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A Website Feedbackthread #3
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Continuing from #2
2005, 07, 29 09:33
I have no problem with that, just make that background goodlooking. I think twilight dirt is a good background and it fits the page. But the menu really need to have a visible table too. it looks really empty on the left side there. make it look like all the tables on the left side. It will look 156% more unity. I know i am whining about this, but its because i REALLY want it :P
2005, 07, 29 09:34
Until the menu is redone in anyway, can the selections be leftaligned? they are centered now to fit the design, but the should be left aligned as soon as there is real "menu" imo
2005, 07, 29 11:46
"Latest Forum posts by xxx"

shortcut menu to the right below latest updates
2005, 07, 29 13:54
Right now I'm working on design. I won't upload it yet, because it might look worse if I do it without testing.
So this is how it looks right now:

Most of the stuff that does not look exactly like on Listoric design does not look like this because that just does not work with the way I aligned the tables. Still, feel free to post your impression.
2005, 07, 29 23:59
Looks nice, except the banenr is too big in height, and the letters so big they swallow the entire site. but the menues look good. I believe it is of most importance that the align -perfectly- though.
2005, 07, 30 00:35
What do you mean? I know that the line changes on the right side are ugly, but the graphics I got are just so small :[ I will probably have to make the font even smaller on the right side.
2005, 07, 30 11:23
Right now it looks awesome anyways.

* Lock the tables. The right menu keeps jumping around a bit when you enter some sites, like a map comments page for example.

* Left align all text in the right menus.

* make sure the graphics at the bottom of the tables/menus are easy to connect with a new menu when we add a new one.

* specially look into the text aligning in "articles" shortcut. Some letters are jumping outside the graphics.

* xport the images from photoshop with around 70-80 i quality to make them look as good but still time efficient as possible. Some of the graphics have "saving-jpg-in-paint"ish features :P

* Chjange the MotW count from 1-2-3-4-5... to Week 29, Week 30, Week 31 etc i.e W302005 W312005 or 2005W30 2005W31 etc
2005, 07, 30 13:14
In map list, make "author" same font size as "last comment by blabla", but keep the text color white
2005, 07, 30 13:16
And in this forum, make poster name top align, instead of getting stuck in the center of the post. When Litoric and you write 20mile long posts you really gotta search for your names :)
2005, 07, 30 13:17
Also it would be funny with a countdown timer to next big event, like "11 days remaining until the end of BlizzCon mapcontest submissions" <3
2005, 07, 30 13:33
I think I will search for a more professional forum, instead of trying to improve this. Do you know a good free one?
2005, 07, 30 13:34
Nope, not without having their graphics and comercial all over the screen. I like this one :P its easy and comprehendable.

And as for the mapnames in the shortcut beeing to long. Can you do like [(4)Darkrose of sor...]? if name is too long it gets replaced with "..." at the end to fit in. That would look decent i think
2005, 07, 30 13:48
Should we put disclaimers when uploading and downloading maps? For uploaders to acknowledge that their maps may be downloaded and used by anyone etc and if the map is found altered and credit-removed in anyway it is not the reponsibillity of this site :o, and for downloaders to acknowledge that the maps on this site is property of their respective owners and that credits should be given when using the maps in official events etc?

Not a -legal- notice, more of a -common sense- notice perhaps :p
2005, 07, 30 13:55
It would be good, but...You know people are so lazy. When they see more than 3 lines of text, they get hectic and just click "ok" or whatever. So they could be overreading more important stuff like the map naming conventions, that are so important to the system right now. Still, if we can do it in a clever way, we should do it.

2005, 07, 30 16:15
Fix aligning in right menus asap now, the long filenames are begining to make it look awful :(
2005, 07, 30 17:44
Right menu "newest maps" is wrong. Should be "newest updates"
2005, 07, 30 21:45
Need a little space between lings on right menus, otherwise the overlap the graphics on the background.. look at news for example. and also lock the table to the right, because when moving to pages with less stuff in center menu, the roght tables travel almost into the center of the screen.
2005, 07, 30 22:49
looks good. id say 1 more space though to have a slight space between text and border of BG. And also figure out a good way to display the articles shortcut. when that is done, and the tables are locked in positions to align with banner perfectly at all times. im definitelly satisfyed with design! :) YOu rule <3
2005, 07, 31 02:18
Please post "done" when youe finnished something or "fuck off" or something if you didn't :P I feel like im whining about same things over and over again to suddenly notice that theyve probably been fixed for several days. just saw that menues already were locked etc...

(banner ~10-15 pixels wider) :p
2005, 07, 31 02:38
Btw regarding map naming conventions, could the system dissallow a map automaticly if it were incorrectly named? like sense if there were a space after (x), and if the file didn't end with (n).scm/x. that would help alot since i wouldnt have to dl maps and rename them all the time :P

and it would sstop people from leaving space after (x) since that map would go high up in list according to alphabetical order and thus fuck up manual searching.
2005, 07, 31 02:41
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