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2006, 11, 20 06:40
I flame everybody on BWMN cause this whole website is a joke. Maps with visible imbalances get MotW instead of Maps with balance but not that "revolutionary" (This map never accepted completely new concepts).

You only have to look at the recent MotWs. Mirage is one of the most crappy and boring air maps I have ever played. When I tested it with Nightmar I knew that the map sucked after I placed my 14CC.

But I don't care about your decisions. This site is as unimprotant as the admins that "care" for it.
2006, 11, 20 16:04
48,49,50,51,52 - thats five nightmarjoo and we are on one week late so we should lengthen the 47's week till the weekend. then i think in last week we could do the map of the year, where everybody could submit the best motw in 2006 by his opinion.
2006, 11, 20 16:21
sure, why not?

Scout, I am an admin. You don't like me?

Also scout bare in mind that motw is not the most important aspect of the site. The site is firstly a database for maps, and secondly a haven for mappers to get comments on their maps, as well as for those who want to learn how to map.
2006, 11, 20 22:19
Nah,you're ok man.

You are right that this site is to get "Comments on your maps". But I don't see good comments. Maybe that's because the game level of the mappers is pretty low.
2006, 11, 20 22:29
That's certainly a factor, but some people do try their best to comment. When I'm in a good mood I give amazing reviews of maps lol
2006, 11, 20 22:34
the thing is, is that we or most of this take MOTW really seriously, and want to see succeed. But we lose track once we see a map that we dont like get motw. I cant really offer too much more explanation about it from this comment cuz i dont know what everyones intentions are on this site. but i'd like to see these maps put to some use.
2006, 11, 20 22:37
I once posted a comment in the MotW competition on every map. People told me I was wrong but I was not. The vote system is pretty gay because people suddenly switch votes from one to an other map. The weird thing is,that most of the time it's a pretty gay undplayable imbalanced map. Mysterious...
2006, 11, 20 22:41
Why vote for a good map when everyone else is voting for grig's fag map of the week?
2006, 11, 20 22:46
we all know which ppl switch maps and we all pretty much know reasons why they may switch votes. either cuz they know the map they previously voted for wont win (no matter the circumstances), they also like the other map (no matter the circumstances), or they are throwing the votes off (which we usually disregard those votes anyway).

its not like we let those votes slip by.
2006, 11, 20 22:47
sure we do, for half of the last motw picks.
2006, 11, 20 22:59
idk about that. every motw has been fine voting wise. we havent counted smurfs etc.
2006, 11, 20 23:01
But you counted the votes of inactive admins.This is the sam as counting smurf votes. 8[
2006, 11, 20 23:06
how can u deny admin's votes? especially ones who have been around long enuff to have some sort of say in balance and show integrity regardless of your personal opinion about them.
2006, 11, 20 23:20
Inactive is inactive. There is no difference if it's an admin or a normal player. Inactive people should not vote because they won't play the maps anyway.

I play around 10 games everyday and I know how opinions can change when you play maps around 10-15 or more times.
2006, 11, 20 23:36
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