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Just because i love Nigharmjoo...

And i will post his post here in case he edit...

The rest of the users won't edit their posts i am sure.

"lol what is/where is belarus? I've heard of them a couple times but that's about it ;) I hope for my minerals' sake they are pro at sc :D"
2007, 04, 24 18:00
this wasn't necessary to post...
2007, 04, 24 20:47
lol I don't think it was necessary to censor it either nasty ;)

What's your point? I live in the United States, I have never left the country, Belarus has done nothing important enough that public education history curiculums include, so I know nothing about the country, I don't know anything about it except that it is in eastern europe (I think, lol), and I put my 50 minerals on them to beat Greece, so I hope they win.
2007, 04, 24 21:22
Why would I edit my post? I'm not ashamed that I don't know everything -.-
2007, 04, 24 21:23
lol I just read the comments. Most of them were from people outside the United States who show they are far more ignornant than I am with their equally stupid comment. Apparently it's ok to flame the United States, but it's not if one American kid in high school doesn't know where Belarus is... double standards anyone? LGI by posting this here I guess you mean to embarass me, or insult me, or by showing a thread full of anti Americanism insult my country, sorta shows your maturity level =/ You knowing where Belarus is doesn't really make you superior -.-
modified by Nightmarjoo
2007, 04, 24 21:35
Poor Nightmarjoo :/
If you still don't know, it's between P(r)oland( P(R)OLAND FTW!!! x) ) and Russia.
2007, 04, 24 22:11

meh I don't mean to start another stupid fight here, just got mad at the stuff flaming my country, idc about flames against me =/
2007, 04, 24 23:01
lol o and thanks protoss4ever for its location :)
And apparently from the gosugamers comments, it was effected by Chernobyl, wikipedia says 60% nuclear fallout from it landed in Belarus.
2007, 04, 24 23:13
well, at least i have an advantage in this issue.

the german word for russia is "Russland".
the german word for belarus is "Weissrussland", which is just "Whiterussia". Don't ask me where this comes from, though -.-
but i know always where exactly it lies :o

i just read this comparison to the 50 states. i'd really interested in what percentage of pupils CAN name the 50 states. not necessarily because it would spoil the first reasonable argument in this thread, but much more because we have 16 "sub-countries" in germany, and i would probably need 2-3 minutes to get them all.
modified by flothefreak
2007, 04, 24 23:33
I've write a whole page here... And you know what. I delete it, couse the whole world knows what the word "American" or "America" means. And the saddest thing is that YOU AMERICANS MADE THIS TO YOURSELF!

I wish you know the taste of selfmade cheese from milk, which come out from a cow, which lives 1600 meters above see level. I wish geneteic made food don't come to us.

Nothing more to add.
2007, 04, 25 00:42
yeah, if someone would ask me about a not so well known state where it is located, i would be very clueless :(
2007, 04, 25 00:43
i am surprised that belarus even has computers, let alone care wherethey live
2007, 04, 25 00:46
picture removed. Not that I was offended or anything, but I guess you will understand that this not the place to post barebreasted women

America, america... You all laugh and you are happy, but the true is that this picture is sad...
modified by spinesheath
2007, 04, 25 00:50
Let's generalize more! Sounds fun right?

Unless someone has personally offended you with their ignorance, why the hell would you insult them?

Though I do agree that the American education system is lacking, that doesn't mean "hey let's bash on USA because they think they're the best!" It isn't like I'm the patriotic type, I don't claim to be the smartest person out there. I don't care if you bash the USA, but leave us citizens alone.

On a side note: 'America' actually implies North and South America and all the countries those continents include. Mexicans are American, Canadians are American, Argentinians are American. When you flame the USA, flame the USA! <3.
2007, 04, 25 00:57
Read the first sentanse of this topic.

And "I'm the patriotic type, I don't claim to be the smartest person out there. I don't care if you bash the USA". You are not, but someone here is. Thats why BWMN education system is lacking.

People like Panschk can say what were the nations of the people here before, and what are now...

About the situation here... Panschk don't even care. He is more inactive then everyone else here... Who ae "inactive".

Well before he care...
2007, 04, 25 01:06
epidiOn, you dirty American citizen! All American citizens are stupid!

modified by LaO-Artanis
2007, 04, 25 01:06
LGI, are you saying you're claiming to be the smartest person out there? And you're saying there's a connection between the level of mapping and the nation where the mappers come from?
2007, 04, 25 01:09

No comment.

After your post i know that i am smarter then you, thats for sure.
2007, 04, 25 01:12
You can make out that you're smarter then someone else from a few sentences on an internet board? Gjgj.
2007, 04, 25 01:14
Well if I was LGI I would decide that all bulgarians are stupid racists -.-

btw that pic makes me like America more, whatever country is in the top part looks boring as hell.
2007, 04, 25 01:16
I've already finished college so I'd definitely want to party with the people in the second picture hahah screw the whole discipline thing man, it's time to party and have fun!

... But ya, it's not such a good thing to do so much while in school.

I don't get offended when people diss america... but mainly because people ignorantly use that word and say "america" referring to United States. I don't think I've actually heard a person insult America and refer to Canada and South America too...

p.s. I'm Canadian
2007, 04, 25 01:19
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