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I get offended when Canadians seperate themselves from America like they're not part of it.
2007, 04, 25 01:31

@Alumni, they are a lot of places to party, strip, fuck, etc, etc, etc. Well if you put college in this line, then you become like the AMERICANS above. Yeah, AMERICANS, AMERICANS, AMERICANS... Thats what the guy on the TV said also... AMERICANS. So i guess you are one of them, canadian guy.

Oh, lets don't forget, that flo was a nazi... <3
2007, 04, 25 01:32
lol jk, not like we want Canada part of the US anyway^^
2007, 04, 25 01:32
wow LGI is a fucking retard.
2007, 04, 25 03:05
Haha, no dude, just see my first post. I had, nothing against USA. You guys turn it into a natinal war and i continue it, because i get flamed by a person who did this to himself, not me... I don't know the right words in english but...

There is a bulgarian proverb.

"A guilty conscience, without being pursuit is running".

Thats for Nighmarjoo.

About, NastyMarine. You turn out to be the exatcly the US person who ignore people like me. Taking (2)Osom, telling bullshit about Avaton, censoring my first post which has nothing bad in it. It's not me the one who must be censord. Nighmarjoo should be in . You can see other peoples posts. They would agree whit me.

Do you have any idea if someone say to me "Wow, where is Bulgaria, what is this" what i will think about this guy? That he is an empty had. We might be small cuntry, but our song is in the outer space. Hristo Stoichkov is from Bulgaria, who went to USA to teach you how to play football, and they are so many other Bulgarians, who started from nothing and went to the world history.

Well it happens often to me to ask me "Bulgaria? What is that?".

Yeah dude, this happens in U.S. West!!!

So, lets continue...

Finally, couse i am "retartd" and you are the king of everything, whatch "Idiocracity", check what people are saying here - and tell me, how people could say that the movie is "The funniest movie of the year". FFS HOW STUPID PEOPLE SHOULD BE?! You can only become dummer if you whatch this shit, nothing more. And if USA people likes to be a violation of human dignity, what can i say more?


"How many sides a triangle have?"
"Damn, four!"

2007, 04, 25 09:18
Yes LGI, ALL Americans are dumb, all bulgarians are smart, and everyone should know bulgaria because there's a great bulgarian footballer in the USA. No one is allowed to make jokes about not knowing your country, and you can be HIGHLY offended if someone says something like this.

You're a genius too!
2007, 04, 25 09:22
P.S. I am sorry, that i've made a second post in this topic. I just want it to make a little fun of Nighmarjoo, just because he talks too much bullshit and that he never listen to other peoples opinion.

2007, 04, 25 09:23
Tell it to the Belarus people. Actually, not you, Nighmarjoo should tell it. I just wonder wtf are you doing in this topic LaO-Artanis? Looking for a place to spent your free time?
2007, 04, 25 09:27
He is in this forum because it's public and there is something called "opinion". If you dont want others to join the discussion then PM them.

My opinion:
Nightmarjoos choice of words was not very thoughtful, but these words are his own words. no others to blame. If you derive from this that _all_ americans are dumb, then you are very ignorant yourself. Posting a movie about dumb people and then claiming that this applies to all people of a country is pure generalization. if you havent noticed, they only take - sry to say - the dumbest people / incidents. you could also make a movie in [insert any european country here] and you could make the same results (well, movies like these exist about austrians too, and you could think WTF how dumb are they).

p.s.: i dont think that nightmarjoos words were harsh enough to offend someone
modified by LostTampon
2007, 04, 25 11:57
"Fuck you" from him is enough for me to make all this scene...

You know what the first "Fuck you" from him made me do and say. This is the second time.

Just for the record, that both times he start flaming.

EDIT: At least i like one thing in him. That he put away personal feelings to a mapper and when he sees a map from him, he have two opinions. One for the map, one for the person. Just like me, while NastyMarine is just a dumbass, he knows why, and i think you all should know why.
modified by LGI
modified by LGI
2007, 04, 25 12:56
hm LGI, the only thing you did in this thread was getting waspy...nightmarjoo may not take anything from others, and i sometimes flame him for things he does or things he says - but there is also a line where you stop flaming stupid actions/behaviour (in order to improve/change) and where you start flaming the person just for the fun of it - which then, has nothing helpful to do with this site and is crap which gets only on everybodys nerves.

so clam down...
2007, 04, 25 13:35
first thing: Flo, our German "sub-countries" are called "states" just like in the USA.

second: Until yesterday, I never knew that Belarus = Wei▀russland. Yet I still know where it is. I have no idea about the people there, what language is spoken there (I suppose that there are lots of people with Russian origin, though), really almost nothing.

third: Who of you can name all the countries in Africa? I doubt anyone can - if someone can, be proud, bathe in your victory. I know where to look them up.
Don't have all the countries the same right to be known? So if you say that someone should know Belarus, he should know EVERY country in the world.

It's true that Nightmarjoo's post was not the wisest; showing that he doesn't know Belarus. The people from Belarus indeed could be offended. But I am positive that he didn't mean to.

LGI, on the other had, certainly insisted to make fun of Nightmarjoo, as he stated himself. Even if this is not flaming (imo it IS), flamebait usually is treated just like flame itself.

So, just stop it.
2007, 04, 25 16:36
LGI you are a very sad guy.

"About, NastyMarine. You turn out to be the exatcly the US person who ignore people like me. Taking (2)Osom, telling bullshit about Avaton, censoring my first post which has nothing bad in it. It's not me the one who must be censord. Nighmarjoo should be in . You can see other peoples posts. They would agree whit me.

Do you have any idea if someone say to me "Wow, where is Bulgaria, what is this" what i will think about this guy? That he is an empty had. We might be small country, but our song is in the outer space. Hristo Stoichkov is from Bulgaria, who went to USA to teach you how to play football, and they are so many other Bulgarians, who started from nothing and went to the world history."

OK first thing, since you managed to stir up another flame war, i will bring my thoughts into this. Firstly, actually, i agree totally with Spines, but since u are attacking me over something that was out of my control (Avaton: Osom), then i will comment.

I DONT KNOW WHY YOU CHOOSE TO FLAME ME OVER AN ACCIDENT. MAYBE YOU CAN ASK BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR FUCKING MOUTH. ~I had intense studies to do, and a lot of work at my job so i wasn't able to type any newspost on the avaton tourny. I didn't even visit the crew thread pertaining to using Osom in that tourney more than once since. and since i am the anchor in hosting it, i thought the crew wouldnt try hosting it. from there, i figured we'd move onto the MOTM Candidate maps as we discussed in recent threads, though my intentions were solely made to put Osom into the tournament at least once. why do you think I pm'd you in the first place at about it!? you think i did that just to fuck with you???? if you do, then your a very sad sad sad man. I wanted to use that map cuz u deserve the attention as the others have though, you have done nothing to help the site in general before your departure and after. so i think you should at least thank me for trying you dick.

And I am truly sorry if anyone got offended about the Belarus comment. I'm def sure that Joel didn't mean to offend, he was just curious and didnt word it correctly that he was interested on knowing little bit more about the country? how does no one understand that? I def agree he should have reworded it but damn, its really not that serious.

And not to mention that Belarus is a relatively unknown country as you don't HEAR much activity news wise coming from there from the western hemisphere. So i think some are overreacting over this incident.

modified by NastyMarine
modified by NastyMarine
2007, 04, 25 23:28
2007, 04, 26 00:34
you know who is really mannered? that lnept guy. yea he's ice cold.
2007, 04, 26 01:01
Step 1:

I get a PM from you about the map, which was really cold.

"I'll get straight to the point. I want to use (2)Osom for the next two player map. Can you send me it?"

Step 2:

I was surprised that there is still "the thing" in you, so I answerd kindly and send you the map.

"I just want it to say, that from a long time ago i get pass "the thing" between us, and i tought that i show it in BWMN when posting in your maps or saying why Mother Love or some other map is worth for MotW and vote for it and even whit making Takla-bla-bla-bla MotW still nothing has changed. So don't be so cold and say at least "Hi" :) .

Anyway... Hi! It's really nice to see that you've made a lot of progress in those tournaments and i want it to say one bih CONGRATILATION about this! Keep going! I wish you luck in future and i am really happy that you support BWMN so much.

And sure, you can use (2)Osom."

Step 3:

5 minutes after that i've send another PM.

"P.S. You have an e-mail!

And btw if you wonder why i say all this in my previews PM, it's because even if things are bad between us, you are still a really good map maker. The way you were progressing was really good and fast. You've become really skilled.

Ok, thats all now :) ."

Step 4:

I've waited. Wondering if i will have a replay from you... I've waited... I've waited for the tournament. And hey there was one! A 2v2 tournament! Oooookkk.... Osom can't be used, couse it's 2v2. So i keep waited... Still no replay from you to tell me at least that it will be in Avaton Tournament 5, not 4, couse 4 is 2v2. I've waited... And hey there was Avaton 5!!! Long time pass but at least i've saw (2)Osom in the map pool - yay! Then i've write the first or the second comment i don't remember.

"Hey, guys you should make a newspost if you want more people to come."

I've wait few days, i've saw that there was no response from any admin. I post another comment that you have only one day to post it, couse next day was the tournemant day! Still no response. 17 people register, 2 of them confirm. So there wasn't a tournament... Oh, well my face was :( .

Later i've saw "Avaton Tournament 05" and i remember that earlyer when i asked about (2)Osom somewhere here on this site, you said that there was a 2v2 tournament thats why Osom hasn't beeen used, and you said that it will be used in Avaton 5. (NOTE: THIS WAS BEFORE THE FIRST AVATON 5)

So when i saw THE SECOND AVATON 5, couse the first one was deleted, the first thing on my head was "So (2)Osom will be used after all". I've saw the map pool and you know what?

I WAS PISSED! WHY? Couse you didn't even msg me! You could PM me in in BUT U DIDN'T ANSWER ME NEVER EVER AFTER I SEND YOU THE MAP!

So how i get my answer and your explanation?

Read page 1 and page 2 from this topic. Was that the way to get a replay from you?


But this story about (2)Osom just make me look silly and it was like you've been fucking whit me.

2007, 04, 26 01:32
You could at least say "Sorry" for making me silly for nothing. What did i do to you? Give you the map kindly, and what did i get from you? Nothing...
2007, 04, 26 01:35
I'm not apologizing for something that was out of my control and if you cant find the patience to relax and wait i will not give you the time of day. I will not work with you ever like that again cuz i can see that something like this gets you going crazy really quickly for no reason. i sent my message like that to you b.c i was reluctant to even think about asking for your map. As i have seen how destructive you have been with removing all your maps and not to mention removing motws. im even feeling reluctant to reply to your whining about being unfair and 'fucking with you' but i am cuz i need to set the record straight. AND i will never ever now use your maps after your complaining, flaming, and still after my explaination, you still try to justify your moaning with flames, complaining, and flaming a nation (ARE YOU KIDDING? LFMAO). I feel bad we didnt use the map, but i wont apologize for it. GG SIR.
modified by NastyMarine
modified by NastyMarine
2007, 04, 26 01:57
hmm well thanks to those who defend me for one. Two, you know LGI, not every dealing with you has to be sporatic and centered on flaming, you've complimented me and nasty on mapping skills improving, and there is no reason why you can't come back to bwm, this flame wars shit doesn't have to happen -.-

About Osom, I don't know all what has happened here, but I can say that it wouldn't be hard to include Osom in Avaton, just because of the motm system doesn't mean Avaton is solely limited to motm candidates.

LGI, why is "fuck you" so offensive to you? I didn't really care when you said to me "lick my dick" over Taklamakan being motw, I just laughed.

o at the top of the page about you having nothing against the US, the reason why flame war about nations appeared here is 1. What I said was construed to be offensive, that's not how I meant it, but of course sometimes when you see just text it can be hard to understand what they are saying, especially if you don't know the person. And 2. the thread you linked to has a big nation flame war, and since that is part of this conversation it spread into here apparently.
I don't think any of us here at bwm hate any countries or people from those countries specifically for it, if they hate them they hate them for other reasons, so there really isn't a reason to continue the nation flame war.

"FFS! WITH ALL MY GOOD FEELINGS, WITH ALL MY HAPPYNESS, WITH ALL MY RESPECT I WANT EVERYTHING TO BE FINE WITH YOU GUYS!!!" It can be. Come back here, try and watch your tongue and we'll do the same. If it really matters to you, I won't ever say "fuck you" again. Oh and fighting over theory crafting is just silly, no one is right all the time, and without lots of testing theory crafting can be perfectly valid/invalid but it can be hard to prove without testing. Hopefully there will be more testing accompanying theory crafting with the motm system.
2007, 04, 26 05:06
I can't speak for the others but I've missed you to an extent. I don't care if you think I'm an idiot, maybe I am an idiot, and I probably am pretty insensitive, and I don't hold my tongue very well when I'm tired, but w/e, no one's perfect.
2007, 04, 26 05:08
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