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Last update for (2)Starship : 2007, 12, 06 02:14
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2650 (2)Starship 96*96ptar0.8betaground

The map has been rated 61 times and got a total of 49 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

So, here i go again. After the remake of Lost Soul I proudly present you my newest map!
Again 96x96. I got so much unused space in a 2 player 128x128 map, so i always get back to 96x96.
Not all minerals and geysers at the expansion are full of minerals or gas.
The only thing I have to say is:
Comments pls !!!!
it'll be vary easy to defend 4 and 10 (between double sized ramps and double sized bridges) by placing tanks in the gighground and tanks in the other side of the bridge...

then you have 4 easy easy gass, the linear opened/empty middles is nothing, you just have to build more units than oponent...

short distanced doesn't make frosty fortress effect here ptar. sorry

did you test path from blue to left multies and red to right multies
I didn't want to get an frosty fortress effect :)
No, i haven't tested anything yet, but i'll do it as soon as i can. It's not that easy to defend those highground expos, cuz your enemy's base is directly behind it. What should i change at the open middle?
This map reminds me of another map i saw almost two years ago at pgtour forums. I like the map though, nice execution.
Too much gas, make the expos conected by the two bridges minonlies or, if you want to make it weird, make the nat a minonly, LOL! Whatever you do make the players have to go "forward" for the third gas expo as opposed to sideways.

The two current minonlies in front of the nats seem to be a little "in the way". Say you are blue and you send units to the North-West, the units will cross the worker line of the minonly.

Can Terran "wall in"?
Most of ptar's (2)maps are too narrow in the middle ._.
The geysers aren't full of gas. At the bridge expansion the geyser got only 2500 gas. The reason i put the 3rd gas there was, everybody told me, thaht ist was to difficult to get a 3rd gas on lost soul.
modified by ptar
very nice map will play it 4 sure
thx :)
this is a very good map, just alittle too much gas sorry, got no idea my self to cut down the gas since they r already put so good. if u remove any of those gas at map it will look strange.
good luck nice map :)
Why is there too much gas? At lost soul are 4 gas expos, at Corhal are 4 gas expos and no one said anything about the gas.

!!! Those geysers aren't full of gas. They got only 2500 each !!!
ez, simple yet very well done
awesome. are the droppable high ground spots in the mains intentional? i like the gas the way it is.
Thx for uploading your replay and playing my map :)
Are there any things you would change, if so pls tell me.
I'm concerned about main space, Easyloss, how was it?
you can remove the bridged gass and leave the highground gass :) chokes are too tight for a 3rd early gass i guess, but the gighground gass will be taken by the time you really use the opened middle and so :D
am i stupid? :$
Well I think it's a really strong map. I was zerg so I wasn't too concerned about building space. I haven't really gotten a lot of practice on this map, I was only able to get someone to play the one game with me, BUT, it felt pretty good.

I did kind of feel like there was a lot of gas, even though there's only 2500 per geyser, there's also only 6 patches per base. The mineral:gas ratio gets kind of skewed in this map quite easily. That might not be a bad thing depending on if you want to allow gas-intensive battles, but that's kind of odd considering the map is kind of small.

If anyone would like to play some games on it you can msg me Easyloss@USEast. It looks pretty good so far.

--EasYLosS vs letters(1on1, 1.15)

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