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LGI vs Nightmarjoo..
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thank you trcc.

But you made me waste a whole box of tissues, you jerk.
2007, 01, 24 04:13
2007, 01, 24 04:59
THis is prolly a bad thing to say, and wont help the subject at all but i'll try to lighten things up a bit :)

I'm sure everyone noticed this, but has any1 seen that in this thread, after some1 responds, the name/titles changes to LGI vs (Name) ^^

LGI v(trcc)
etc etc etc :)

no point intended though, so dont take it the rong way
2007, 01, 24 05:05
@Nightmarjoo You're beyound help.You're not able to see defects nor to feel remorse for them.And now you have the infamy to lie straight in my face.It's also nice/arrogant to remind me(again!)that I'm not for a long time here.Nevertheless I'm a good watcher.Here some facts for you:

Fact nr.1 - you manipulate the MotY competition by deleting the map with the second most votes -Galaxy Prime.The map has 5 not 4 votes,so much for distorting matter of facts.

Fact nr.2 - this wasn't filtering.Filtering means you can delete from time to time maps whitout a vote,further maps with 1 vote.In no way the map with the second most votes.Hell no!

Fact nr.3 - I told you very friendly,before you delete that map,to stop influencing other people.And what you done? You haven't stop your daft propaganda,you go further and erased the map.You wanna show the people who's the Gosu here - i call this arrogant.

Fact nr.4 - because of you manipulation you brought DapixX to cut his activities for this site.He ask you to undo what you done(bring back the map in the competition).But no,Mr.Nightmarjoo want to demonstrate one more who's the Gosu arround.And DapixX is gone.Happy?

Fact nr.5 - Deleting that from map the competition showed:
a)intolerance by not respecting 5 opinion
b)arrogance by deleting the map after you knew that 5 people have already voted for that map

Fact nr.6 - because of you LGI is gone.Details are familiar.

About a competition.If anyone start a competition with a voting system,those votes have to be respected.Because they represents opinions.If you are not able to respect other people opinions,you don't deserve to have admin rights.The duty of a admin is to organize competitions and to act neutral.Not to influence those competitions,or more worse to manipulate them.And the final result would be what a majority wants,and not the wish of some people,no matter how long they using this site.If I want to know their opinion i can't ask them everytime,or look what they voted.
2007, 01, 24 06:36
This is one of the rare occasions where I'll post.
Hope that didn't sound too dramatic :).
2007, 01, 24 08:03
gg :)
2007, 01, 24 08:18
dg)spoiler plz leave the website if you dont like it. no1 cares.
2007, 01, 24 14:32
ahah nastymarine :P but at least it never went that dark between inept and me than LGI and nightmarejoo

2007, 01, 24 16:44
<3 Artanis, as well as the others who don't blamce me for LGI's flight.

Spoiler I don't spread propoganda, I encourage people to support all opinions with good helpful details, I make my opinions clear in hope that others will follow suit and make their opinions clear. Hopefully no one here has the exact same beliefs as me, that would be boring =/
2) Just make whatever you think deservers motw the winner. "Winning" the vote gives you no right to a free newspost and publicity, neither the incredible fame of a MOTW-award.

I hope you manage to decide stuff like that on your own, my interest for SC and mapping is just too low atm to spend much time testing maps or to just read all the threads here..." That was panschk, the vote is not all-deciding. I decided Galaxy Prime was not good enough for MOTY and removed it (only after seeing the beliefs of senior mappers, such as LGI, were in agreement).

I didn't make DappixX leave, nor do I think he left. He made it clear a while ago he intended to not post often. Also, I like dappixx, he is not bm, and makes maps with different ideas; I may not like his new concepts, that could be because I don't always understand them perfectly, but the fact that he posts something different than a superstandard map is good and important.

I didn't make LGI leave, he left on his on free will. If he left because he thinks I'm a noob or just doesn't like me, then fine, that's his decision.

I am no gosu at anything, nor have I ever indicated as such.

I don't remember who those 5 people were who voted for it, probably the kind of people who voted for Desert Flower =/ If 34589034905 noobs vote for something that doesn't mean the map is great. The map is good no doubt, but it's not amazing (so says for example myself, lnept, LGI, Spines, and others).

I see your point with filtering, I filtered it out not based on votes but based on my thoughts of the map; after making my point clear that I was considering deleting it, I waited for people to agree or disagree before I actually removed it. The people who spoke up and said they agreed with removing it were those I respected as mappers and I removed it.

Your last paragraph is quite valid. I believe panschk statement which I quoted earlier applies to this too, that the votes are not almighty at all, that it is the admins' decisions which are final. I cannot be entirely neutral in these competitions, I make my beliefs clear. I don't act on them for the most part however. I always refrain from posting a map as MOTW just because I think it should be, I say something like "ok ima post this as motw as I think blah blah blah, and these mappers here have voted for it, what do you guys think?" or "ok these two maps here have the most votes, here's what I think about the both of them, what do you guys think?". People get mad at me for stalling too long with motw and panschk often makes the decision, I hardly think I'm rushing to rashly post a map =/

I almost always respect the admins's opinions, as they have been here a while, have seen many MOTW decisions, and generally are decent map makers. lnept's and Scout's opinions I often respect a lot because they judge maps from gameplay not from the jpg -.- This isn't to say I don't respect others, the longer a person's been here the higher I see their views.
modified by Nightmarjoo
modified by Nightmarjoo
2007, 01, 24 18:45
One of the things that made LGI dislike me was the posting of Taklamakan, which actually wasn't my call.
2007, 01, 24 18:47
^^ guess who decided :)
2007, 01, 24 19:09
@nightmjoo oh,yeah you respect scout very much!btw he was one of those who voted for galaxy prime.just to help your memory a little,the other 4 voters:lost tampon,dapixx,dg)spoilr and myself.

all of them are palookas?
2007, 01, 24 19:52
ok honestly, who thinks my decision to remove Galaxy Prime was a mistake, Grief and Spoilr for sure, anyone else? Seriously I want to know. At this point it doesn't really matter since nasty's decided Nazca wins, but I want to know.
btw Grief Scout made it clear he voted for Galaxy Prime just so Nazca wouldn't win. His original vote was for Desert Sun, his map, but the vote there was like the MOTWs where grig had 34593045 people vote for his map and those who did vote voted for the map with 2nd most votes not because they thought it was MOTW worthy, just so Desert Flower wouldn't win.
LostTampon is no 'palooka', I'm sure he had a good reason for voting for that map, maybe he felt Nazca wasn't worth MOTY and voted like Scout.
You and Spoilr are not 'palookas' either, but in my mind since the both of you haven't to my knowledge posted any maps here, and except for telling me how much I suck in this thread and in the MOTY thread I don't see where spoilr has contributed to bwm at all, the other members who have contributed much more to bwm's opinions are worth more when it concerns voting for MOTW and MOTY

"THis is prolly a bad thing to say, and wont help the subject at all but i'll try to lighten things up a bit :)

I'm sure everyone noticed this, but has any1 seen that in this thread, after some1 responds, the name/titles changes to LGI vs (Name) ^^

LGI v(trcc)
etc etc etc :)

no point intended though, so dont take it the rong way"

lol does it? I hadn't noticed
lol I just realized I probably haven't noticed since I always respond to everything ><
modified by Nightmarjoo
2007, 01, 24 21:30
Well, yes, I too think it was a bad move to delete it. I guess we would have a lot less trouble now, and yes it was kinda arrogant.
Don't get this wrong, though, I appreciate your efforts a lot, but everyone can make a mistake from time to time. Imo this was too drastic and lacked agreement with others. I would have been against Galaxy Prime as MOTY as well, though.
Just deleting it wasn't the appropriate action.
2007, 01, 25 00:32
"(4)Galaxy Prime 2.0 - For the filter" LGI
"i voted for galaxy prime? oh craplol..." LostTampon
"actually Galaxy is one of the worst maps on here. Opened it up in staredit. Looks like shit. random doodads ALL OVER THE MAP OBSTRUCTING PATH. and i thought it was bad already" lnept
"yea please open up galaxy prime in staredit retards" lnept
"It's manipulating the contest into the right direction" Scout
"the majority of the useres think moty should be galaxy prime? gee so standard, lets add luna instead and vote for that, thats better because twilight, but plays in exactly the same way. :D" Antares
"i dont even care about galaxy prime being standard. open the dam thing in staredit. WORST DOODAD PLACEMENT IVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE" lnept

""the new element of galaxy prime is certanly the terrain decoration,wich is original and outstanding created."

Really, the decoration of Galaxy Prime is well done, but certainly not outstanding at all. It is annoyingly uniformous without even having a nice flow throughout the map. An enormous amount of custom terrain as well, simple copy-paste of course. Yeah, it's nice, but it doesn't catch my eye at all. Neither on the pic nor ingame.

AND, for MotY, looks should not have any impact at all" Spines

"GP is a very good map, that's about it. The looks are ok, the layout is standard, still a protoss needs about six million cannons to protect his natural, the expos at the sides are important, so you probably take the path next to them to get to your enemy (if he's not accross the map), which leads to "everytime the same paths" gameplay. No real dropspots or nice highground vs lowground situations here, so a big amount of tactic says bye bye. So, good map, well executed but nothing impressing to be found, yet some tactical possibilities left out instead" Listoric

"GP is a great map, no question about it, but Nazca is just way more interesting in every aspect" Listoric

"The comments on GP and its problems have been said over and over again, there is nothing more anyone can do to get the message across to some people" DeA (Deathlink)

"I resent all of that. First of all, I'd like to point out that Nightmarjoo removed GP, not me. Though I do back up his decision. GP is a good map, but there were more votes for Nazca.. IMO i feel that Nazca > GP because there is more variety in the terrain, which generates a funner atmosphere and better gameplay. GP feels like a fake (4)Rush Hour clone.. Again, the map is fine, but it has very few tactical elements if u compare it to Nazca" Nasty

Those are the kind of posts I saw when I removed Galaxy Prime. I ommited the posts which said they wanted Galaxy Prime to be MOTY, those were by DapixX, Spoilr, and Grief. There are more quotes in the map's thread if you want to see bwm's opinion on the map.
2007, 01, 25 00:53
ehm yeah, i voted accidently for the wrong map, i voted for nazca as you can read in the comments :)
2007, 01, 25 01:34
none of lgis maps were really special, none of his comments on maps were really insightful or inpsiring, and obnoxious more often than not.

hes always been a fag and has abused his admins rights before so i dont see what the hosh posh is about.

ps the old version twilight version of desert flower should be moty because that shit is dope
2007, 01, 25 11:57
Why do you bring up Desert Flower again? TT I was so happy when it finally had disappeared...
2007, 01, 25 12:01
LGI's maps were quite awesome imo. Hating on them does not really make sense~
2007, 01, 25 20:14
yeah i was a bit annyoed when commenting this nightmarjoo :D but the so arrogant grief made me use these words, gp deserves more ofc, but still not a moty-candidate imo.
2007, 01, 25 22:27
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