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A Website Feedbackthread #3
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SP, what would you do? (I'm not gonna remove the mapnames again) You probably want all mapnames to align underneath each other like in a table. If I made this, the context to the replays might get lost.
2005, 08, 10 00:55
Perhaps remove the images on the maps, that is what makes it look so messy... Try that first, it might actually do the trick. The images are of o relevance anyway
2005, 08, 10 08:38
And please remove the "News Logo" :P make the tables fit together instead of being separated by that pointless text :P

And still many tables are not wide enough.. perhaps change your settings to display 1152x856 or what-the-numbers-are, and have a look for yourself :P
2005, 08, 10 09:59
Also Map comments page still lacks black lines between the tables like there is in this forum. That should be fixed instantly because it is hard to read sometimes..
2005, 08, 10 10:02

I actually like the look in the mapcomments, that's why I did not change it. Well I _try_ to change it, but I'm not sure I can.
2005, 08, 10 11:31
Cant you make the "map admin" to be a subdirectory to normal admin rights, and simply call it "adminlogin" all of it? :7
2005, 08, 10 19:44
yeah I should do that. I try not to forget it in next update.
2005, 08, 10 20:11
just move the link, that all thats needed. but keep the pw protection if there is any future admins without those rights.
2005, 08, 10 20:18
read through this thread before you update next time (wich im sure you do anyway). I just looked through it and there are some good suggestions wich doesnt have do be typed down all over again <3
2005, 08, 10 20:20
make it so that when you upload a new screenshot, the GMCS is resetted. look at ebullition for example, your comment in gmcs is totally outdated. ofcourse there is "show latest comments", but this is one of those "convinience" changes :P
2005, 08, 10 20:31
Maybe a better way would be if you could set "delete all GMCS comments" when updating the map. This way it would not be on every single and small update. So if you changed just a minor thing, you would not delete the GMCS comments.
2005, 08, 11 01:53
I dont know if this wasnt suggested, but Id like to see the map pictures immediately, not have to check the picture manually, also a list with picture miniatures would be nice, but it would mean a lot of work for you :/
2005, 08, 11 04:25
Perhaps displaying a thumbnail when you click on map comments page and then click on that to enlarge. but also keep the jpg link in menu.

(a href="mappic.jpg")(img src="mappic.jpg" width="50" height="50")(/a)

2005, 08, 11 08:52
* Edit news, newest news on top so you dont have to search down

* MotW list, newest motw on top

* Everywhere, newest anything on top
2005, 08, 11 08:56
Also make the Map name in different color in "latest rep shortcut"

like replay in grey, "on" in white and replay name in green ?
2005, 08, 11 09:23
If I do that, the color would not change on hovering. Would it even be recogniced as a link?
2005, 08, 11 11:05
You still would get diff. mouse pointer and it would look less messy perhaps.. green is not neccesary, but pick a color that is visible and looks good. -OR- If you got the time and effort, make light blue // blue lines like in maplist or this forum. Then you can distinguish 1 row from another much easier.
2005, 08, 11 11:28
would also look funnier with more colors
2005, 08, 11 11:29
Pansch, there must be a bigger typing window when organizing competitions. its REALLy small and it is impossible to correct text :P please fix that as soon as possible, specially since i started SPs random mapcompetition #! :)
2005, 08, 11 16:30
Hi there.

Just wanted to add that the GMCS is still displaying the picture wrong. I'm here on a Laptop with 1280 x 800 (widescreen) and the icons dont fit the picture. i also recognized that sometimes with 1200 x 1024 on my home pc. the picture seems to be to small, the text displays ~8 colums below the picture. dunno why that happens or if it' "just" a Firefox issue.

and i have to second starparty, the tiping wondow should maybe scale to the browser window as well to have a better chance in typing a longer article without getting confused ;)
2005, 08, 12 15:12
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