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Last update for (2)Arctic Harbor_0.2 : 2021, 01, 04 14:20
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5282 (2)Arctic Harbor_0.2 otherHeMsK5.0betaground

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Hello, welcome to the site!

Some thoughts
-Might need a safer 3rd gas option for zerg in zvst.
-May be a little constricted when it comes to 200 vs 200 PvsT max battle.
-Hard to tell what area of outpost is walkable by looking at mini-map since the ramp tiles look similar to unwalkable tiles


After looking at it in editor, I see that there are random high ground tiles spammed about (in naturals specifically). Also, there are unwalkable tiles in the big ramps at the top of the map.

On SCMDraft2, there is "Overlay Settings" on the left. Drop this down, and switch on "Height" in Tile Overlay to see what I mean.
modified by Minerals
Thanks for the input. I didn't know about the Overlay setting, fairly new to ScmDraft.

Don't know alot about balancing but did the following:

-Removed alot of outpost doodads
-Made middle ramps bigger
-Replaced random high ground tiles
-Remade some middle outpost stuff
-Removed bottom ramps and high ground and made bridges, and tightened other path
-Widened lower middle bridges
Can yu make the middle wider and devide it into two separate pathways, so there isn't just one way to get to the top? Maybe some kind of backdoor path behind the main would be a good fit for this kind of concept.

Can you tone the custom terrain down a bit, or rather make it more expedient?

There isn't a save third on this map.
Also, here is the BWMN discord:
Welcome. Cool map :) Hope you join the BWMN discord community.

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