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LGI I got to tell you one thing: Nobody cares about your hyper super Bulgarian Clan,that is oh so awesome! It doesn't help BWMN in any way when you make your clan intern tournaments. There is neither interest in Bulgarian Showmatches on BWMN maps nor Bulgarian only Tournaments.

Actually nobody cares about Bulgaria in any way.

Sorry to tell you the truth T_T
2006, 11, 19 02:36
Scout don't be an asshole, idc who they are, if there are people who can play in our weekly tournaments then I'm happy. With more people we can test more maps...

I don't understand why you guys are being such backwards assholes. BWM needs maps to be tested, you guys all whine about that, but I see little actual proof of effort towards testing. LGI brings up the thought that he and his clan can test maps and you guys so no? ?????????? Are you stupid?
2006, 11, 19 04:19
hmm I had missed a few comments when I posted that last stuff. I find it odd that LGI has a vendetta against me when I have always tried to work with him, never against him...

MOTW 47 is a joke hm. Look at it. There are 3 maps there that I didn't submit. So I chose to submit a bunch of twilight maps, are they not good, motw worthy maps? Some are not, testing will show that very clearly.

You want to see a joke motw? Look at 46. The map most people want for motw is clearly imbalanced. Don't say shit about people suddenly caring about imbalances, many people here do. I have always cared, and actively test maps. I try and comment as much as possible about balance in maps.

The only reason why I have been making motw is because no one else did. You are the second most active admin here, you can post motw if you so desire. I don't want to do it, because no one likes my decisions. I quit with motw, LGI is new motw decider. BWM will now rise because LGI picks it.

About testing and support for shit, I have almost always supported you in your ideas for reform (that I've been around to see). For testing, I test others' maps. I don't even make maps now a days because I don't have time to, since I'm testing others' maps. Don't act like you're the super bwm member.

Besides that, what will happen for weekly tournies? Are we using panshck's scripts? I can host that tourny since I know how to mostly. I just need a time and day...
2006, 11, 19 04:34
LGI, you said your clan members are willing to test maps? What server and channel can they be found on?
2006, 11, 19 04:40
Dude what I wanted to say is,that the testing,tournaments etc. should come from BWMN members. Also LGI said that HE HOSTS TOURNAMENTS FOR HIS CLAN MEMBERS ONLY. This means that we are unable to play in those tournaments.

I won't accept this "testing". If I allow people to test my maps,then I want to see how they test it. This does not include tournaments where everybody plays the map once and then never plays it again.
2006, 11, 19 05:20
I see what you mean, I assume he would not exlude us from the tournaments...
2006, 11, 19 06:27
lgi is surely a bulgarian whore because he rides the cock of every bulgarian starcraft player every waking moment.

on the rare occasions that a map maker will post a map on tlnet, it garners positive attention, and youll get people saying that they are willing to play on the maps and even help the site out as a tester.

also nasty, this site isnt for circle jerk map making, the purpose of the comment system has become a place for criticism and suggestions. arguing about the quality of maps doesn't tear the community apart, it will if anything bring it closer together.

you wont garner testing for maps by organizing tournaments or showmatches, because those results will at best get you a very limited amount of information. you dont need 'famous' players to have cockfights on maps they have never played before, and probably never will.

what you need is dedicated players who are willing to play a large amount of games on these maps that are created here everyday. to tie this into trccs wonderful idea of changing the motw to a motm, is to create a head to head system where this site chooses 8 maps, and have them placed in the rotation that month. players will play on these maps and record their replays, and every week the maps are matched up at random and you have a panel of judges who will take into consideration the public opinion, or even have the entire public opinion weigh in as if one judge, to decide which of the two maps is the better map. you continue this with one head to head matchup every week, until at the end of the month you have the last two maps competing, from which you start a new competition. i dont know how these maps 8 maps will be decided, but precautionaries need to be taken so that the competitions have a fresh rotation of maps for the next month, and not this stupid bullshit where the same map is in the motw competition for 6 months before people start caving in and voting for it.

you can change this system all you want, but the basic principles remain the same: you need a large amount of gameplay information garnered from replays, you need an objective panel of judges that judge the maps with the consideration of public opinion, and you need fresh rotations of maps each month. a system that is able to occupy these points will fix the currently broken system.

but of course, this takes time and effort from everyone, and god forbid that.

2006, 11, 19 09:05
I really don't find usefull to read ScoutWBF's comments - a 15 year old boy? AiurZ also doesn't interested me.

So, Nightmarjoo. First not everything here that i write is for you so don't get it so personal.

About the MotW 47. Yes it's a joke. Map of the week is more about the newest maps here. It's not a problem to add 1-2-3 older maps, because they deserve to be there, but the whole twight DB?

About Motw 46. Didn't i say the same thing in other words? If not, i am now.

About picking the MotW. Forget about me, i am the hater here, so people might even stop submiting their maps :) .

About the tournaments, just when i left home i was thinking of making the BWMN weekly tournament and my clan tournament together. This way we will be more poeple, and it would be more instresting. For now we can use panschk script. I haven't use it yet, but i will see how it works. I will also take care of posting info in the forums about the tournamnets, so there is no one who didn't know about those tournaments.

Clan S.A can be found in IRC. Just field this:

Description: bulgaria: random server
IRC server:
Port: 6667

Also most of them they play in europe, and some of them might be found at op s.a . The other part of the team plays in the korean FISH server.
2006, 11, 19 10:39
Auirz, your first paragraph is the most bm thing I've ever seen on bwm...

LGI thanks for your clan's channel and participation. When would be a good time to host the weekly tourny for your clan as well as bwm members?

As for motw, I'm not conscerned about 46 and 47. I think when we start motm things will go better.
I'll pick something for 46 today, and 47 after a little more personal testing.

As for Map of the Month, this can start whenever you guys want it to. It's gonna happen, and we'll see if it's any better than motw. At this point, I find it hard to believe that it could be worse.
The way I think it should work is that the players get the whole month to submit maps. They can submit maps which need testing and whatnot just to point out which maps want to be motw. The list will be filtered later on in the month. We'll have a tourny near the end of the month so more than just a couple people will get to play the maps. Then we'll have a few days to vote on it in the last week, and either by the end of that month or the start of the new month an admin will choose which map is motm, based on the vote, testing, replays, and whatnot.
What do you guys think about that idea? Anything to add? Anything need to be clarified? This is certainly a beta idea, and we have plenty of time to modify it.
2006, 11, 19 20:19
My post wasnt supposed to become a flame fest -_- but whatever..

Nightmarejoo this is basically what i was thinking..

But we should restrict 2 map per mappers otherwise too much maps something like that... There should be also like a 2 week of submitting maps, then you can't and people discuss about maps/play/ host tourny or whatever ?
2006, 11, 19 21:10
that sounds alright
2006, 11, 19 21:28
Map of the Month... that seems too long. I believe Map of the (two) or (three) weeks sound better. Besides, now I'm back into map making ;)
2006, 11, 19 21:48
you think Map of The TWO Week sounds better? incredible :D
2006, 11, 20 00:29
"also nasty, this site isnt for circle jerk map making, the purpose of the comment system has become a place for criticism and suggestions. arguing about the quality of maps doesn't tear the community apart, it will if anything bring it closer together."

ur rong, it ultimately hurts the community. ppl like u, and lil bm comments from lnept, scout, you, lgi, and the worst one, mosq, do hurt the community.

i agree with motm, but we need to be more active about testing the maps if we do switch to that. Cuz if we make it into motm, the purpose would be to be able to test the maps. so that is a necessary aspect that we need to achieve.

im all for it
2006, 11, 20 01:33
What do you mean criticism and suggestions hurt the site? wtf do you want, everyone to say "my this map is lovely"? No, if it's a shithole of a map I'm gonna tell them that. Then, give suggestions as to how I feel they could improve it.
2006, 11, 20 01:37
and theres nothing that annoys me more then maps that look good and have terrible gameplay just from experience, and then people praise it. i think thats what has digusted me away from this site
2006, 11, 20 02:05
all im saying is that there are better ways to communicate that some maps need work done on them before they are accepted and alot of ppl arent kind about it. all i am simply saying is that some of you need to learn to approach commenting on some maps differently.
2006, 11, 20 02:57
"shithole map" gg
2006, 11, 20 03:40
wow, does ScoutWBF post bullshit. LGI at least tries to do something and gets flamed for it. I personally attended a tournament on headoff where I was the only non-bulgarian player, I don't see where the problem is to just join in there if you are jealous:O
2006, 11, 20 05:42
Hey, there are 6 weeks left in this year right? But we're techinically on motw 48, implying there to be 4 weeks left (52 weeks in a year), are we ahead somehow? What's up?
modified by Nightmarjoo
2006, 11, 20 06:38
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