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Last update for (4)Rock settlement : 2018, 02, 02 23:23
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4881 (4)Rock settlement otherRickv0.3betahybrid

The map has been rated 56 times and got a total of 16 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Mains can be sieged from outside on the high ground.
Obvious positional imbalances from the lack of use of inverted ramps. Shapes and sizes are awkward in mains and nats. Map looks pretty bland; there doesn't seem to be a clear concept or main theme except the fact of the low ground mains and nats (and the imbalances that come with it because of the poor execution). The middle is huge and buildable and there are no areas to safely place overlords.

Here I am trying to be nothing but constructive in my criticism (something I didn't do often years ago). I think you need to be asking yourself some questions when it comes to first making a map (or submitting it here), like:

What's the concept of my map?
Like a central theme or design idea that makes the map fun, interesting, and different from other maps but still as balanced as possible. This is important because it is what fundamentally makes your map unique and different from other people's.

Why should people play my map?
This is more of a personal belief I hold but the mapmaker should make his/her map as inviting to play as possible. You have to SELL your map because mapmaking is competitive! The map should sell itself. There's tons of maps out there, and you have to convince players right from the get-go, just from the map picture/preview that your map is worth being played on. Why would anyone play your map if there are maps out there that have more interesting concepts, are executed better, and look prettier?

This comes down to some basic things:
Getting the symmetry right (for balance as well as aesthetics).
Getting rid of glaring imbalances in the map (I can assure you that even low skilled players can pick up on things such as tankable naturals and scream, "wtf? Imba, bad map" and will not even give your map a chance). Some ideas are interesting and experimental, others are just plain bad and are straight no-nos.
Making your map pleasing and interesting to the eye. Different forms of symmetry help with this, although symmetry isn't even needed for this point. An asymmetrical map can look good. Part of this is because of decoration, part of this is because of attention to detail, and another part is because of shapes and sizes. Straight lines look ugly in BW maps, and you have a lot of them. You can argue that it's a personal preference, but it makes the map look elementary, unnatural, and/or neglected.
Even bad maps can look pretty, and people will play them... of course, the map won't have much longetivity since people want to play balanced and fun maps in the long run.

And my last point:
Quality > Quantity.
Now if you can have both then that's great. If you don't have the time, 1 great quality map is better than 10 okay ones. I think Freakling and Crystaldrag are both good examples of currently active mapmakers that have a large body of work, while still implementing interesting ideas (that for the most part work gameplay-wise). They've been doing this for years...

I think in the time that I've been back (and uploaded 1 new map), you've uploaded like 10 or so maps, some of them like 4 at the same time. In that time I've updated my 1 map (and Resonance) about the same number of times you have uploaded new maps. I understand if you just found the site and want to put all your stuff up. However, after a certain point we active few here at BWMN just don't want to comment on numerous new maps that don't receive much attention.
Now I don't really care what Excalibur said about you and I'll give you a chance (I'm old enough to formulate my own judgments about people online and offline), but let me tell you that in my eyes you are on your way to becoming one of those map spammers that come through BWMN (we've had a few), are somewhat annoying because they clog up the newest updates list, but eventually everyone moves on and that person is forgotten along with all their maps. You decide if that's what you want :/
I also have a lot of maps (I recently discovered some of my first maps from 2006-8ish) which I don't post. Some of them were actually lost forever when my laptop was stolen back in 2013, and I wish I would have uploaded those. Even now I have like 2-4 maps in development or just pending updates but I don't post them here out of respect for the site and the other mapmakers here.
I know I'm not going to get around to them (and I'm notorious for leaving my maps unfinished), so why even bother uploading them and taking space when that attention can be spent on someone else's map that actually deserves it?
If anything, I've uploaded 1 (Uzi Sara), but I keep updating it to show that I'm working on it and that any criticisms or comments won't just fall on deaf ears (which I've been a culprit of in the past).

Hopefully this gets my point(s) across. Just want to see BW mapmaking be the best it can be. Sorry for the wall of text, I'm too lazy to write a TL;DR, and I think too many vital points will be missed.
Some of these points, if not all, apply to a lot of your maps, so I won't comment on all your stuff. Instead, you can guess what I would say about them based on this post.
Happy holidays
^I second all of this.
Basically, I don't even bother commenting on any of your maps, because even with little experience mapping and/or plying the game, if you care at all, you should be able to find about a dozen glaring issues with any of them by just looking at a map picture of any of the better maps around, here on site and elsewhere, without the need for any one else to point them out to you. And I really cannot be bothered to type a wall like jungle just did above, if the time spent for that would be in the same order of magnitude as the time spent working on the actual map in question...
I see. Actually I've been working in each and every single map I have, the thing is that just recently, I finished exams in university and didn't have much time to think nor modify each map. Thanks for the points though I appreciate them and don't worry I did read every and each line you wrote JungleTerrain :).
Freakling I would actually like if you could comment on the problems on the maps I have 'cause I can actually fix them, in total I have 11 maps posted no more no less and right now I'm fixing the Aneurism one to make it better. The other ones too will be fixed :), that's why each and every single one of them has experimental on it :).
modified by Rickv100491
yeah I just got out of exams and don't have much to do cuz work is closed during break... I can afford these walls of text haha.
Modifications done (02/02/2018):
-Resized map from 128*128 to 192*128
-Tried a new concept of mains and naturals position
for me at least.
-Tested mining rate and gas rate for each base (main,nat,expansion).
-Name and Concept of map, based on a kind of "boot camp"
-Tight Choke points for each Natural, meaning that even wall in, works for the zerglings and workers.
-Version 2 of the map, first one, was a total disaster.
-Pathing of units taken into consideration.
-1v1 2v2 melee kind of map.

modified by Rickv100491

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