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Last update for (4)Heaven can wait : 2005, 10, 16 01:57
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
541 (4)Heaven can wait 128*128SummerSky1.8final

The map has been rated 51 times and got a total of 93 points

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Comments:   GMCS (5 elements)

it is Double-main base [?] map, like forte.
Hmm, interesting aspects but the cliffs behind mains will probably allow for too heavy harassment. Perhabs make them harder to reach? The cliff of the upper-left main is harder to reach than the others, btw, this is imba.
I don't like it the way the map is now. The natural expansion seem to stand in the way, look at red's position, looks just hard to play.

And gameplaywise, the placement of expos is favoring turtling, I really don't think the concept is going to produce a good map, no matter how hard you try to execute it well.
Turtling- is not good choice, because mineral resource of 1nat is 750-half of normal mineral, and if T turtle, toss take all expo, have many carrier(I played many games with clan member, and i see P>T on this map.)
Where should T build his base? with an wallin to get 2 expansions?! I'D say if T survives the first minutes against a toss at all, he has good options. But it looks like toss could play cheese or 2 offgates and be raelly happy with that, after it's the only route to your enemy, so he can defend his base with offgates as well somehow... in theory :P
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So far- so, T can defence 2gate goons by 2fac-T can close entrance-in front of gas nat, 1s1b
IF T survives early game (should be doable but might be hard), he can
1) Attack the other persons main from outside.
2) Attack the cliff EASILY from a safe distance
3) Zerg won't be able to cover that area with sunkens because for some reason, you placed unbuildable terrain so that it's impossible to sunken the 3rd exp..
4) Turtle with 4 bases ;o

You need to make the main slightly bigger (maybe remove the cliff and turn it into part of the main.

You also need to make sure the main buildings aren't tankable from the outside (as it is now, I think teal's main is).

Now you should probably give T some kind of better choke or ramp (or just make sure you can rax wall, should be okay with the bigger main I just suggested).

The area above the choke of each main.. I think you'd do much better to have it be either part of the main or place the expansion there or something..

You need to open up the main somehow because there's no real space to build -,,.-
Also you said that it's bad to turtle because of 750 mineral exp.. well you've put another TWO expansions which T can take easily.

The only reasons P would > T on this map are the mains being too small for T to build and there being no halfway decent place for T to wall (walls are kinda needed on no ramp maps).
Have you played in 'forte'? I pointed -gmcs- 'wall'. T can close the entrance and take expo and building place easily, because 'too far' to enemy.
Blue's and Purple's have a disadvantage: their cliffexpand's entrances seems to be attackable from the sides with siege tanks.
I've played loads of games in forte, but the main of this map, I'm pretty sure, is just too small.

Also, you have no ramp.

The reason you can 1 rax and push out with 6 marines 1 tank 1 vult is because you have a ramp, which means goons wont kill you, nor will zealots.
I didn't see the raised jungle which would indeed enable you to wallin, unfortunately it's soo far out that it will be an absolute paint o bring scvs to repair and what not.

Also, two of the positions are just shit in terms of building placement (7 and 1).

Terran won't survive early game most likely, but if they do, there's no stopping them.

Because unlike on forte, which has the most wide open center ever, this map is tight as hell :0

I think you need to seriously revise parts of it, sorry =.=

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