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deadline to enter maps: 2006, 01, 18 (Year, month, day)

What is this you say? Well what do you think!? Could it be anything else than:


As the map above indicates it is time to make a teamplayer map. The choises are quite free this time, except that decoration is a must. Im a sucker for beautiful maps so if you wanna win - decorate! :8

* 6-8 Startcloations - map must be playable in 3v3
* Tileset = Jungle, Twilight or Space - Anything else is not accepted
* Dimensions = 128x128 / 128x192 / 192x128 - Be careful - dont make it too big...
* Deadline 18th of January - Thats 10 days from now

The map must ofcourse be balanced, but remember that its a 3on3 player map so focus on 6 players instead of 2. For instance there might be neccesary to place quite alot of expos compared to a 2-4 player map. Goodluck.

ps. im the sole judge in this competition and i will proclaim the winner as i see fit. If i choose the winner just because its the prettiest map - fine. Im the one deciding ;P Don't whine - Decorate.


NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(6)Eon Blue ApocalypseGRC-DeathLinkMelee Picture0
(8)Northlands Lullaby--v|mOsQMelee Picture0
The competition is closed!

Dont add maps that doesnt fit in the competitionrules. I will remove them instantly
lol...looks like some1 didnt read the rules. COugh pretorika cough
For now i add (6)Herbal Essence, just to be sure that i will have map in this competition, if i couldn't make a map till 18th of january. The map got lots of 3v3 replays so enjoy watching them, they are some very very good games. Have fun.
I update (6)Herbal Essence.
I vote for HE because its the only map at the moment XD

I will submit a map soon.
"* Dimensions = 128x128 / 128x192 / 192x128 - Be careful - dont make it too big..."
Meh :P
btw, 192*128 and 128*192 is gay too :[
not for 3v3
Hey whats up here? Where are all the maps?! SUBMIT PEOPLE!

I won't have any time for another 6-8 player map, so i will be with Herbal Essence to the end. But there should be more maps in this competition :(
well I won't do one cuz I see no point in making a 3v3-map...they are only suited for fun, not for competitive gaming. plus, you don't have to pay much attention to balance or mapstructure, cuz there are masses which disable normal balance rules and there is no need for deliberated mapstructure, cuz the armies of 6 players give enough action and fights anyway. you don't have to provide them with a complicated structure.

so well, for some competetion, I'll add my single 3v3 so far^^
probably the last, too
Too busy, sorry :|
I always spell flo's map as My penis...
Oh, thx lgi, you made me aware of a typing mistake

O.O :P
flo get that dirty map outta here!
--v mOsQ
(8)Northlands Lullaby added ^^
omfg shit forgot to read that tileset thing!Remove my map pls
No map by me this time.Forgot about the tileset.

--v mOsQ
mmm what about results ?
seeing the very dissapointing interest for this competition, i wont even make a newspost about it. It was even you who wanted to have more 3v3 maps, and then none of you create one.. very weak. However Blue apocalypse is best by far. Id still would like to see the center expoes gone though.

Blue apocalypse wins anyway though.
who wanted 3on3 maps?
i didn't I once made mypensis for some guy that needed one
--v mOsQ
Noobs on polish server like 3x3 games.

sp - gg, I also did not wait from you for an optimum estimation ^^
not optimum estimation cuz it wasn't yours?

I bet my balls on it.
no matter what you say now mosq: I can keep them.
I made a map but with the wrong tileset.It still was a competition to make a 6 player map the first time.
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