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Last update for (2)MushRooM : 2017, 03, 16 00:00
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4882 (2)MushRooM otherJungleterrain0.1betaground

The map has been rated 55 times and got a total of 5 points

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For this TL thread:

Map size is 128x112.
modified by JungleTerrain
My opinion is that I would like to remove a little of the back wall of the front yard.
The route to Mineral multi(12,6) looks far away.
Definitely a funky map but I like that.

The 3rd and maybe the min only may be a bit too far but I feel like we've gotten in the habit of making all 'competitive' type maps have 3rds that might as well just be a bridgelength away from the nat. Since I'm not a high level player I can't speak on if its really necessary but something tells me people were making due fine with 3rds a bit further away before this trend came along.

I do think the 12 and 6s need some sort of change, maybe just a rotation or something.
Too close and easily defend 3rds are mostly great for Terran, and that makes them especially bad for Zerg. I don't like that trend for that exact reason. I always considered FS a Terran map for that exact reason.
Yes, I agree that the thirds are too close and safe for Terran. I was trying to stick to RoomOfMush's concept at first. Although now that the map has kinda taken its own spin (my spin, really), I can make adjustments that would balance/better gameplay.

But I will focus on finishing my other maps for now!

Also it might be redundant to have 3 chokes like this. I actually wasn't sure if Mush's concept from the drawing meant to have that middle choke.

The ramp leading to the close third could be increase by 1 isom, idk.

The clutter between the nat and mineral only seems ok to me, I thought I read Mush or somebody else say it was too much (but I think they aren't taking into consideration that tvz balance hangs on ability to muta harass mineral lines at the nat while at the same time making them untankable from the outside for tvz and tvp balance reasons).

Another ramp can be added leading into the low platform mineral only area where that high ground clutter is.

I don't necessarily like the top left and bottom right corners that much, again I was sticking to somebody else's concept.

The mains can be enlarged a bit more, I thought they were fine in-editor, but freak makes the valid point that there's no other place to build production (crucial for pvt/tvp balance I'm sure).

The close third can also be shifted to have the choke open towards the open area instead of towards the ramp.

Just some of my thoughts
Yeah I think we're all on the same page. I hope you are able to give this map the attention it needs to grow once your others are done with. The concept is really cool and its very different. :)
High ground on the natural cliff isn't needed :D

Freakling, do you happen to have the file for chkdraft? I reinstalled Starcraft and dont have the file anymore. Reinstalled SCMDraft 080 but chrome wont let me download staredit net because there is malicious software that originates from the site.
modified by CrystalDrag
I actually do not remember if low platform can see over platform lol

I also have chkdraft if u need it CD, although I'm not familiar with media sharing
modified by JungleTerrain
That's a false positive, there's nothing wrong with SEN. You should also be able to get SCMD from Stormcoast Fortress.
He's looking for CHKDraft, not SCMDraft.
Can't you just click past the warning? It's certainly a false positive anyways. I guess you should report it to google. And if you cannot access the site at all, use Firefox or something...

And yes, medium ground cliffs (platform) obviously block vision from low ground (low platform). So the extra high ground cliff does nothing, technically.
It looks cool so I'd say keep it.

Wow. Cool design. I'm always a fan of the Blue Storm small unit short rush distances.

That mineral only seems really tough to take. You might want to switch the gas from the current third to the current min only if you want to make it more difficult for Terran to hold.

Maybe push the mineral line at the nat a bit closer to the cliff to give Zerg a nice little ZvT buff ;)
If I move the gas to the mineral only it will be hard for zerg third gas I think...
I think third gas for Zergs will actually be the top left and top right. It's a decent choke for lurkers and the 2 gas geysers is huge. Compare it to Longinus 2, which I admit probably isn't a stellar example of TvZ balance, but the idea is the same, and the rush distances are a fair bit bigger.
Problem is that the corner expos have to fight up a ramp to defend. One of the gas is tankable as well.
High ground shouldn't be a problem for Zerg assuming he's reinforcing from the big ramp. One of the gases is tankable but then it's at worst the same as the other gas expo and won't be a problem if Zerg can clean up the attack.

-Mains enlarged a bit.
-Added another ramp leading into the low platform area in front of the natural.
-Reduced Overlord spots.
-Enlarged ramp leading to "3rd gas" by 1 Isom.
-Pushed high ground expos towards the side edges 1 tile each.
-"3rd gas" now opens more towards the open area, as opposed to towards the ramp in front of the natural.


The chokes still don't work.

Use that tile for bluestorm choke, found it at red's natural.

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