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what kind of a person?
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speak for yourself ^^
2007, 06, 30 01:21
lol, you're pretty weird nasty :)
2007, 06, 30 01:35
...I knew i would get something negative.
2007, 06, 30 01:44
lol only from me. Everyone else who mentioned you said something nice :)
2007, 06, 30 05:13
Don't take anything too seriously, Deathman101. This is just a bunch of weirdoes.
2007, 06, 30 11:19
dadasdasdad... Deathman how old r u? I'm 13 :P
2007, 06, 30 11:48
Ptar: I remember his map Outpost, he uploaded it to every contest and got no votes. Just some time ago he noticed, the map sucked and pimped it+made some other maps. Now he's "ok" mapper (ok, better than ok.). I like his best map is battle marshes.

We could also say which map of the mapper, we like the most?
2007, 06, 30 11:50
I KNOW I am weird...
2007, 06, 30 11:59
Weird website is weird!
2007, 06, 30 16:57
I ddnt take it serious...and let me rephrase it: I knew i would get something negative from joel, but im used to that :P
2007, 06, 30 20:50
I forgot to mention that this is probably the best thread i have ever seen on bwmn. Props to Radix - good topic :P
2007, 07, 01 02:36
"lnept is a nice guy Nasty. I've never seen him seriously bm anyone anytime."

joel, are you kidding me? thats a nice little indirect insult... :/
2007, 07, 01 02:46
thx nasty ;).
2007, 07, 01 13:16
What Nasty? lnept says things to purposely piss you guys off sometimes because you guys freak out at the littlest things, but 1. if you take his bm seriously you're an idiot, 2. not like he's serious or cares at all. He's kinda like Scout, perfectly nice off the site, and laughs at you jpg lovers on the site.
2007, 07, 01 20:36
lol i like it how you three love yourselves because you keep on telling each other that you'd be better and only you would judge by gameplay and only you possess the ability to look farther than the picture. you're living in a bigger dreamworld than any jpeglover, but as long as you're happy with it :)

oh, and your maps like pale horse dont have any flaws in gameplay, because you would have figured them out IF there were any. YES you looked past the jpeg, you're not like all those jpeg lovers. or maybe you are?
2007, 07, 01 21:39
where have i been categorized?
2007, 07, 01 22:24
nasty: has awesome ideas and great styles. excellent decoration and mapping skills. should more often accept comment suggestions but as well be less drastic when executing them (morris plains! it was right to listen to fears and crictics, but not right to drop all center dividers and the so well implemented bridges. i beg you to give the 2 enlarged dbl-bridges a shot :>).
i love his style. hm, what else?
he thinks outside the box, but not outside the broodwar limits, meaning he pushes the limits but not beyond the too-weird-to-ever-work edge.
2007, 07, 01 23:01
thesis**** not morris plains :P
2007, 07, 02 01:56
Flo you're such a jpg looker, how can you talk? The only maps you ever test are your own. I already said that judging your own maps is hard, and have looked into the balance of my map. I have not once declared it perfect. In fact, all the actual issues of the map I've myself pointed out, you and everyone else have been 100% useless. All I've seen from you is "zomg z can't keep their nat" and "zomg pathing". Pathing issues are just not present, and from my testing there is no issue with the nats.

Talk about loving oneself, rofl flo. I haven't seen you make any offers for testing it, just stupid theories based on a picture. When I make comments, I indicate whether it's based purely off the picture, or from testing, or from looking in staredit or something. You just say shit.
2007, 07, 02 04:42
this doesnt have to be a flame war. Get off that subject and stick to the topic.
2007, 07, 02 05:02
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