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Hmm, we all know the quality of the maps becoming motw is not the same as it was because we don't test maps ( me first ) or comment enough. I remeber the old map threads where there's like 100 posts ( flothefreak's map especially ) :P Now it's around 10 or less and without no demos.

What if in january the MOTW becomes MOTM ---> Map of the month? It would let more time to decide which one is good and play more games/ fix problems.

I was thinking of an elimination map process.. like you put together maps and then you have to decide which one you prefer. Then the winning maps pass the second round... until it's 1vs1 and the best map is chosen. This way i think it could solve the problem of map makers voting their own maps. Well it was just a suggestion because It is probably very hard to get a system like that. O.o
2006, 11, 13 22:01
Completely agree.
2006, 11, 13 22:49
That's a good idea imo. I support that, and I seem to be the one regulating motw lately =/
2006, 11, 14 01:41
2006, 11, 15 22:53
I don't really like breaking with the tradition, but you are right that atm we can not put the same effort in MOTW as we did one year ago...

If the majority agrees with that I'll update the scripts to allow MOTM instead of MOTW in the christmas holydays...

2006, 11, 16 00:26
i agree.. the quality of the motws is too much imo, many motws are much weaker then other ones. map of the month would be very good, and it will be way harder to have one.
2006, 11, 16 08:11
How come i've talk about the same thing over and over again, just whut other words and i become the "BM LGI" who make Nasty delete his admin rights and the hater who is talking to walls?

Just see every motw comments since i got here (skipping the part when i was still new un map making) and you will see how we all agreed on a map to be a motw and everyone was happy. Since the new mappers take over BWMN everyrhing go wrong...
2006, 11, 16 11:46
because you put it in a way that made it sound BM and stupid while Trcc posted it reasonably
2006, 11, 16 14:35
No, dude you still don't get it, long ago i try to explain it just like trcc, but not many people were intrested, and back there was the wave of new mappers and most of them didn't listen. Now you've started to listen a little bit. If i was BM in the begining, then maybe nasty would quit posting MotW's earlyer, but i was pationt... Well one day i was sick of small talks. Seems that most of you had to read all what i am saying in the hard way. So it's your problem. Here is the situation where BWMN is atm.

P.S. Atm, maybe only flothefreak can confirm what i've said, because he pay attention back there. Trcc, didn't care too much. He is still not active here. He just hopes here from time to time, see that his last year map gets another MotW, untill all of his maps become MotW's, say two words, and leave... Maybe he checks often BWMN, but he hasn't helped whit voting or something... And there was time when we really needed votes from mappers like him. But no... we only had votes from the new mappers whit big mouths instead Listoric, Spitfire, Travin, trcc and more.

RIP for now. I hope for a re-birth.
modified by LGI
2006, 11, 16 18:28
LGI I tried to reform motw too, but I came off as way too radical. I don't care who is the one to make the suggestion people care about, but motw imo needs a reform. I like this motm idea, motw takes more than a week to decide anyway for lack of caring and activity. Also I think before hand maps were chosen for motw, now maps are made for motw. Which is stupid because the maps don't have enough time to be made correctly. People used to spend more time on their maps so they became motw, now people rush a map in a day or so and then have all their friends come to spam the vote for the obviously flawed map.

MOTW ftw, may the title mean something once more!
2006, 11, 16 21:48
I support it
2006, 11, 18 05:58
LGI u can suck my dick, dont refer to me ever, okay? I dont believe we are at mutual relationship ok, so dont mention my name. i think u overreact to the responses of the newer mappers and in result you become overconfident and feel like u are the god that should make the final decision in all that surrounds bwmn. i think the admin position gives u a little bit more confidence than u need. dont overlook that newer faces need to learn and that takes time. so results of anything (like motw) may be affected, so be patient and not freak out like u are known to do ok?
2006, 11, 18 06:08
Ghahaha, o'rly? The admin positions makes me a confident god? Look dude, if i use my admin positions, that Nightmarjoo, wouldn't get his position right now, because i would be the guy who picks and writes MotW's. This was a needed position and i know how it should be done. But i really doesn't care too much, because if i was on this postion, i should read all thery crafting bullshits, from guys who don't even know some of the casters in game, or some other staff.


Defilers Swarm. Recently talk about it in Entheogen i think, which makes me totaly screw everything here.

Go read some guilds. In every SC:BW site you can find "Staratgy" section, you might learn something.


Everything incluuds:

Tricks (espacially them, because you are the creator of the map and you should know what tricks did you make for this map to be made by someone. You all know how koreans create those tricks, but true is that you should know this trick before them, if you've made the map!)
MU's stratagies on a based concept of a map.

And now look at your two latest MotW. In MotW 46, even the admin who picks the MotW can't pick a map, because they are not good enough for the title. And while i am still at this i want to read all something by Nightmarjoo

"MOTW ftw, may the title mean something once more!"

MotW 47 is a total joke. You might go whit a competition "Twights party", but no... It's MotW 47 - JOKE!

I wonder what MotW 48 is. Maybe (2)Rocket will become a MotW ;) . The level is so low and missunderstood here, that i really wouldn't be surpised if you even make mosq's maps MotW. Maps like (2)Rocket (i point this map, because it's the most recent one) should be deleted when someone submit them in the MotW competition.
modified by LGI
2006, 11, 18 10:04
i like how lgi of all people complains about maps being below the level of motw, when his maps that have made motw are some of the poorer quality motws weve had.

i mean, there are some people that are probably worthy of complaining about the motw quality and all of that, but seriously, lgi?

objectivity goes a lot farther for criticism and constructivity than personal bias.
2006, 11, 18 10:12
From AuirZ words seems that LGI is the only one who TALKS that BWMN is at low level. Well i think they are some poeple here who also notice this, but i already get used to take all the trash which comes out of your mouth from everyone here.

Anyway the gamers don't even care. GG.NET don't care. TL.NET don't care. Team Areola don't care. I think even don't care. No one cares since all that hard work for more then an year since BWMN came. But how they will care when we don't care about BWMN?

We started BWMN packs, and showmatches whit them. Tournaments at, i was doing tournaments in Bulgaria whit a small price of 25 Euro for first place (btw it wasn't that small for our standarts). And i was doing those tournamnets on every latest four MotW's! Not just picking some of mine maps. I also upload replays for all of you. I tested most of your maps, not only mine.

WELL THE SAME THING COULD BE NOW, IF I HAD A LITTLE SUPPORT FOR ALL THAT. I didn't ask for something or favors or anything. I just wanted to keep up the good work here and high level of MotW winning. But since most of the admins were too busy to do that, only NastyMarine was the one who took all the work, but he made a lot of bad picks for MotW and since then everything start going down.

No more tourneys on MotW maps. No more showmatches. Etc, etc, etc... Ofcourse Nasty, don't think that i am saying that it's your fall. You have nothing to do whit this, because you were on the MotW position that time. I am talking about the support from the other admins. JUST look at the latest showmatch threat. Really! Pleace all of you read it all and see what i mean. How can i ever made a prize money tourney on BWMN maps, when there is no interest at all about everything here.

At least whit only talking i don't lose money and much time, instead of testing games on your maps, hosting tournaments, organasign showmatches, and staff like this.

Good luck, let's see how you will bring all this back to BWMN as it was, and the goal was to made all this populer and more respective.
modified by LGI
2006, 11, 18 10:47
LGI i am not comparing you to Nitemjoo, im talking about your reaction to the change that has happen here. Idk why, but it seems like ur expecting another SP or trcc or noname or something to revive this site. Get real man. You sound like a goofball referring to ppl who arent even active anymore and could prolly careless about the maps now. for all we know they could be saying, "i'm just happy to get motws," in relation to the way we have fallen in right now at this site. I really dont understand why your complaining so god damn much about something that ur not willing to help fix. you complain so much, yet you do not post any more friendly suggestions about maps or anything.

ppl like nitemjoo should be commended for his/their comments and contribution even if you dont not agree in general about their activity and posting etc. You know how many times ppl like him and even I continue to respond with the same comments to the newer mappers about simple balance? all you do now is complain about how many new maps shouldnt be motw which is a more specific matter that should be discussed by admins and not the general public (which be the rest of standard members here).

1. because of bias (some ppl do tend to get motw b/c of what they 'have' accomplished before and not necessarily b/c of the actual map etc)

2. b/c of skill: general skill at making maps does affect the rest of the voting and atmosphere and that does go into the bias category.

i really could go on forever on why or how to approach your so called problem with motw but ill just move on

Of course i do not doubt your contribution to the site, but you were doing this when you had ppl like SP whom were active which are arguably the most innovative and colorful mappers ever. ppl like him help the atmosphere of bwmn and complaining like u do just drains the site. and not to open up another can of worms but, arguing with other admins or standard members is fucking pathetic in general and its suttin which you tend to do a lot. and you cant argue what i did was childish cuz its a decision that led to less arguing and at least a neutral ground. it could sound like im saying a lot of bullshit but all this stuff i've mentioned surrounds the changed feel here.

Dont listen to AiurZ. He is not active and does not offer the site anything with his comments. i disagree about LGI's quality in map making is low. I dont think we should nay say and point out who is not making good maps. that is childish and not to mention it is a terrible feeling to know that some1 is arguing about the quality of the site and maybe even his/her own maps. !!!!we are a small community and arguing about the quality is such a big part of the site being at a bad and lonely feeling!!!!! does care, its just a slow process of using maps etc. they always have a lot of things going on so we accidentally get thrown on the back burner. I can though, say that they will be using some of our maps very soon.
modified by NastyMarine
2006, 11, 18 13:17
Guys,just stop this shit ok? Make good maps,write comments or something but don't fuck around about MotW. It is called Map of the WEEK! This does NOT MEAN that the map has to be OSL/MSL quality,it only means that it is the BEST MAP of THIS COMPETITION.

So just shut the fuck up and think about the meaning of "Map of the Week".
2006, 11, 18 14:19
i completely agree with u scout but theres more to it dude. u for one arent worried about what this site could contribute to in the community so i do not expect you to have an opinion. nor do you completely look to see this succeed in general. this site still has potential in the bw community and thats why i am explaining myself.
2006, 11, 18 14:26
LGI you are just a douchebag, no further explanantion needed
2006, 11, 18 14:55
"I really dont understand why your complaining so god damn much about something that ur not willing to help fix."

I am willing to help! I really want to do a lot of things about BWMN, but not even that there is no support by anyone here, i don't see even interest.

Here are my suggestions, and what can i do about BWMN:

1) Testing BWMN maps. I am in a [S.A] team, the best bulgarian team atm and they've picked me as their map maker and player, and 90% of the players in this team are willing to play BWMN maps.

2) Make a weekly tournaments on BWMN maps in my clan, and even including more bulgarian players. Something like the Headoff tournamnet, but whitout any prize, because i still don't think it worths it to give money for this.

3) Organizing showmatches on BWMN maps. I can even give some real nice players like Lamer (from WCG you know him), Technics and PAIN (Pain was third this year in WCG Bulgaria, right behind Lamer, who finished second, and Technics first). So in short words TOP 3 players are in S.A!

This what i can't do whitout your support and willing to show me some opponents or something.

Now i have to go i will write again to continue, i am just in a hurry. I also have other suggestions.
modified by LGI
2006, 11, 18 17:27
ohh damn what has happened here? please guys..

i support you LGI in this tournaments. well i cannot name opponents at technics's and lamer's level unfortunately. i try to organize such tourneys in hungary, but i am suck at it, coz i dont know the top of the scene (because im noob and never competed those gamers ^^ and so).

i suggest we should begin the weekly tournament again to get the interest from gamers that is needed. and designate a FIX TIME. and organize it EVERY WEEK even the interest is not so big. and add GGnet news, and everyone in his own national scene. I AM WILLING TO ADMINISTRATE OR HELP TO ADMINISTRATE IT IF OUR PURPOSES MEET BWMN MEMBERS.

2006, 11, 18 17:48
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