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Last update for (2)Pretzel_0.9 : 2017, 04, 17 00:08
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4895 (2)Pretzel_0.9 128*96Ovalient0.1betaground

The map has been rated 53 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

The mains look really small from the picture. Where are you supposed to build your depots and factories as a terran? Or even gates for protoss?

Is the middle unbuildable, I cannot tell from the map picture.
I second the small mains!

Really like the hexagonal shapes across the middle though.
1. Small mains: Not enough room for terran and toss buildings.

2. Far 3rd expands in spite of long distance between 2 players. Rich resources (9 mineral chunks in main) cannot make up far 3 gas.

3. (Personal Favor) I dont like hexagonal or unnatural shapes.
Looking small to build for terran or protoss is true. But terran can barely build 10-12 factories and depots.
This is why i've made mains like that.
I agree, 2 player maps should have nicely big and comfortable mains because there is no other place to put up macro structures.
I think the obvious solution would be to resize this map to 128x112, because right now there simply is not much space to reallocate.
Maybe you could also add another pair of expansions, although I am not quite sure where. I feel like there should be ones at around 2/3 and 8/9 o'clock, but that would require some design changes. Some double ramped gas expansions, somewhat like FS's thirds, to replace the low ground passage would probably work well, though.

You should also check this map in CHKDraft (see link I posted in the thread for (4)Refresh), as high basilica ramps are rather error-prone.

I like the hexagons :D

Looking at it in SCMDraft, I'd really like the High Basilica pods to be better blended in.

Interestingly this map is actually 128x90-sized. It really should be bigger, even though that means a lot recreation from scratch (you only need to get the rough shapes right to have solid isometrical basis in case you want to change that later, all the details can just be copied over).

You should also consider modifying the worker spawn for the top position (compare the 3 o'clock position on (3)Uzi Sara in the newest updates list on the right for reference).
modified by Freakling
128x90? Is that a stable map size?
128x(almost)anything (where 20

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