update 0.9 → 0.94
View post on

Fixed many things...
modified by LatiAs
"How can I see that, Freakling? I want to use it.
sry, never mind. I found it"

Every one should use it!
This is the official development thread over at
So we should be using ramps like from
You should use Chkdraft on your maps before publishing, is the short answer ;D
Ive written a big reply on the new teamliquid thread:
click here

I actually downloaded 0.93 from LatiAs' blog and edited that initially. But now he has uploaded 0.94 here so Ive done it again.

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