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Last update for (2)VanQuished Eternity : 2005, 10, 14 23:38
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
549 (2)VanQuished Eternity 96*96FaNta.DwmT0.7final

The map has been rated 58 times and got a total of 40 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Feel free to send feedback and hints/tips/help/imbalances but no flaming plz
As listoric already said:
stop making so many maps that are totally imbalanced. You uploaded 4-5 maps, noone of them was really good, but you just go on mapping like this.

Take one of your maps (or start a new one) and try to make it better than your recent maps. Use our comments for this. But if you just go on uploading maps and maps, noone will really comment your maps, because then we think you just don't care about advices, if you don't modify your maps regarding the suggestions. And you won't learn anything neither.

So, try a quite standard map, load it up, follow our tips, and try to make ONE good, balanced map. When you have done this, you can try another map, and again try to balance it with the things you learned from us.
Anyway, I'd hold 'desolated dreams' back in mind, because it looks cool. So don't erase it, maybe you'll be able to make an interesting map out of it, after having occupied yourself with a few more standard-maps to learn a bit about mapping.
Ty for feedback i need to do like u said.. i checked ur maps they are so AWESOME that i start to make pro maps like them ty for help
and flothefreak, u've added like 10 maps which are not balanced either so Take on of your maps and try to make it better instead of spamming maps i can say this same back to u....
And that balance thing u said that Learn for our comments to make maps but your comment is only flaming and there is NO advices to me how i balance my maps more
´´and again try to balance it with the things you learned from us.´´
^^ what does that means... things i learned from you? what things... to insult other ppl maps? i think that your maps were as bad or worse than mine so go to improve them instead of giving any insults to me... Ty
omg. I am just flaming? kid, you've never seen me doing this. I actually dare (O_O) to think that my maps are at least much better balanced than yours are. No matter how good my maps are compared to others.
And get the fuck away from writing bullshit, you stress me out with your fucked up "I know it better than everyone"-attitude, no matter what you've written in your 1st comment.

AND read my damn comment again, stupid.
I said you should take one fucking map and improve it and learn from othger mapmakers by fucking think about what they say. I have NEVER intended to say anything about _this_ map, I told you that you should learn THERE, not here.
And I won't give you any fuckin comment on your pissed maps anymore, because you lil' bastard can't make a difference between helping and insulting.
You obviously have neither an idea of how the game is working nor on how to make maps that are balanced IN GENERAL aspects
So fuck off and shut up.

man, there are few people on internet that I could just hate from the beginning, but I think you're on the right track to get there.
And even rating your own map with 9 points just makes you more ridiculos.
Dont hate.

however i have to agree with flo regarding the quality here. We cant help you comenting on 5 maps at the same time.

Upload 1 map at a time and we can focus on that one, because some of these will need some work (sorry) and it will only be very much work to take on all of them at thesame time.
get a grip flo. help him or leave it. i also dislike that he uploaded a load of unbalanced maps, but i still try to help him in a comment as well.

anyway, here again, the map si very tight, and the terran tank got too much good positions to attack as needed.

as i already wrote in an other comment (you have to search for it ^^), you should be aware of all three races and their advantages over other races, or their counterattacks to create a balanced map. just try to look at your idea of the map, maybe you scribbled it on paper before making it in an editor, and think about what a terran tank could destroy. what area would he reach, do the other races also have similar posibilities, should you try to minimize these posibilities to a better amount? like, you could create a cliff behind every expansion, but, would that make any sense, even if every race could use this cliff?

as i wrote in a comment to an other map of an other mapper, mapping is about questions being answered. if i can ask you a question, you can't answer or explain right, then something is wrong with your map ^^

like here, where is the room for protoss units to flank a terran army? or, why is a terran tank able to attack the main-ecoline from a cliff? for what purpose? why only the terran tank, not also the other races? does this make any sense at all?

hope that helps.

and, as starparty also mentioned, try to improve your maps you already uploaded, it wether helps you or us, if you upload 10 maps at the same time. you can't update every map, and we can't comment on every new aspect your changes made. and, some mapconcepts are just damned to be just okey, but never outstanding, even if you update and balance it ever and ever again. it's very hard to create a really good map. i make maps for several years now, even on different games, what gives you new ideas. But i just started to create good maps.

you can look up my maps if you want to, the maps with the high id's are way better than the first ones (except these experimental maybe ;).

mapping is also about learning, i haven't stopped, noone here has, and that's why it is so much fun to create maps, after you will never run out of ideas.

gosh, i'm writing to much :D keep on mapping.
ah, and fanta, don't tease him. you might think he makes imbalanced maps as well, and you are right, haven't seen someone making a 100% balanced map ever ;)

it's all about the point of view. try to be friendly to each other, you won't get any real help with yelling at each other. think about it :)
Ty Listoric for help and i teased that guy a bit but he took it too seriously... anyways im new in mapmaking and i appreciate ur comments. And i just teased a bit in kind way no swearing etc but then that guy started to tell " fuck you and etc stuff... its okay Flothefreak it was only critic what i said with touch of sarcasm. Chill...
btw its foolish to call ppl "kids" and swear to them.. mb i pulled my critic bit over the line but u just started insulting so it would be wise to stop that and act like adult
exactly, so lets drop it. now :P

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