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Last update for (2)Lemuria Altar : 2010, 11, 16 12:57
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
982 (2)Lemuria Altar 128*128--v|mOsQ1.9final

The map has been rated 78 times and got a total of 151 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

--v mOsQ
flothefreak has removed this map, it's number 800+ (864?...)
So, fix the known issues please.
--v mOsQ
It's NO ISSUES, Listoric.
ok copy+paste from comments to deleted map:

1. // Why do you have those small bridges being the main entrance/exit from the base? Do you want to move 200/200 protoss out of that ramp? //

Norm players does not hold a limit 200/200 at itself on the main base ^_^ Small bridges not less than standard cliff-outputs so your doubts are not clear.

2. // Okay, I played a game on it. The trees you put on that path don't block units from going through. All small units can still get through, I'm not sure if that was intentional or not //

I doubt that you played on this map. Trees and bushes standing up for by them BLOCK ANY UNITS FROM PASSAGE. It's fact -.-

3. // Mass bridges aren't a good idea for main terrain also. //
// Unit's simply get stuck //

I don't think so. It's my map and it's my idea.
Judge execution of the map, instead of about that, greater bridges are good or bad. Each cell of the bridge is not worse at all than any another and if you think, that units for some reason suddenly will be stack you are mistaken. This map was tested long enough for good tournament with prize-winning $3000 best players, and any mistakes except for already corrected mineral block has not been revealed.

I have answered all your questions ?
--v mOsQ
Version 1.3:
- Compatible with StarEdit
- Observer version added

mOsQ. It's awesome. You come here, and doubt everything everyone is saying.

I NOW tested the trees, no matter if i already KNEW for 7 YEARS now that the DONT block ALL 4 tiles they are standing on.


So, not like you, i even TESTED it NOW, and OH WONDER!! Units CAN walk "THROUGH" the tree. Even DRAGOONS (Which are exactly the size of Goliaths, Tanks, Reaver, Archons... blablabla) were able to EASILY WALK THROUGH THE RIGHT TREE!!

Then i just closed Starcraft. It's not MY JOB to tell you, it's YOUR job to PROVE ME wrong. But you simply can't. You just state bullshit as a fact.

ANd that the terrain is to tight on some parts to move a 190 psi army around is obvious... that you just don't want to see this is claer to me. But try ONCE to be objective.

God damn, you really are a stupid kid. Sorry. Try to be mature, try to ACCEPT mistakes of your own and THINK before posting. I know at least a handfull of mappers that are way more into that editor, game and mapping than you ever will be, so get rid of your doubt...

so annoying, really.
Just to give you a small example of what you should react to comments regarding your map.

I made a Dawn of War map. A German progamer called Balllaman played my map several times, and said, he loves it, but he wants to have more of these "hiding bushes" i invented.

At first i thought "god damn, no chance adding more of these bushes". But this comment was in my head for some days, and so i tried around and BAMM, i found like 4 places on the map, where i could add more bushes and more cover. Now the map is nothing else than awesome. I won the Mapcontest with it (my first Dawn of war map ever) and this map now is to be played in the ESL, as the first usermap by now.

So, even if you think you've done everything and thought about everything, others may be right, and most of the time, are right.

Think about that...
i don't see why any one should give mosq sympathy. he lied about his maps, flamed many others, is rude to people who try to give him constructive criticism, and as far as i know has never even tried to give a constructive comment to anyone else.
--v mOsQ
Listoric, hust play the game ok ? Not test on map editor, just PLAY. That's all.
"So, not like you, i even TESTED it NOW, and OH WONDER!! Units CAN walk "THROUGH" the tree. Even DRAGOONS (Which are exactly the size of Goliaths, Tanks, Reaver, Archons... blablabla) were able to EASILY WALK THROUGH THE RIGHT TREE!!"

try to read my full post. try to understand it.

I tested it, and the tree doesn't block anything.

Me > u.
--v mOsQ
ok, i can do VOD with trees and units
Do you want it ?
please. show me what i alraedy tested... i can upload a replay for you also...

this really is totally ridiculous...
modified by Listoric
--v mOsQ
When I did the obs version, some bushes have disappeared because of incompatibility of editors. Do not carp on trifles and stop your bm.
Oh? So you see now that every comment on the trees were correct and you messed it up?


And where is Bad Manner? It's bad manner to argue about obvious flaws and things you now say they are true.

of course :P
just let it go at this point, i don't think anyone who is respected on this site cares what he thinks any more.
true, but it's kinda fun arguing around with a mapmaking noob, as he proves himself to be one once and again X)
--v mOsQ
lol bm stfu children ? discussion about map, not about me, lols
i add replay :)
really gj, i like it !
can't open map in staredit. fix pls.
--v mOsQ
fixed again
mOsQ, do you test your maps? I just had a game on Lemuria vs CPU and the lower right tree still doesn't block every unit (i was zerg, only unit blocked was the Ultralisk, which is the single biggest unit ingame). So, fix that please, and check it yourself if it really works.

Except that, nice map. I totally dislike the large bridge areas and the to tight parts near the mains, but except that, it's a good map. Could be way better though.
--v mOsQ
lol staredit likes to delete doodads ^^
mOsQ, my love <3
totally pointless and anoying island min block
lol, it will take longer for the CC to land farther, make an scv mine it, float it back.
Very interesting map, it must have been lots of work! I downloaded the map and checked it. The tree issue to the right of the south expo is real but it can be fixed if not with doodads, then with some choice of tiles. Interestingly in the replay you posted, the protoss probe could not get through. It seems the map in the replay is different from the map in the dowload. As the bridge terrain is unbuildable some people will not like it but hey that's life. What is a "Lemuria Altar"? There is no map description in your map that offers any info about this.
modified by Lancet
GOD! Let sleeping dogs lie!
modified by spinesheath
Mosq hasn't been at this site in over a year.
Lemuria is in the game Golden Sun and its sequel (more promimently so), it's a lost mystique place only in outsiders' legends kinda thing, idk for sure if that's what Mosq was naming it after, he made several maps based off his Lemuria.
Lemuria Altar was entered for the MOTW contest, that is how I got to this thread. If you don't want a map to be entered you have to delete it from the database. This map was the most radical and different map concept among all the ones up for consideration and I gave it my vote. It seems from the thread that --v|mOsQ had a "run in" with some of you guys and that is unfortunate, but I am mostly concerned with the map.
This map thread is legendary
every bwmn guy has to read it
modified by ProTosS4EveR
no, THIS thread is legendary :)
Omfg Starparty, that thread is fucking golden hahahahahhaha.

--v mOsQ is a god among men :)

--GoZu)FsC( vs Maverick)FsC((1on1, 1.13)

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