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Last update for (2)Laogai : 2023, 03, 24 14:55
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4910 (2)Laogai otherxccam0.1betaground

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Decided to try my hand at mapping after reading the mapmaker interviews on TeamLiquid.

Hoping to get some feedback on my first attempt!
Oh nice!

It says "momo"?

Since this is your first map, I will gladly give you some feedback.

I see you've taken the gas issue into account, with both mains having their gas put on top.

The mains look somewhat on the small side. The starting location looks too close to the edge of the base, as well. You can hit the resources from the low ground corner base with tanks and other units. This can be addressed if you make the main bases bigger.

As it is now, I'd say the corner expansions behind the main base are too easily defendable. Not only can a terran player put tanks in his base or somewhere to protect it (this happened in Destination in TvP a lot), but the expansion can also be walled off (as shown in the picture). On top of all that it is super far away from the enemy player.

Part of making the main base bigger is also to take into account the fact that unlike 4 player maps, there is no other main to take and build production facilities (I would argue they are important for balance in TvP). There is a lot of buildable ground in other parts of the map where buildings can be placed, but it is best to just allow players to have a very comfy and roomy main base.

As it is now, the natural expansion's resources can be hit by tanks from the other side of the wall (I'm pretty sure, just looking at the picture).

The two expansions in the middle of the open areas are badly placed. Not only are they difficult to hold for any race, but they block army movements in that area.

The bases roughly at 1 and 7 o'clock, along with the other set of expansions at 3 and 9 are unnecessarily cramped since the area around them is mostly empty land. You can make them more comfortable, and also try to separate them more from their wall. What's the point of defending the choke point of your expansion if it can just get tanked from outside?

Suggestion: Move the corner expansion farther out and more into the open territory, making it less easier to defend. This also gives room for a bigger main base.

I suggest also look into the "flow" of expansions. How do you expect players to expand from one base to the next? Here I see all the races grabbing the corner expo first, then the mineral only. This makes sense since they are further away from the opponent, yield more resources compared with the other direction of expanding, and in general are easier to defend.

Cheers to happy mapping
Some things you should consider:

Once you have figured out what you actually want to do with the current low ground area, you'll probably have to reshape everything to some degree.
modified by Freakling
1 Too much wasted room for battlefield and expansions are narrow.
2 I dont sure the upward ramps is correct in width.
Thanks for the comments, I've tried to take them on board for this update, I hope you think it is improved!

The Momo was really a joke with my friends - not part of the map!
1 Crowded NE for T and P
2 Gas expansion (3rd and 4th) has only 6 mineral chunks. Each player has 7 expansions but enjoys lower incomes than other 1v1 maps.
3 "Personal preference": I never set 3rd expansions a one-way-out besiegement on 1v1.

ps:does LAOGAI mean "Reform thro' Labor" in Chinese?
Momo???????? WHAT
Map maker want to know please
modified by Dewez

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