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A Website Feedbackthread #3
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Had to say it again, now when the visual details are beginning to be fixed, the page is looking wikkidly good.................!
2005, 07, 31 02:48
Great with pages in the forum :)

Put "add new thread" on top of the forum, below the banner and call it "new topic"
2005, 07, 31 15:24
I will do some of the stuff another day. I already tried to do some of the things you wanted me to. There are also two new maptypes:

experimental: Well, 8player FFA maps, Maps you need to play in UMS for some reason or another, pure scmdraft-skill-exposing-maps etc.

unfinished: When going to , all user-beta maps where the last update/comment is over a month old will be changed to "unfinished". They don't appear in the user-beta list anymore, Altough they still appear in the "no-beta" list, I will change that with next update. I know you wanted it to be 2 weeks and not a month, but with the studid way I handle dates in my scripts, that would be too difficult to realise. Next time I'll use dates in a script, I'll know ;P

Also, there is comments for articles now. Now counter for them though, I don't think it's that important and it would be another half an hour I would have to invest to implement this.
2005, 07, 31 15:44
I just wanted to add that I won't touch the graphics by listoric, every thing I change there will make the quality only worse. When he is back, maybe we can alter stuff like that.

Anyway, I'm quite satisfied with the optical aspect of the site right now, I will maybe spend another half hour on minor things, and then I don't want to touch it anymore. I want to concentrate more on real new features and stuff.
2005, 07, 31 15:48
Looks amazing, and i have nothing to add at the minute.

a minor detail though:
when browsing a map comments page, the "Last update for(2)The Starparty 3 : 2005, 07, 31 15:58" text need a space between "for" and "(2)", thats the only thing that bugs me atm :)

2005, 07, 31 16:06
Oh yea, and the articles shortcutmenu is not alignin. but the rest of the right menu looks great!
2005, 07, 31 16:16
All menus look great, but forum menu should be the same as map shortcuts.. 1 row and "..." when it doesnt fit. And when you hover you should see the entire title, like on i hate cause their forums doesnt work like that.

also a little rearanging in the menus, putting forums higher so people can see whats going on. and when forum is 1 row each, make latest 10 topics so you really can follow.

* Forum shortcut moved higher on index page
* Forum topics cover 1 row in menu
* Topic name disappeares in a "..." when too long
* Full name displayed when hovering above the link
2005, 08, 02 11:22
And "page 1-2-3..." "Next/previous" In forum too, not only on top, but on bottom too for easy navigation.
2005, 08, 02 11:23
And the forum shortcut doesnt seem to update like it should :P
2005, 08, 02 11:25
From now on, i think ill make an article on "site updates" where i point down everything that crosses my mind. then you can check that time to time, X-mark those you've done (so i don't type them again) and write "impossible" on the undoables.. That would be a good way for me to stop whining over and over again :P
2005, 08, 02 11:30
true :P

i'd sugguest a "site statistics" button on right hand side on top of the database information window above the news.

just a small statistics page with several information:

- there are 12356 maps in the DB
- There are 124 twilight maps, 42 desert, etc etc in the DB
- 25 maps have an rating over 6,0 (click here to show this maps)
- 23 maps have no obserer version (click)
- 65 2-player maps
- 512 4-player maps
- the autor witht he most posted maps is Mr.X with 12 maps, followed by Starparty with 9,5 and panschk with 2 maps
- the maps with the most comments on is SpacePirates with 127 comments

just "interesting" things like that, displayed better than with text, just to have an overview.

that would make it easier to edit maps (with adding missing pictures, adding obs versions (if allowed)) and would give everyone a nice overview with details about the maps posted here.

that would not have high preority (the button should only be seen on top of the news page as said) but it could be very entertaining and somehow usefull. what about that?
2005, 08, 03 15:58
and, is it possible to get to the page where you just posted a reply? i always get back to page 1 and wonder where my post is %)
2005, 08, 03 15:59
and, the content sugguested is just an example, you could state everything you want in that statistics page.
2005, 08, 03 16:01
and maybe, if you click on "5 newest maps" or somewhere, you get to a page, displaying the newest maps first (would be the same as "sort by map-ID" somehow) maybe you could combine it, if it makes sense.

then as well the newest updates and newest replays, showing a page with the things, listed with newest first.
2005, 08, 03 16:03
ah, and the cookie thing works well, gj :)
2005, 08, 03 16:04
That makes no sence since lastest replays and maps already is displayed on newspage in the statistics. an entire page just for that would really only be in the way. i just use the newspage as it is, seems way easier to me.

More interesting statistics is however a good suggestion imo, who cares about average rating. quantity and such stuff is mor einteresting imo.
really just change average rating with latest map submission made by: and were good to go
2005, 08, 03 16:22
the comments btw does not seem to update sometimes though.. i dont understand why.

could the forum be intergrated with the rest of the site and not in a separate window? then there would be auto update everytime a comment is posted since page reloads then
2005, 08, 03 16:23
Regarding statistics: Having an extra page with tons of statistics is cool. Having the same statistics showing all the time on the right side only brings longer loading times and an overkill of text imo.
2005, 08, 03 17:03
Just one small suggestion: have the usernames on the comment pages be in bold so it's easier to see where one comment ends and the other starts.
2005, 08, 03 22:32
the mapupdates on news is better with reps showing wich maps they were played on, but there must be a way of aligning that better :P Just by the current look of it, id prefer the old way, even though it was less informative,
2005, 08, 09 23:50
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