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Last update for (2)Clamp : 2006, 01, 19 17:29
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
916 (2)Clamp 96*96lnept0.2beta

The map has been rated 47 times and got a total of 10 points

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Comments:   GMCS (6 elements)

neutral island min blocks against turrets (50)

main base min blocks (122)

this map plays really interesting. you might both go air, you might both be steadily mining out the 122 for rush, or 1 is doing rush while other isnt:)
starts off as an island map then turns into a ground map later with a huge middle (deserts tend to be very open) and the only other gas expos are on the other side so if the game isnt fast, the right side will see some use. plays well from what i have seen. tank gaps wont really matter as it is island in a way .

if you see any big flaws let me know.thanks
1. a rush in a map with 122-min blocks at both bases is non-existant.
2. That amount of spread minerals at the 9 'expo' will surely annoy players. I don't think that's a very good idea to begin with.
3. Gas issue. Even if they're both 'bad', it's usually better to let them both begin on a 'good' position.
4. Zerg will hate you for this map. The nat is an island expo, and the first natural on ground is a min-only which doesn't even block his choke. Try to give Zerg a chance as well.
5. No mineral block on the islands. Terran can simply build a CC next to it and liftoff there, giving it an even bigger advantage over the other races than it already has on (semi)-island maps.

That's all I can think of now.
its an island map what does choke blocking have anything to do with this ?

cant fix gas issue. but you did bring one thing to my attention. top gas can be tanked bottom cant. i have to make top base have top gas.

a rush is existant ive done it. put 3 miners on it and it will go away faster then you think.

4. ill add mineral block.
well inept, those 3 worker are missing in your eco then which damages your mineral gaining heavily.
when doing a rush, you have minor economy anyway, giving another 3 probes away is no option.
then jump
i didnt mean like a 6 ling rush dude ^^

m/m takes a while to get and stuff like that also you could do the boxer jump over minerals like he did on king of abyss :P
It was Nada.

I do not think anyone will rush here unless he is insane :O

Looks interesting.

Make mainbases bigger.
i kinda wanted people to built outside 1 base makes it more realistic, and gives an edge to faster players as they should have.

pumping from 3 bases requires more skills then 1 base because your buildings are spread out.

thats why i left the rest of the map very open, and the mainbases very small because you do not need a lot of buildings early on an island map.
K... I just updated it so it would show a desert icon instead of the broken link icon... did you re-edit it?
i had to edit it 6 times ffs it finally worked geez. fixed most of the gmcs, but now the gas issue is here. i dont understand what he means by fixing the expo?
oh and the mineral blocks are now 70 at mainbases to make rushes more practical.

oh and the mineral blocks are now 70 at mainbases to make rushes more practical.

"pumping from 3 bases" is just imbalanced. terran can not do it as well as other races, especially zerg :/
should i get rid of the compound and just make it REALLY open and have that one huge base for ground later on while the small bases are your air builds for early game?

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