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Last update for (6)Duel : 2019, 07, 05 18:08
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5119 (6)Duel 128*128sTY_leZerg-eX5.0betahybrid

The map has been rated 1 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Are we to guess who is responsible for this one?
What play mode is this supposed to be used for? 1v1? 2v2? 3v3? FFA?
How about making a 1.22 version using modified new ramp assets? These custom ones do not look particularly pretty.
modified by Freakling
My guess: Crystal Drag.

Could be totally off though…
modified by Freakling
Hey guys,

Okey, so I made this map!!
Yeah, I have not mapped a broodwar map for years :D
Truth is, I had made a very similar map for sc2 and I found it very fun, and I kinda wanted to also play it on remastered, so that is the main reason I decided to make this (fun).

Map is intended primarily for 3 vs 3 and free for all, 2v2 is also possible.

With start locations being random on sc1, the map can give some very interesting games, it also opens up a lot of unique strategies.

I have tested this map for like a week, and I have to say map is playing as intended. Feedback after games for players has been pretty positive, lots of fun specially when players start understanding the map.

Couple of builds I have enjoyed:
- Terran: during a match where 2 of the 3 players are on the same island I have enjoyed floating 3 Rax to the other side to support a team mate with some medic marines in a little 2v1.
- Protoss: (when part on same island) I have found it fun to go 1 base / 4 gate fast recall. Also proxy 2 gate is cool when on a small 1v1. (Fast 1/2 base carriers also cool)
- Zerg: I have found fast lurks are effective, I also had the chance in a 2v2 to do a proxy hatch with a nydus canal. Good stuff!

PS, thanks for the feedback Freakling, I bad no idea there was a new scmdraft, those new ramps are rly fantastic!
Musta been you on USWest then huh
Hahaha :D

It was, did you get to join?
You would have been my guess if I'd considered it any likely that you had suddenly decided to give BW mapping a try again :P

The new ramps are far from fantastic though, unfortunately. You'll have to check the terrain levels and vision and heavily manually post-edit them to fix that stuff…

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