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"invisible" feature and using it
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lol well he complimented my new maps aside from the telling off, so I wouldn't censor it :D

"Some advise from me. Don't try to sniff around everything in this site, even when you still weren't here..." well, Grief had brought up censoring in a competition thread, and I found this thread, and since they both talk about censorship on the site I opened it up again rather than to make a new thread.

"How can you still comment me when i am not in this site?" You were in the thread.

"How do you know what were the comments that i've censored?" Erm well you admitted to censoring things in this thread, if you read above...

"And also stop talk about other people. It's rude don't you know that?" I did not mean to be rude. The only reason I opened this thread was because of Grief's comment(s) in various threads. Also, the only people I mentioned were flo and you, who are both mentioned in this thread.

"How do you comment something that you don't even know about it" All I know about the past incidences was from this thread. Most of the involved people are no longer here, so I can't learn more.

"P.S. Your maps finally becoming better!" Thank you.

I honestly was not trying to be rude at all here, if you think so then there must have been a misunderstanding. What I said in my first post was all based off what I saw in this thread, and what I personally experienced =/
2007, 04, 10 22:25
I am not talking about only for this threat. I've seen my name at many places as an example of asshole or something like this. Well it's rude!

About my comments in this threat back in 2006.

What can i say... You all know mOsQ, HERE. But you don't know mOsQ in PGT. They are few people from here who were active in PGT Map Forum, but the fight was only Me vs mOsQ, there because i was the one who was moving everything in the MAP MAKING forum in PGT. It was like i was the only active semi-admin there, the other admins whit more rights didn't care too much what was going around in Map Making forum and they didn't know what mOsQ was doing there. They only reset his acc post severel times, couse of mass flood and spam in other sections. But in the Map Making forum he was flaming every new map that was in this forum. Never said anything usefull for the mappers. Only flaming, flaming, flaming, even when a mapper like me said to him "Don't comment my maps!" and he continue...

Thats why i was dreaming that one day i will BAN HIM!

And when he come here (i feel bad, couse i give him the link back then) you all know how he start to flame every map. So you actually know a bit of the story...

Ok, thats all from me in this threat, i don't want to talk about PGT forum in details, couse i don't even remember too much...
2007, 04, 11 09:38
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