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how about another showmatch
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LML, the original idea is to play bwmn maps, tau cross isn't bwmn map, but u mentioned memory cell and the artist, they are bwmn maps... They could be in the sm
2007, 08, 03 14:25
While everybody is taling about an showmatch we could make United Tournamet 5 or sth like this. THen everbody could play and we get more reps. Just a thought.
2007, 08, 03 15:00
yeah, I've mentioned this only, because b4 was said something about bo5, and then something a 3map mappool. So u would play 2maps, 2times, when u would play all 5 matches.
Thats all;)
And then u should make a Vote, for the best submitted maps.
Moon's Tear, Memory Cell and The Artist. So far?!
Rly not that bad maps.
2007, 08, 03 15:02
imo best is 3 maps for bo7 which means each map is played twice - and 7th map is randomly chosen among those 3...
oh, and we should use maps with some potential, which shows the public that our features rock. memory cell doesnt work here imo, too simple...but we can use artist sotospeak as link to the other maps - so people see "hm, bwmn tourney. oh, artist came from there? didnt know that. so these guys DO have some decent maps over there. i will look at the other maps as well!" BAM =)
modified by flothefreak
2007, 08, 03 15:03
yeah, thats a nice idea, but 3maps, in bo7. :/
I dont rly know. Maybe at least 4maps (when one of them is artist, u just need to learn 3more maps!).
So if u dislike one of the maps, u dont need to play it twice, whe it comes to all 7games (only if opponent wants to play it again;) )
2007, 08, 03 15:09
imo I'm one of the stronger players here at bwm, not that most of the reps I've uploaded actually indicate that ;) But I'd be happy to play.

As for what maps, I'd rather not use maps everyone knows. Mostly because I could point out 46945609 different things 'wrong' with them =/

If it's inhouse that'll probably work better. imo, from what I've seen of gamers here, lnept, dea, scout, and myself are the strongest players. lnept I think is still grounded though.

Tournaments are hard to execute because of time zone differences. I can't really play with most of you guys in europe if you're going to bed at reasonabletimes is the problem, a tournament would probably not include me, and I want to play :)
2007, 08, 03 15:51
You should stick to BWMN maps, obviously... so no TauCross.
2007, 08, 03 15:54
yeah, we wont use Tau, as we already mentioned above;)
and Nightmarjoo, where do u live?!
also I would like to play u, to see, how good the best players over here are:)
2007, 08, 03 17:16
"As for what maps, I'd rather not use maps everyone knows. Mostly because I could point out 46945609 different things 'wrong' with them =/"

you really make me so angry. NOT every MAP is GOING to BE perfect!
2007, 08, 03 17:28
I do love making you angry nasty, it's so incredibly easy :D

Perfection isn't necessary, especially gameplay-wise, it's impossible to accurately judge the gameplay of a map really, you can only guess at first. Until thousands of games are played on a map =/ But if there are issues in the picture, then that's silly cuz those can be fixed.

LML I live in the United States, but I usually wake between 2-4 pm EST, and go to bed around 4-7 am (during summer^^), which results in being asleep during CET's afternoon^^
Always up for a game, name a time and place :)
2007, 08, 03 17:42
"LML I live in the United States, but I usually wake between 2-4 pm EST, and go to bed around 4-7 am (during summer^^)"

yeah, I live in germany, but in summer I do sleep at same times as u :D
I think, we can play, whenever u want, just msg me here, or on bnet (EM-LML@Europe, LML)hL(@iCCuP).
2007, 08, 03 18:32
Oh, my, nevermind my last post, I didn't see the second page^^
2007, 08, 03 19:56
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