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Nice idea, but we're just to few and to unregulary online. Atm it's hard enough to find people to play with you on the same server at all ^^.

I just added everyone on europe who posted his account here, or in the old "battle net IDs" thread, and hope i'll find someone the next time :)

evenif we make up a date to play regularly, i just doubt that someone will show up. We still could say, like every day from 18 - 21 o'clock, maptesting at Europe: op fp-clan
2005, 10, 16 18:11
There is time zones on this planet listoric. Thats why I said this idea will never work. Its not a bad idea though.
2005, 10, 16 18:55
making a server would be pretty dumb. A bot on europe or even on pgtour would actually help much more to get games with other mappers/ppl who play new maps. A ladder could also be implemented.

But it seems like noone can host one :(
2005, 10, 17 16:59
actually i cannot complain.. my clanmates are very open for new maps :)

if so is totaly fucked up, cause he never can play games on his own maps.. come and visit us @ op djinnies
2005, 10, 27 01:47
Your Name
pckj will never EVER die.

i'm decaf.air on useast

i'm owned by router too, all i can do is 1v1 :(
2005, 10, 28 03:50
On europe:

It looks like most users are on europe, so if anyone wants to play with other mappers, I would just make an account on europe, instead of waiting on USeast until somebody joins them.
2005, 11, 09 11:41
Damn it, i will have to pay 20 Euro to be with you guys. Well i will do it, when i got little cash that is not needed. And btw don't laught for this 20 Euro, because here the standarts are very diffrent from you. Like the minimum sallary is 75 Euro per month, the avarage salary is nearly 150 Euro... And when you have to pay for phone, cell phone, internet etc... i will need something to eat, right? :)))

Anyway my situation is not that bad as it sounds :).

See you soon in Europe Battle Net :D
2005, 11, 09 11:59
Do you mean 20 euro a month for internet, or do you need to buy your copy of broodwar?
I suppose all your replays were from LAN games?

But you are already online a lot, and play broodwar a lot. I don't understand what's missing o_O
2005, 11, 09 12:29
My internet is 20 euro a month, and my copy for brood war is 20 euro too :). I need the copy for original CD Key to play in Europe. My games are from Battle Net, but in a free Bulgarian server (, that you don't need original CD Key. Just like in PGTour. I play there, because it does not requere original cd key :).
2005, 11, 09 12:41
who is sO]SCV? laZyScV?
2005, 11, 10 15:47
No, scoutWBF
WBF=SCV in german version of BW
2005, 11, 10 17:47
Yeah I'm ScoutWBF but my Nickname isn't sO]SCV anymore.Actually i Play with the account CoL_WBV.
2005, 11, 11 20:36
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