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"invisible" feature and using it
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I saw a lot of mosQ's recent comments were blocked. I unblocked them and took a look at them, they really do not seem to "hard" to me.

Look; we all live in democratic countries and as far as I know we have freedom of speech. As we all learn in the past week, there are still limits to that, when you truly hurts someone's feelings or beliefs. Saying something like "Lost temple style ownz" to Starparty's generally loved map arena is a pretty useless comment, but I think he will not put fire to the next russian (?) ambassidy because of that.

How do you think of it? For me freedom of speech is very important, and even though there are of course more important areas for that, we should practise in our small online world what we want for the whole world.

2006, 02, 15 22:43
mOsQ rulez...hes my hero he makes the ultimate cardz!!
2006, 02, 15 22:45
well, a single offense by him normally causes 3-5 posts of flaming/rectification/counter-argumentation and stuff.

so i recently were quite severe with it. however, i didn't do it only to him, I "censored" some flames versus him, too. even my own :P
2006, 02, 15 23:11
i prefer letting them be so everyone can see what a dumbass he is for writing stuff like that. However, completelly useless posts like "+1 clone map" usually makes me hit the button.

generally im more into cleaning the db from time to time. I think flo and lis are much hotter than me on the invisible button.
2006, 02, 16 12:11
LGI stop muting mozq when he dioesnt flame. Ur the only one online right now to do it and his post dissapeared when i refreshed the page.

Panschk, when i wrote a comment on prelude of light: "i dunno, i just put it back", as response to mosqs latest comment, My comment went 4 posts up instead of being at the very bottom.
2006, 02, 16 12:15
it might have been me pressing it by mistake, but i REALLY cant remember doing that :/
2006, 02, 16 12:17
It was me :) . I was just finishing some busness from PGT, after i realise that i can kick back his actions with my rights on this site.

In short words i just want it to piss him >:)
2006, 02, 16 12:27
well dont.
2006, 02, 16 16:42
Actually i don't use the ivisible button at all. Only to reveal invisible posts, reading them and wonder why they are invisible at all.

I alraedy thought the exact same thing as panschk but just waited a bit to see if i'm the only one who is annoyed of the overuse of this feature.

THat's why i wanted something like a "invisible by" tag. Anyway, if the invisible makers stop that crap and think about freedom of speech and stuff, we shouldn't have a problem here.

btw, i will undo al invisibles i don't seem to be necessary. If mOsQ says he thinks the map "looks like starpartys arena as island ^^", he should DEFINETELY not be censored.

I'm totally annoyed. Really.
modified by Listoric

Edit2: Panschk, After i uninvisibled a post in Inepts mapcomments to Watch The Rep, i wrote a comment, and somehow, it appeared beneath the newly visible made comment (as the script may thought it'S "the newest changed" comment) i bet.

So, check something like that out please
modified by Listoric
2006, 02, 17 01:20
yea i noticed that too. this big long essay that really helped suddenly appeared really high in the coment page which i was sure was never there be4

btw mosq = #1
2006, 02, 17 02:29
Okay, fixed for mapcomments. I only had to put "ORDER BY cid", and now it is displayed correctly. Did this happen anywhere else? /forum?
modified by panschk[FP]
2006, 02, 17 08:37
please remove the invisible feature. i think its obvious that the admins on this site only is using it out of personal taste so far and that is really weak.
2006, 02, 17 14:07
no, keep it
2006, 02, 17 14:58
hmm what do you guys think now about censoring? The last time I used censor was on a comment by Grief, flaming lnept, and then before then a comment by LGI, flaming lnept lol. The only person I've seen to care about censoring was LGI (after I censored his flame, although looking at this thread here, he clearly did like censoring comments, and not for a good reason...), and Grief (whose flames were also censored =/). So I guess the only people who care about the censoring are the bm people who get censored? lol =/

I think Starparty's insistance that it be removed is a dated concern, with flo and LGI both not being active on the site anymore, =/
2007, 04, 07 04:25
there was a discussion about bwmn mappack 3, i wrote something and i got censored multiple times by flo or lgi (idk) for no real reason. i care about these ones and i dont think these types of censoring would fit in 'admin ultimate sphere' and not so democratic.

now i have the power too, i never want to use it. we can still edit teir comments if its necessary, but be wary of this. as of the fact that censored people get angry: it's normal, because their post have been refused.
2007, 04, 07 10:45
only censor comments that have very abusive and offending language in it; and of course (if there are any) spams

what would also be nice was a feature that allows only logged in members to vote for a map (because the ratings are very inaccurate and therefore meaningless)
ok this could be in the other thread too :)
modified by LostTampon
2007, 04, 07 12:18
I have censored 2 or 3 posts so far I guess. Might even have made some double post invisible.
I would censor flames, even if they are not really offesive or abusive, but when I regard that post as flamebait. I.e. if I expect a flamewar to start as a respose to that post.
2007, 04, 07 23:00
o Antares, I think I remember, flo was being an asshole and "closed" the thread by censoring everything anyone said.
2007, 04, 08 01:40
@Nightmarjoo, you are so miserable...

How can you still comment me when i am not in this site?

How do you comment something that you don't even know about it.

How do you know what were the comments that i've censored?

Some advise from me. Don't try to sniff around everything in this site, even when you still weren't here...

And also stop talk about other people. It's rude don't you know that?

Take a brake.

P.S. Your maps finally becoming better!

P.P.S. I bet 666 minerals that this post will be cencored.
2007, 04, 10 08:25
who would do it LGI?
2007, 04, 10 09:31
Oh, I censored that post - and un-censored it thereafter :p
2007, 04, 10 17:01
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