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Last update for (6)Duel : 2020, 10, 15 04:31
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5119 (6)Duel 128*128sTY_leZerg-eX3.6finalhybrid

The map has been rated 63 times and got a total of 229 points

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Are we to guess who is responsible for this one?
What play mode is this supposed to be used for? 1v1? 2v2? 3v3? FFA?
How about making a 1.22 version using modified new ramp assets? These custom ones do not look particularly pretty.
modified by Freakling
My guess: Crystal Drag.

Could be totally off though…
modified by Freakling
Hey guys,

Okey, so I made this map!!
Yeah, I have not mapped a broodwar map for years :D
Truth is, I had made a very similar map for sc2 and I found it very fun, and I kinda wanted to also play it on remastered, so that is the main reason I decided to make this (fun).

Map is intended primarily for 3 vs 3 and free for all, 2v2 is also possible.

With start locations being random on sc1, the map can give some very interesting games, it also opens up a lot of unique strategies.

I have tested this map for like a week, and I have to say map is playing as intended. Feedback after games for players has been pretty positive, lots of fun specially when players start understanding the map.

Couple of builds I have enjoyed:
- Terran: during a match where 2 of the 3 players are on the same island I have enjoyed floating 3 Rax to the other side to support a team mate with some medic marines in a little 2v1.
- Protoss: (when part on same island) I have found it fun to go 1 base / 4 gate fast recall. Also proxy 2 gate is cool when on a small 1v1. (Fast 1/2 base carriers also cool)
- Zerg: I have found fast lurks are effective, I also had the chance in a 2v2 to do a proxy hatch with a nydus canal. Good stuff!

PS, thanks for the feedback Freakling, I bad no idea there was a new scmdraft, those new ramps are rly fantastic!
Musta been you on USWest then huh
Hahaha :D

It was, did you get to join?
You would have been my guess if I'd considered it any likely that you had suddenly decided to give BW mapping a try again :P

The new ramps are far from fantastic though, unfortunately. You'll have to check the terrain levels and vision and heavily manually post-edit them to fix that stuff…
2 Quick things,

1) Updated the map is FINAL because its playing pretty well.

2) More importantly,

I am using a Mac, and had been using SCMDraft no problem, using Wine and the tutorial that is shared in the link at bottom of comment.

But now Im having trouble, and Im unable to use scmdraft.

I am getting caught in a loop, after having downloaded the programs/reinstalled a few times, including SC.
So Im going to edit (like the Mac Guide suggests), selecting the Starcraft folder, then trying to launch SCM Draft, then, I get a very annoying popup that says "please select the Starcraft directory", so I do that in the "/" folder and click launch.. then popup comes up and asks again for the same over and over and.. over again..

So infinite loop makes it impossible to launch..

Im not sure If it's expecting a certain file, because I have selected the correct Starcraft directory...


I have posted in the bug section, just wanted to see if any of you have some intel.

This is an awesome map with a unique layout, but there are a few things to note (this is what I found from testing the map with the computer):

1) The unbuildable structure terrain that separates the mains from the islands is not the same everywhere (asymmetrical). Because of that there are locations where siege tanks can be placed within range of geysers and/or mineral patches in the mains, and also buildings that are placed to block each main ramp.

2) The island expo next to red's 3rd base (high ground) can be accessed via land (tested with a marine).

3) If you want all mains to be as equal as possible regarding building space, place unbuildable terrain on the top edge of the map that is 1 grid high to compensate for all mains at the bottom for having an unbuildable grid at the bottom edge.

4) I recommend moving the main mineral patches back by 1 grid so only pylons/supply depots can be placed there, that should give more space for building production buildings out front and also help Zerg players when they want to place spores/sunkens in tight locations which is quite common. 2 grids behind mins is also the norm for standard pro maps.

5) I'd also bump up the minerals in each main to 9 which again is standard across pro maps. Right now I'd see Zerg having an advantage with such low minerals.

6) Locations where the new ramps are used cause height visibility issues (you can see some highground spots from the lowground), this can be fixed with copy/pasting older tiles that have the correct height flags.

7) Numerous siege tank holes around the map (e.g. at the center island expo between teal and orange mains).

Personally I would get rid of the island expos between the mains and just keep the four center expos, that way theres more space to build in the main and removes the issue of siege tanks being in range of stuff. It would be great to keep these there but unfortunately on 128x128 size maps theres not enough room to achieve everything.

That being said, its a great effort for a 3v3 map and I would definitely play on this. I wish we had more variety on instead of hunters all the time.
^That's some quality analysis!

→Concerning point 3.
modified by Freakling
Thanks!!! That is a great post! :D thank you for taking the time to open, analyze and post regarding this map!
Always great to have an extra set of eyes.

1# yeah, concept is a bit tight for all I want to do with it. It is a bit asymmetrical, Actually, for those islands, tanks can hit min patches from 1 side, and gas/hatch/Nex/CC from the other (regardless of position).
Not sure how to fix that without ruining the map, my hope is that map is 3v3 focused / FFA, and hopefully you, a teammate or start location randomness will help you out. Also, it’s an island map, you should not be taken 100% by surprise by a T doing this, and you could be equipped to deal with it.

2# That’s crazy! Needs to be fixed asap (need to fix my scmdraf on my mac first tho.. :(. )
I can’t believe I missed that and it did not show up during the games I tested.

3# Good idea

4# Also viable, But I will think on this.. my reasoning was that as T or P, I kinda like that space for placing buildings (specially depos and still have some room. More importantly because map could have a small little Blood Bath matches that space can be used as a micro battle.

5# Mains and nats have 7 min patches, 3rds and side islands have 6, midle islands have 5. My reasoning was to encourage players to expand, giving Z a little help on islands .. is it such a bad idea? Any thoughts?
My personal thought of islands T>P>Z.. but with ground rush distances im not sure.. (carriers look pretty strong as well)
I could be wrong about this, maybe 1 more patch on the mains or something.

6# I’m so sad.. how could they have Fed that up :(
I will see what I can do, is it on all ramps? Just inverted ones?
I will look into this (again as soon as I figure out wtf with my scmdraft for mac)

7# Yes you are right.. they need to be fixed.. not my favorite part of mapping haha

Kinda point 8# After testing mains are just Ok size wise.. bit bigger would be ideal, but with a couple of buildings placed on nat/ 3rd, some free space u find somewhere, or if u take over an entire island.. you are pretty Ok. Would hate to see the islands gone.. they make things interesting and people need to expand.. those middle islands are very hard to hold unless you are ahead.

Again! Thanks a lot for your useful input!!!!!

And yeah you should catch a game or 2 on the map it’s actually pretty fun! (Specially after a couple of fixes)
I played it for a week or week and a half straight and got a good response :) there where several interesting rematches haha

Wonderful concept and great execution despite the asymmetrical result. Despite the irregularities of the island expansions, positionally speaking, I love the map TvB.
Made the mmmk suggested and fixed most of the bugs.

All but the ramp vision! (No clue on how to fix this.. Im confused as to what exacly creates the problem)

This version is very playable however.

Nasty!! Thank you for comment glad you like the map!
The ramp vision problems are caused by the "cliff tiles" (i.e. the unwalkable edges) of the ramp doodads being set to the lower terrain level instead of the higher. So the ramps lack sufficient higher ground "buffer space" to block vision from the lower to the higher ground. The microtile overlays/height and tile overlays/height flag overlays tell you all you need to know. The fix is to replace the cliff tiles of the doodad by regular cliff tiles (or anything that has the right terrain level flags and blends in well).
Hey man!
Yeah, the comment above is an older comment, I just updated the map file with bug fixes :)
And we did go over on how to fix the vision problems on one of our calls :)
Thanks for tutorial via comment tho, maybe it can help someone else, considering its not that intuitive
I guess post dating is one feature really missing at this site…
FFA show match on Duel:

Cheers!! ^^
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX

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