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Last update for (8)Northlands Lullaby : 2006, 05, 10 11:59
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
917 (8)Northlands Lullaby 128*128--v|mOsQ1.8experimental

The map has been rated 61 times and got a total of 108 points

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Comments:   GMCS (6 elements)

Nats arent balanced. Also players should have the option of getting other neutral expansions.

How come I can't open any of your maps in staredit?
Because he creates them with starforge or scmdraft and does something compeltely wrong.

Staredit > all other editors. Only if you want to do custom ramps, like here, you need an ohter editor, and that, only as the absolute last step.

Just take chaotic Pilgrim as example. If you play it online, a mineralblock is disappearing i think, because it was set wrong in the other editor...

Use Staredit, i told it, and i tell it again. just use standard staredit, always...
Lol! What a mess! Not only the nats are not balanced, check out the mains... They are some mains that their gas stations can be attacked from outside, and they are so many tank drop zones... And they are other mistakes too, but no worth to point them, as --v|mOsQ will just say "Are you crazy my maps is the best, and you sux"
Oh. My. God.


You are clearly the superior map maker.
no more something along the lines of :

Loller you are a silly clown LGI, my card is superior to you k thx 52 card pick up get real life clown ^^ motw is not my objective in life as it is u
+1 clone map, child -.-

actually not really but this map is just extremely positionally imbalanced
--v mOsQ
It's (8) map for SPs RMC#5, NOT FOR 1v1 sorry -.- Do you know good and really balanced (8) 128x128 maps ? So stfu clowns.

LGI, stop your tankfobia pls, n00b ^^
--v mOsQ

Where your criticism ? Oh my God, the first expand belongs at once to two players!! Oh my God, bottom expands too belongs to two players!! LGI, open space for yours tank-fobia! What do you do not yelp, children ? With impatience wait for each my new map to tell in advance thought up insults ? You are stupid ill-bred children. Yelp up to the Doomsday, idiots -___^
--v mOsQ
Image for last post:
Lol he's not scared of tanks wtf, just letting you know that all players should have the same advantages/disadvantages when it comes to tanks. If some players main geysers can be tanked from outside what the crap kind of balancing is that?
--v mOsQ
kk tell me WHERE gas on main can be tanked from outside lol ^^
6h, 9h, probably 3h mostly. others maybe from front too

no re.
--v mOsQ
rofl tanks cant' attack this geysers
i dont give a crap about the tanks in a 8 player map. However, the imbalanced startpositions is a issue you will have to deal with. 3 players starting in the center, has very easy to contain 3 players in the corners.
--v mOsQ
it's harder defense first expands for center players
not if all opponents are in the corners
--v mOsQ
lol harder
i think defensive cliffs on center must be replaced, in next version center > corners problem must be dead
king of 8 plr maps
poor mid bases, they have uphill battle compared to corner bases naturals being safe, while mids are in danger right from start.

8 player maps dont have to to follow 4 player balance but this is like 50% balanced, way to low, it needs to be altest 75% and up.

this poor map

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