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what kind of a person?
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I've noticed that many players have their personality in mapmaking. I don't know many mappers so well, but here are few mappers i know somehow ^^.

flothefreak: Likes to improve his maps, doesn't rush his maps (doesn't make new map while the other one is unfinished). His deco is awesome, sometimes he even overdoes the doodads ^^. He likes to test maps, I think he's the activest maptester in this site. Doesn't like inverted ramps

Nightmarjoo: dunno much about him ^^. He likes symmetrical maps. He does use inverted ramps in maps, to get the map fully mirrored, and he hates when I find a way to use normal ramps (can't explain, check map SpaceShip). He's also active maptester.

NastyMarine: Awesome deco-maker. Nasty is always trying to say the good things from the map, his comments are (almost) always happy-reading. He doesn't blame the maps (much). Uses words like: Sexy, hot, awesome ^^

Testbug: Hates tankholes, loves 3 player maps. Active commenter in map-threads. He searches for little faults in maps (like tankholes), does good comments, though they could be more positive ^^
Have never seen him playing, so that's it ^^.

Deathman101: The new generation of this site. Active poster to forums. Spams maps to database, which isn't 100% bad thing. He's improving a lot.

Starparty: 2 words: My Idol

Man I suck, can't remember anything/anyone else :S. I hope you'd comment my thoughts+post your owns. :)

modified by RaDiX
2007, 06, 28 22:31
Radix: Wants to improve his maps, till it's perfect. He's got alot better, since he started map making. Wants to get a MOTW / MOTM for ages now. Starter of this thread.^^

Testbug: He is godly in decoration.

You missed a comment about me^^. Dunno what to say. I like this topic.

2007, 06, 28 22:48
LOL I knew I would get something about spamming maps, I just make them too fast for my own good. My newest one is taking more time though.

For the forum thing, I try hard to keep active in forums wherever i am unless they are not kept clean, this one is fine because its got the "Latest topics" thing.

You are probably right in new gen thing, I am most likely younger than all of you

Thanks for trying to keep my description

Ptar: tries to help out in any way he can (at least to me), good sense of humor, and is very active in forums
2007, 06, 28 23:56
Flothefreak: Bad player, good mapper :) Flo's decoration styles inspired a lot of mine. Flo is bwm's one and only nazi. Flo uses a nice variety of concepts in his maps, though the ones he likes of his tend to be the ones I don't care for as much, and vice versa.

NastyMarine: Sometimes pmsy, but usually nice :) Good at executing concepts, usually. Ok decorator. Easy to communicate with and interact with. Dedicated to bwm :)

LGI: A bit high-strung, but also dedicated to bwm, or used to be. Uses a wide variety of concepts and executes them well. Not always the friendliest to the noob mappers, ie tells them to go read something than to waste the better mappers' time over and over.

lnept: Bad mapper, good player^^ Good at looking at things from a strategical point of view, from actual experience in the game called starcraft broodwar, not something most mappers here can say -_-

Scout: Weird mapper. Likes island maps, decent at sc. Good at being an asshole when everyone else is being boring/nice. Looks at maps from a terran point of view.

Starparty: Mostly makes rediculous concepted maps, few are decently balanced/playable, but almost are all decorated very well, good at execution.

Lancet: Experimental mapper.

Excalibur: Weird maps, getting better.

Ptar: Getting better, lazy about updates.

Testbug: Nice guy, fairly funny too. Good at decoration, loves (3)maps. Good at pimping maps. Usually good at execution. Has funny smileys (:) ^^. Comments on positional imbalances and things which are hard to notice. Looks at maps with great detail.

tktkvroom: Very friendly guy. Not always the brightest light bulb in Lowes, but is always cheery :) Has gotten a lot better over time at mapping. Is protoss for life. Reach is his hero. Goes out with a "big boned" girl, ROFL. Used to be in love with Marja.

RaDiX: The site's emo :D Getting better, but not always very good at editing maps for the better. Tries weird concepts.

Dentist: Site fag.

Kingofeightplayermaps: Site's dumbass. Bad at sc, bad at mapping, completely stupid, probably sucks at life too.

SalazarSlytherin: Korean of few words. Very good at decoration and execution. Tries nice very weird concepts, usually makes standard maps with a twist. I love (6)Archmage of his!

Spinesheath: Spines! Man of few maps ;D Doesn't like my critters. (0)Gas-issue-man! Comments weird things about maps :)

5poolplz: Good at disappearing. Friendly guy, was getting better at mapping.

Psychotemplar: Guy who deleted sc from his comp. Decent player, decent mapper of weird concepts. Enjoys testing maps. Makes food for clans. Is Canadian.

Trcc: Good mapper, but not all of his maps are perfectly playable. Many are more made for a look or concept than for gameplay.

Travin: Good mapper. Oldschool style mapper to an extent.

2007, 06, 29 00:07
MilleniumArmy: Not as good as he thinks he is at mapping ;) Ok at mapping and decoration. Has some jewels, and many others which aren't that comfortable.

Spitfire: Decent mapper. Has a lot of awkward feeling maps though. Long distances or awkward pathing or other awkward aspects. Nice guy though.

Panschk: Hi God. The amazing guy who made this site possible. Hard worker, funny mapper, decent player. Retired from sc :(

Listoric: Decent mapper. More of an oldschool mapper.

EpidiOn: Decent mapper, player, and a nice guy.

MoSq: lol funny guy. Decent mapper. Used to be a frequent commenter of maps, telling everyone who made shitty maps how much they sucked, but in few words. (in)Famous for such comments as "lol" "bad map" "+1 clone card" "bad card" etc :)

Arden: Decent mapper, uses pretty standard concepts.

DeA: Nice guy, great player, decent mapper.

LostTampon: Good mapper, nice guy, laid back. Revolutionary mapper :)

Antares: Decent mapper, nice guy. Makes maps for concepts, executes well.

Artanis: lol funny guy. Brought bwm to ggsl!

KorvspaD: Good mapper, wish he'd be active here again :(

EffectiveHypnotize: Decent mapper.

Auirz: Decent player, didn't map long enough to get good at it.

Valkyrion: I don't like that map that won motw, the stupid one with long distances and bridges.

Fry: Not a very friendly person. Usually gave good insight in comments. Never made his own map, only edited one, Galaxy Prime, which is very awkward and boring. Usually liked concepts which weren't standard or reused often.

GriG: Site's noob. Guy's an idiot, and not a very good mapper. Brought friends to spam his maps and made spam accounts for voting his maps. Somehow won a motw.

Cosmi: Decent mapper, I liked his style, he made interesting maps.

Holy)Sin(: Don't remember him too well, nice guy and ok mapper.

Cenerae: Site's girl! Likes maps but not mapping. Played in early bwm tourneys.

DG)SpoilR: Not a very nice guy, hates random people, played a lot of test games and submitted replays. Doesn't appear to be very good at sc/mapping.

Grief_Stricken: Idiot who hates me.
2007, 06, 29 00:31
I'm not that lazy.
2007, 06, 29 00:33
Nightmarjoo: Extremely active, though makes few maps. Older maps were god awful. Isn't proud of any of his maps. Spends a lot of time on decoration. Tests maps when he can. Decent player. Hated by half of bwm. Has sense of humour, comments with a lot of sarcasm and sardonism. Comments maps from gameplay point of view; usually isn't a jpg lover like most of bwm. Tries to comment maps as much as possible, tries to help the newer mappers with long comments. Usually writes a lot more than most people want to read. Works hard for bwm. Enjoys giving negative criticism when others give positive. Looks for the worst in maps first, the good later. Has weird mapping styles. Strongly dislikes positional imbalances. Likes spells in maps if they're used well.
2007, 06, 29 00:37
LOL nightmarjoo...

"Has sense of humour, comments with a lot of sarcasm and sardonism"
Your sense of humor stinks!
Your sarcasm also stinks!
2007, 06, 29 00:43
My take: :)

'Old School Mappers'

Joel aka Nitemjoo aka Nightmarjoo: Has become a decent mapper, and dedicated at bwmn. Not afraid to voice his opinion and will do it regardless of the opposition :D Nice guy, except when commenting my maps :P

LGI aka Hot Head (I made that one up btw): The once great Starparty child, said to be his apprentice when it comes to map making. His execution is great yet basic. Focuses on the boring parts of maps and makes a well rounded map. Pretty much a dick though, and does not like people that have an opposite opinion on any matter related to himself.

Starparty: Idk if i have spoken with him more than twice, but seemed like a nice guy. His maps are legend [period]. Although some of his maps have been named unplayable, the concept and execution is awesome. Once he resigned i lost respect for him.. and i think it had something to do with LGI leaving. Suffice to say, i probably wouldnt think twice about talking to him if he starts making maps for SC2.

flothefreak: I had my earliest quarrels with him, specifically with the Mappack 2 creation. All in all, he makes good maps, though could he execute them better (especially your goddamn inverteds XD). His outlook has changed over the passed few months about maps IMO, but thats a good thing - more open to new things which many mappers forget to do in such a late time in SCBW.

Panschk: The Man ('nuff said) - A nice guy, very open towards maps and takes all mappers into the site like a father. Always gives great feedback even when not needed.

Artanis: Good guy, mostly a lurker here at the site though he has a good amount of maps. GG Crew 4 Life :P

Listoric: Great poster, and will help out with what he can when commenting maps.

Epidion: My slut. A lurker at this site and makes few maps. Has good concepts just lacks dedication to finishing it. Seems like he rushes it at the end :P

Scout: Just doesnt know how to implement maps properly though the idea is always there. Hasnt submitted a map in a while. Decent commenter though i dont always agree with what he sees.

lnept: Straight up dickhead and wont think twice about saying something negative. he honestly doesnt like this site much although he is dedicated to maps - i really dont know why. His maps arent great, though like scout, the idea is there.

Spitfire: Has good implementation, though many of his maps have alot of the same features. Nice guy and a pretty big name in the community of SC - check out his SC videos :)

Arden: Cool guy. Great execution though only uses standard features in his maps which sets him away from being truly L33T Dont get me rong, he is a great mapper, but he hasnt pushed himself yet.

"Where'd they go?" list:

trcc: Great mapper, concepts, design, implementation are all great - oldschool mapper

noname: Great mapper, concepts, design, implementation are all great - oldschool mapper

Antares: Good mapper, has some very nice maps but it always seems like something is missing - dunno why.

Mosq: A true idiot, there have been many like this. His Decoration skill is very very nice but just doesnt take criticism well nor does he give good criticism. Its a better place without him.

KingOfPlayerMaps: Another idiot. I defended his position at first, until he started flaunting his unwanted bullshit day after day after day. He has a few nice maps, few playable. Its a better place without him.

KorvspaD: Very cool guy, i havent talked to him in a while. I dont think he created any new maps while he was here. He only uploaded his older maps though they still rocked. Good mapper.

DeA[Light] aka GRC-Deathlink: Good mapper, even better player. I guess he lost interest in maps though still plays SC heavily. The creator of (4)Nazca, the second Sattarchasm popularity wise in the SC community.

GriG: Experimental maps is his forte though none of them are playable unlike many of the experimental maps BWMNers make here.

MilleniumArmy: UMS map maker turned melee then back to UMS map maker. Good concept but not always great flow. Good mapper in general, i wish he was active here.

LostTampon: Where the fuck did he go???? He put BWMN on the map 'again' with Avatar and his spells on maps. "We did it before the koreans did!" many of us would say. Thanks to LT for that. I wish he was back. Good mapper.
2007, 06, 29 02:58
more to come: THe new blood :)
2007, 06, 29 03:00
Couple comments with Nasty's thing. First and foremost, calling Panshck "The Man" is insulting, that title is far below "God". lol @ your thing about me. I except more out of good mappers, and since I consider you a good mapper, I expect a lot more out of your maps and are more harsh :)
Yeah I hated flo when I first came here. But that's only because I was really noob and he doesn't know how to be nice to noobs :)
I forgot to say about LGI, I'm not positive, but I believe his mappack being posted on (think it's still there if you guys want LGI maps, I still have it if doesn't) was what helped me find bwm.
LostTampon come back!

I forgot noname. I never saw him or his comments, though when I was first here he was here too... Seen a lot of his maps through searching the entire database for good maps. Many are very nice design/concept-wise, but are awkward for main base size, distances, and/or even paths.

lnept is a nice guy Nasty. I've never seen him seriously bm anyone anytime. He looks at maps from an experienced gamer point of view, not a jpg lover view =/

Yeah Spitfire has made some really nice sc movies :)
2007, 06, 29 06:06
Havent seen any of spit's movies...
2007, 06, 29 12:09
Nightmarjoo: The one guy that gives you ideas when you are spamming him on MSN. Good mapper and acceptable Zerg player. LOLs too much.

LGI/Starparty: who cares they do not post maps anymore.

FlotheFreak: BWMN Nazi. Makes weird maps with fucked up layout. Picture mapper.

NastyMarine: Made Undieing something. Worst map ever. Only thing why I do not like him.
2007, 06, 29 12:43
need to add this, because all the nice things about nightmarjoo were already said :>!
nightmarjoo: is fanatic about even the smallest positional imbalance. whenever the 4th expo of a player is 1 tile farther away than the others', the map is totally positionally imbalanced to him! he wont be quiet and keeps on making it a giant issue, focussing only on it. loses sight of the map itself when doing this; a good map with a negliable flaw is a failed project to him.
often thinks little possible racial imbalances to destroy a map completely, although it is no big issue, if at all. he is hardly considering that maps are playable and can be _great_ even if there is no 100% balance - which no map can claim anyways. needs to calm down sometimes ;D
What is preventing him from getting to the top is that he doesnt put the same measure to his own maps (backdoorramp imba on morris plains ZvT vs. palehorse pathingdestroyer and mm-walk-by is no problem).
2007, 06, 29 12:56
oh, and about SP and LGI:

fuck all of you who deny their greatness. they both were the best persons to happen to this page. i blame everyone pushing LGI away being the stupidest person on earth ever, even outranking paris hilton. he was no guy to easy communicate, but he was grat in mapping and reaching new heights of mapping. same goes for SP.
2007, 06, 29 12:58
i think your giving them too much credit. Look at ppl like LT or even me. I'm not demanding respect like LGI did - nor have i ever. THats something that distrupts communities etc. SP was a great member here but hes not the only one whose pushed the envelope at this site to do something great or innovative. Though i dont deny their greatness or contributions, its silly to say they are the only ones to do so or have teh same qualities

edit: kinda lost site of wat i was going to say. I just expect alot more out of ppl that have been held so high in the community, to only leave and not do any more to help the community.
modified by NastyMarine
2007, 06, 29 16:22
esp. LGI is overreacting to the fact that there is always quarrel, and that this page is never in full harmony.
2007, 06, 29 16:46
The "New Blood" list:

The following are relatively new members, though some of them have been here for a few months.

Spinesheath: Been here for awhile though i dont consider him an oldschool member yet. Good contributor, and gives great comments.. almost like Listoric.

Testbug: very good at noticing the unnoticable :P Seems to have the need to have perfection, though not in a bad way. Good execution thus far, I'd like to see more maps and less comments XD

Deathman101: Our current noob mapper :) Kinda like TkTkVroom was whe he first started and now Tk is coming into his own. The problem these two have is that they arent focused enuff on what they are doing to create a good map although they always seem to get better with each map.

TKTKVROOM: Seems to have excellent execution now but has fallen inactive right now. Hope to see more of him. Cool kid, loves my maps :)

ptar: His style is starting to evolve. His maps are lacking execution though his implementation is sweet. good poster.

Radixx: has his own style though he still lacking an undescribable skill. Good mapper at this time, though he could be great.

I would comment on others, but they are not active enough for me to really shed insight on them.
modified by NastyMarine
2007, 06, 29 17:02 think my maps are getting etter? I thought they were doin a downward spiral now.
2007, 06, 29 19:56
lol Scout :)

lol flo, pathing is fine on palehorse, I don't see why it wouldn't be fine. Have you ever played a map called "Reverse Temple" ? Also, as I said earlier, I expect more from more experienced mappers, but it's mostly the fact that good mappers already know their maps are good, there imo isn't a reason to point out every decent thing. When I see what imo are positional and racial imbalances on a less experienced/skilled mapper, I point them out, but try and counter the negative with either positives or with honest suggestions. When on a map by someone more skilled and experienced, I don't need to say "good job, execution is nice, pathing isn't fucked, distances are good, nice expo layout, exquisite decoration", etc, you already know all that stuff. However if there is something in particular I like about the map then I'll point it out, but if nothing in particular appeals to me then I won't mention anything nice. I usually do however point out aspects of the map I like, along with all the issues I see. Please bare in mind that everything I say comes from the point of view of a gamer, not a jpg lover. I look at the map, and consider how I would play the map, or how I think others would play the map. If I see something that could create a problem in the gameplay, awkward setup, expo layout, distances, sizes, etc, I will point it out. Nowadays with inverted ramps, the symmetry tool, and scmdraft's other features, there is no reason in most cases why there should be positional imbalance. I am big on pointing out positional imbalance because it's silly and usually easy to correct. If I see things which make the game uncomfortable for a player of a particular race, ie a racial imbalance, I will point it out. Unless I say otherwise, it is obvious that these issues don't make/break a map. Lost Temple is a good map. I don't want to play on it for its imbalances, but the concept is nice, the map was at the time quite unique compared to blizz's other maps, and revolutionized (I'm blanking, is that a word? ><) mapping. However I feel that a map sporting as much positional balance as possible, and with as few racial imbalances as possible, while retaining a good concept with decent if not better execution, dressed in some nice in-game looking decoration, is better than a map with better execution, decoration, a more unique concept, if it is positionally and racially more so imbalanced. However sometimes to implement a unique concept balance can be taken more lightly. A big example of this is Avatar, a map where I've never seen a zerg win in a 1v1, but no doubt an amazing map. It's hard on the balance between good concept and racial/positional balance, but a map with a great concept and great balance is better than a map with a great concept and poor balance. You say I overreact to negligible imbalances, 1. If they're negligible then you can edit them away. 2. If you can't edit them away without hurting the map, then they aren't negligible. I usually indicate whether I think an imbalance needs attention taken to it or not. Basicly, imo it should be corrected, I point it out because I think it hurts the map, but that's just my style. Other mappers apparently don't mind imbalances. And some imbalances I wouldn't say are negligible, but in most cases won't hurt the gameplay; but even if they don't I will point it out, but I don't think it makes the map bad in and of itself.

Deathman101 to be honest I didn't mention you in my thing because I couldn't think of anything nice to say; however I do believe you're becoming a better mapper. Based on your last few maps, I'd have to say that someone were to graph your skill change with respect to time, that it would be rising but concave down, but of course it could just be a local minimum in the derivative of the mentioned graph, to become concave up in the near or late future. lol, ie, your maps aren't getting worse, but they're not getting much better now.

Nasty, bm doesn't really bother me, so I've never had an issue with LGI, all though apparently he's had issues with me. I think what he's done for the site more than makes up for being an asshole sometimes. Though of course I'd rather he was a bit nicer :)

You're right about RaDiX. I think the undescribable skill is that he makes maps for a concept or image, not for gameplay. I think it's a communication failing between the conceptual art of mapping and the coordination of a concept to fit realistic gameplay; ie his maps are awkward in game though they look nice in the image. This is something that probably every mapper goes through, something he'll eventually outgrow provided he keeps mapping :)

I prefer comment count over map count assuming the posts are of high quality, which testbug's are. And since both his maps and comments share that same high quality, he is fine :) Of course I wouldn't mind seeing more maps^^

lol spines is part of the crew. Even if he's not the most talkative person, I can't imagine a bwm without him, though I was present in such a scenario^^

tk also is imo old enough here. He grew up here, from total noob mapper to a decent, still improving mapper. Though idk about his taste in women ;D
2007, 06, 29 22:33
All bwmn-ers (including me): Weird people.
2007, 06, 30 01:09
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