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I quit my job, it's one really fucking day, so i will be able to play whatever time you want. See in the tournament.

EDIT: Oh, fuck it's today... Sry...
modified by LGI
2006, 10, 08 22:55
The tournament maps sucked.Maybe that's why I was in the finals and even played zerg one game 8[

Oh yeah and next time please pick at least some maps with a good gameplay.^^
modified by ScoutWBF
2006, 10, 08 23:29
scoutwbf, you are not really helping here. These tournaments are one of not many chances to test if the maps are playable. Maybe we know more now. (I am not sure tough)

On future tournaments: I will do 1-2 small updates on the script and change the master password, and then i'll give it to anyone who wants to host more tournaments. I just don't have time to do that regulary. But of course I would be very pleased if those tournaments would take place more often.
2006, 10, 08 23:48
all my games sucked, no one wants to see those ^^

was fun though :)
2006, 10, 08 23:56
@LGI wtf happened/sorry to here that

About tourney, the games for me were fairly uneventfull. I can't boast any good games. I can only say that I wish there were different maps. I think these maps should be tested a little before being in this tourney -.-

But I would love to have this kind of thing weekly. The first one was a good idea of what it's like, to pave the way for better tournies.
2006, 10, 09 00:22
tbh panschk, ill get my brackets up asap and lets play on those :P easier tbh, and more, uhm, nvm.

cos gonna be about maps only anyway, just to promote them :)

(plus cos can handle a bit bigger load)
2006, 10, 09 00:26
fine then, if you manage to do that it would be cool. Otherwise we still have my script :O
2006, 10, 09 00:35
oh ill manage lol. i managed a 32 plaer tournament, think i'll be able to do this too

besides, if i get to do what i want, we'll have a 32 player tournament, from noobs to pro's, playing maps.

so a steady resource of replays for, which ill upload here, and more and more advertiseing for u :P

get some fresh ideas into this site, ghehe, no offence :P
2006, 10, 09 00:45
Ok, so next week again? I want to kick all your asses you know...
2006, 10, 09 01:08
if its up to me, yes pls. but lets decide together on the maps :P

as for my bracket thing, untill it's finished, we'll use urs panschk :) big enough for us few
2006, 10, 09 08:13
I think a good idea would be to test the motw canidate maps? But only the maps which have the highest vote count. This would hafta be done on a saturday or sunday before making the final decision.

And how about making a competition where we submit maps to be played in this tournament? This way we know the exact maps that need to be tested.. kinda like a 'to do list.'

This also would be great for MOTW. We can test maps in this tourney then perhaps we can have the maps that play well only be submitted into the motw competition for best gameplay etc etc etc.

this could be really good for MOTW.. so we know which maps are right for MOTW.
2006, 10, 09 08:32
a higher turnout and more rounds could help with testing too. My games revealed little if anything about each map >< The Loser's Bracket being bo1 was gay since the map for it was always azure or roanoken, which both suck.
2006, 10, 09 08:41
well, the number of players is variable. you can host 64 player tournaments without a problem with the script :O

I did some updates to the script and i changed the password. I write PM witht he password to some people who I think could help. If you want to get the password too, PM me. Just play a bit with the options, create a tournament just to see how it works, you can't destroy much.

some information on the script...

Creating and updating player accounts

Click on "Register new player" on the "player" screen (players.php). A valid E-mail adress is
not even needed, just name and password. You can change the settings for this player after logging

There is a limit for custom-pictures that you can set in the file. Files bigger than
that will not be accepted. By the way: One megabyte= 1024 kilobyte = 1048576 byte.

Creating a tournament

  • Log in with the universal admin-password that can be set in the file
  • Click on create tournament and fill in the options. They can all be changed later on, so don't worry;)
  • Players can now either register manually or you can add them yourself in the "change tournament" screen.
  • When you feel you have enough players start the tournament by clicking "Start the Tournament". It will then be in Phase "2" - Running

    Reporting results

  • Players can obviously only report result of their own games. They need to click on their own
    or their opponents game in the tournament tree to do so. Please take into account that there can only be
    one replay file uploaded per player, so if maybe they should be put into one zip file.
  • Admins can report all games when logged in, the same way players would do.

    modified by panschk[FP]
  • 2006, 10, 09 12:39
    addition: confirmation is not needed to play the tournament, so "phase 1" is not really important. All players registered to the Tournament move to the brackets.
    2006, 10, 09 12:47

    Remember that if you want a tournament to be played this week, someone will have to take care of it. I work sunday afternoon and evening and as I said before, will not be hosting tournaments regulary anyway. Get used to my script now (*), so that you know how it works when you start the first tournament for real. PM me if you need the admin password.

    (*) Edit the "test" tournament, put players in the bracket, start it, report games, set tournament tree back...
    modified by panschk[FP]
    2006, 10, 11 03:38
    cool, someone started a tournament.

    please note that you can change the number of players easiliy before you created the brackets (started the tournament). Don't run a 6 man tourney with maxplayers=32, it'll be a mess ;)
    2006, 10, 15 09:36
    guys are going to play the tournament today? T_T
    2006, 10, 15 19:49
    2006, 10, 15 21:36
    Alright, created a new Oct 15 tourney w/ the old brackets. Gotta go, so GL to everyone in the tourney and hopefully the brackets work!
    modified by MuShu
    2006, 10, 15 22:41
    I want see replays! Please upload in tournament page
    2006, 10, 19 00:06
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