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Last update for (2)MoltenHell : 2013, 04, 22 23:41
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
484 (2)MoltenHell 128*128NoNamedOne0.6final

The map has been rated 56 times and got a total of 31 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Listorick can u plz one more time uplnoud picture for me :) mass thx and can u add me some link whear to DL the tool to do picture...
nwm i'm simly blind
Ok, some questions:

- How does Terran defend against speed zealots?
- Are both Mainbases _really_ balanced?
- Why does the lower left base has a HUGE open, well, place as an entrance, while the upper base has a small one?!
- How will you ever defend against a Terran and a Tank over your mineralline at the expansion and even the mainbase?!
- Do you think 6 doodads are enough?

I really have no problem commenting your maps. But you should try to create one balanced map, before you move on and create anotherone.

Try to listen to the comments, improve your map till it really is finished, and then, feel free to create as much balanced maps as you wish to, by now, i only see maps with huge imbalances.

Really, don't give up. But think about the units ingame. How does they affect gameplay. Why do you set your minerals there, which unit could kill the workers then? How does P T or Z defend against an early attack? You should check some more guides and tutorials on how to create a starcraft map.

Try to show that you learn and i will give you as many help as you need.

If you don't understand what i'm talking about, maybe your english skills aren't that good, then just write me an email:

(Wenn du nicht verstehst wovon ich hier eigentlich rede, kann ja sein das dein englisch noch nicht ausgereift ist, kanns tmir acuh gerne an die oben geschriebene Adresse ne Email schicken, helf dir gerne weiter)
"- Do you think 6 doodads are enough?"
Look at River of Flames, one of the best maps ever made imo and there is like no doodads;P

(I am not NoNamedOne btw)

eh the center walls in river of flames is made up entierly by doodads
ROFL MASS SRY RED MAIN SHUD BE IN THE "cave"-mass sry :) i wos doing the minerals and i'm using for the distance of minerals moving of start location, and i prob. frgot to move it at it 1st pozition.

Listorick, i understand kinda good ur english, and i cant speak denamrk:)

can u plz answer this whot i write

-T can defend Z np, in the main is np blockable by rax, and thear is a place to bild eaven 1-2x fac, so thear i dont see any problems.

-i dont see any problems in sige tank, y the small "cave" is ur start pozition but u prob. bild ur main at the 1st exe, so ur 1st main work as exe, and dont see any prob. if exe is vulnurable to tanks/HT/lurkers etc.

had a bit probme whits meaning of "dooadads", dont now this word...

Y, i;m thinking muth when i;m doing my maps, thinkign about whots can who do by tanks, rushem, drops etc. but realy dont wonna do map "raps, main, one way down, mineral-gas exe, mineral exe, 4 sponz" cuz of thear are 4987591665789 variants of this map, wonna try do somethink new in SC

btw i uploudet a new map whits right rd spown poziiton
to FlyHight

btw u realy think i;m so stupid i do other acc and say this map is good? i wont to lear not to make otehr think i'm the best not my style
Your Name
I never said your map was good, I sad a map with low amount of doodads could be good.

Also, since I'm new here I said I'm not you so nobody would confuse me with some kind of smurf that has like never posted before, pretty much cause I did'nt want you to look stupid.

From what I see on the picture, this map is almost doodadfree:
That was me btw ^
can some1 say me whot is doodad???
sry for spam, last think plz Listorick can u delete SunGoesDown and TerranDesert, i dont wont to work on this maps now wonna try do playable this one, mb i came back to thoe2 some time l8tr... mass thx
to FlyHigh

Does a map has to look ugly?
No, especially if you have the posibility to make it look better with just a few additional clicks.

I don't say that River of Flames is a bad map (even if it has the most standard design for our today standards), i only say that a map _should_ be made in the criteria of the look as well. It's definetly not hard to make a map loog okey. RoF looks just plain boring to me, for the aspect of the look.

I wouldn't want to play a map, that looks ugly, if i have the option, to play on the exact same map that looks nice! Don't you agree?

to NoNamedOne
I let them online for the next days, just think about updating them, if you don't update them, then i'll delete them.

Doodad = trees, rocks, bushes, relicts, temples. Things that make your map look better.

I don't have a problem with the place where you build your base, it's that you can't really defend your mineral line against a tank on the cliff. The tank could kill the probes/drones/scvs from the cliff, and if all of you`re workers are dead, you are dead too! THATs the problem!
doodads are the things you can insert into a map for making it look good. Every tileset and nearly every chosen terrain has its own doodads. Those things like trees, rocks, broken buildings, signs, holes, little machines etc.
Ramps are also put in this section, though I cannot understand that :P
Use those things to give your map a detailed, nice and appealing look. You can also use them for balancing issues on certain spots :)
I think some bad bad bad bad bad bastard was a bit faster than me in explaining doodads.

oh no, it was just lis :O
(revenge for the "I love you guys comment)
thx :) i now how to put it in, flothefrak, i ust didnt nowed whot this word means
river of flames is a horrible map with major imbalance with the islands.

some bases can be turbo newbied from them but others cant. I have no idea how that map actually made it anywhere.
mad updated, changed a bit start pozition+1st exe, and add some dooads
NoNamedOne, plz try to reduce your speeling/typing mistakes in your posts. Flaws in the grammar of a foreign language are no problem, but that many grammar- and structure-mistakes make it _really_ hard to understand your text :/
Any sugestions whot to improve?
Hmm. I'd sugguest you to try to create "normal" or more basic maps first. It's way easier to explain flaws to you on normal maps as well as it is easier for you to understand what were talking about.

I still see lots of imbalances here, but it really is hard to explain and describe everything to you after you don't seem to get it somehow.

I don't want to attack/offend you in any way. it's jsut that you seem to read one post, change one thing in your map, and that's it. but i don't see you exactly understand what and why you changed something, or even tested it somehow.

Just an example, the right base/gas is still tankable from the cliff. :/ I'm just a bit disappointed.

It`s really cool that you try to make a map that does not look like "every other" map. But you have to know the game, units, tactics for that, and you seem not to think about how the players could act on your map really.


Anyway, i still want to help you, because mapping is definetly much fun and everyone should be able to enjoy it :)

I'd check the right base for possible tank attacks, as said. Then, read yourself trough our articles - The Gas Issue - Part I and Part II. They are about where to set a geysir, and especially why!
Then, why are there so many minerals at each expansion? What are they good for? Why don't you reduce them to a "normal" amount of ~ 8? if you want to have an expansion to be more important, than you can set the mineral amount up, but where to do that, and why you want to do that should be question to ask.

You always have to think "Why?" a part of the map looks like it does, "What?" is it good for, "How?" may the players act on this or that part of the map, "What?" tactics may be used and "How?" fair they are?

A tank has the largest range of all units, "How?" does it affect gameplay, tactics. A zerg player often should have the possibility to defend his mainbase with a fast expansion, "Why?" is that so, "How?" to implement that in my map, and "Why?" not laeve it out?

Mapping is about questions being answered, your map only opens a lot of questions to me, try to read you through the articles i linked here, think about my questions, read through the comments of other maps, and mappers and try to use this knowledge!

I`m definetely looking forward to new updates of your map. keep on mapping :o)
good post lis.

And I agree with him, you should stick to more classic maps until trying really new stuff, because you will not produce balanced and playable maps by just playing with the editor, at least when you are not an experienced player. The fact that you forgot to allow an addon for the red players main base shows me you have a long way to go. Never ever an experienced mapper would make a mistake like this.
can anyone play whits me this map 1v1, wonna test it, and i had no frend at playing SC before 2years), and i cant cr8 so i cant try publick
post your account. When do you have time?
acc NoNamedOne, europe GW, had time neeer to ewry eavning, if i'm not at ICQ 211-684-367

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