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Last update for (4) A dArt 0.11 : 2017, 03, 14 00:41
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4885 (4) A dArt 0.11 128*12810cheon000.1betaground

The map has been rated 50 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

overlapped 3 natural building.
all resource is normal amount.
can't build at center hill.
Judging from the picture the mains and naturals look small and uncomfortable. I think you can maximize the size a little bit more.

The map itself is pretty standard though. I have a feeling the space isn't being used adequately in parts, for example, the water area next to the mains. Or the area behind the natural. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong about this but I think it's always good to think about whether space is being used to its best potential.

I don't like the center unbuildable ridge in this map though. It's interesting but I feel it takes up too much space or simply doesn't use it effectively. The paths in the middle of the map are pretty tight I feel, and there are many chokes and some more open areas, so I think this will make ZvP or TvZ interesting, but TvP somewhat tricky for the Protoss to engage, especially as army sizes get big in the late game.

I guess in general I feel like the middle takes up a little too much room, and there's too much going on in the middle, while the large amounts of space comes to the detriment of the mains and nats.

I feel the nat entrance is very vulnerable and the nat itself might be awkward (i'd have to test in game). In ZvP, hydralisks can get at many angles to snipe buildings out of cannon range, since the choke is vulnerable and open.

Other than that, the symmetry seems to be pretty good.
modified by JungleTerrain
and what's the reasoning behind the Crysalis on the ramps? they are the buildings that are stacked 3x right?
Basic map with some nice aesthetic twist...

Get Chkdraft and a clean-up crew!
Actually, just download Chkdraft and do the clean-up yourself.

I agree that mains should be bigger, they definitely fail the Cryoc test...
The middle plateau would look much nicer if itr weren't just the same tile spammed over and over again. The rest of the decoration also looks absolutely bare-bone.
The natural being so open with lots of tank angles on the minerals is also problematic.
Thank you for judging this map!
I agree that MAIN is too small. But I do not have much time and I have to study for going to college ... so i cant modified now. :(
Change the sea next to MAIN, MAIN will be wider... but MAIN is vulnerable from airunit's attack.(example, Arbiter, Carrier, Dropship etc.)

It was worrying set the center ramps. i felt weird when i set ramps. What should i do? reduce or delete?

I thought that natural building can balancing that benefit determined from position. if it isn't help, i will delete it.(or make it bigger)

+ I will fix tileset's problem. And I accept Freakling's opinion, very thanks. i not had any thought about ChkDraft.
+ What is 'Cryoc test'? Google says that it is twitch.
Cryoc is a German Terran player. He likes to be able to fit a dozen factories, 23 supply depots and all necessary auxiliary structures all in his main, with plenty of space left to still move units in-between comfortably...
modified by Freakling
10cheon I totally understand... school keeps us busy XD
thanks.. i will come back later, after November 16th.

Freakling// oh.. His style is like Simcity. I must have to extend mains for that all structures be able to build. thanks!
Just to avoid confusion, that remark of me was meant to have a humorous undertone. I am not saying you necessarily should seek to pass the "Cryoc test" in every aspect, it is pretty much the extreme case of what a main should be able to offer and most maps in fact probably fail the test to some extend.
In general I think that 4+ player maps can get away with less main space than 2/3 player maps, as players always have the option to grab another main for plenty of additional macro space (Protoss in fact want to do this every time to not be easily contained in one main).
In particular I really like the layout design. The mineral only, the ridge and the high ground gas base; I like the way they slot together. And then repeated to make a nice rotational map design. Nice!
thaaaaanks!!! i will make rotational maps when i finished the test.

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