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LGI vs Nightmarjoo..
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I did not follow the discussion around here lately. And I don't think that is my job, I do not "own" this site, I am the one who did 99% of the scripting and like 50% of the design, but it really is the community that owns the site. I have to say LGI behaves really poorly right now, I don't really care if he is right and Nightmarjoo was wrong about some balancing/gameplay issues, because the way LGI reacted was just very childish.

Um I guess making the whole thing public wasnt my best idea after all, but I just don't like talking about someone behind his back, and with only PM it would be exactly that.

Concerning the maps: The LGI maps that have already some fame in the community and have been used in leagues could be re-uploaded maybe, besides that we should respect LGI's decision, even if it is absolutely boneheaded.
2007, 01, 23 00:22
I have the maps which were posted on gosugamers a long time ago in a pack, Entheogenic and Spirallianz, should I add those?
2007, 01, 23 01:06
uhh what the mighty hell happened here?
2007, 01, 23 01:36
Looks like LGI is gone. Sad day =( It's really a shame he had to leave like this too. I just hope no one here holds a grudge.

Here's to moving on.
2007, 01, 23 03:42
In my opinion both admins,LGI and Nightmarjoo should lose their admin privileges.Their behavior is unacceptable,both of them are arrogant and intolerant.They distorting matters of facts and manipulating contests(like MotY).Only their opinion have any value.Not to mention their usual language.

I read recently,under the comments of the MotY,that a other one(DapixX)delete his maps and turned his back to this site,because of Nightmarjoos behavior.
2007, 01, 23 04:22
SpoilR what have I done? I don't act arrogant, nor am I intolerant. I don't distort facts, I present them clearly and truthfully. I don't manipulate competitions more than just adding/removing maps. Filtering the competitions is intended to make the vote easier, by removing maps which no one said they liked =/

Also, I use my admin powers on a daily basis for helping people edit maps and add pics. Now I do more than that with admin powers, but ask around and see if anyone thinks I misuse admin powers.

Hmm the only incidence I can recall is I posted a news thread which was better off as a forum thread than anything else, and when I was told it was stupid to have as a newpost I did my best to remove it, and no such occurance has since occured.

Now Grief will whine about my removal of Galaxy Prime, but I am not alone in my belief that the map should not be MOTY. It had 4 votes, but it was also agreed earlier in time that the vote is not the main tool of which the winners should be chosen, just a helping aid. If any admin or senior will call me out on that, fine, I am adamant in my decision.

Losing admin power should be for misusing it right? This offense here, of me saying Fuck LGI, was not using admin powers at all. Worst you can do is call me a dick for saying Fuck LGI =/
SpoilR I don't really see your reasoning, please make it more apparent. I would like to point out that you've contributed nothing to bwm ever, Grief has contributed much more =/
2007, 01, 23 05:18
I can't understand why everybody is angry just cause somebody said "fuck you". I flame this community every single minute on and I flame every single admin on this website.

Where is the problem? Oo
2007, 01, 23 15:02
We do not waste our time arguing with you scout, your bm is expected. The concern with LGI is that he is expected to be a bit more gm. Lately he has shown none.
2007, 01, 23 15:55
Well I'm GM now anyway. Changed my mind :P
2007, 01, 23 17:04
ive always seen scout as 5x more GM then LGI ever since I joined the website. What were you guys seeing?
2007, 01, 23 22:02
Hey guys, my viewpoint is certainly heavily biased since I'm in this... my question is, why did LGI delete his maps and leave? Panschk told LGI he is a supporter of him, but that he shouldn't delete maps for such reasons and he leaves. Did I miss something?
2007, 01, 23 22:06
i see that someone gave me admin rights, but that means someone left the squad :(

i think there are two faultic men in a quarrel. so maybe LGI havent reacted so harsh if the other person (for now nightmarjoo) havent behave in that way that made LGI annoyed. vice versa. i feel sorry for this whole situation, all could happen in an other way.. :(

LGI deletes his maps at his own will. there is no rule to stop a person from doing this. why did he? guess he fed up with some men in the site and represent it in this way...
modified by Antares
2007, 01, 23 22:12
I hardly think saying Fuck LGI made him leave the site, no way somethign trivial like that could make him leave if he actually cared about bwm, which I believe he did...
2007, 01, 23 22:18
I think the point of bringing this out (panschk's idea) was to see the other viewpoints of the members. Seeing if anyone condones this behavior no matter who it is. So the question really is: "Who you feel is wrong, and why. I don't think this is too straight foward either. b/c this helps out both ppl see other views.
2007, 01, 23 22:20
Spoiler made it very clear he thinks I'm horribly in the wrong for saying Fuck LGI :)
2007, 01, 23 22:24
I guess that LGI will come back anyway. But if he does not come back I don't care. He did not do a lot lately and if he thinks that leaving is the best solution, just let him leave.
2007, 01, 24 00:04
I don't know him personally. Looks like he is a pretty huge drama queen. Or something else that is happening in his life atm is clouding his mind, what do I know? I know he spent a lot of time commenting, testing, mapping and he really was into it. Maybe he felt like we were not giving him enough respect for that...

Well, if he reads that, I wish LGI the best for the future, that may or may not be with BWMN...
2007, 01, 24 01:12
I've read the whole thing and the only thing i can say is wtf :P

I don't get it how people get to this point on the net, can't imagine what it would be in real life !

Flaming is just bad and I take this moment to apologize to Inept with my behaviour at some point while commenting on his maps :)

2007, 01, 24 01:22
You are wise trcc. o.o But you never comment on my maps
2007, 01, 24 01:43
When he deleted Entheogenic a while ago, I readded it back, and he stayed at the site. LGI seems to have issues with new mappers or inexperienced players, or theory crafting he doesn't like; he doesn't explain things to people at all, which didn't really help the people whose maps he commented. At least recently, idk about a while ago.
2007, 01, 24 03:47
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