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I uploaded mine for the first round atleast, if I have the time and caring I'll add the others. The thing is though that you have add them to a zip or rar if you want to upload more than one for the same person =/ It takes effort ><
2006, 10, 19 00:39
ok again this sunday? There is a news post you could use for comments instead of making this one gigantic, but Panschk wants me to stop spamming the news page. So, same time as last? The maps will be Undying Lands, Advent, Curtain Call, and Naz(i)ca.

Flothefreak and LGI, why haven't either of you come to the tourny? You both have showed interest. If the time is the problem we can change it =/ If I am making the next tourny it will be bo3 single elimination with the finals being bo5. Each round will use only one map. This may seem unfair to the players, but we need more reps on each map than a bunch on just one.
2006, 10, 21 18:06
it was a time problem. i was away with a friend and we got back around 21:00CET. this sucked

btw, sunday 19:00CET is bwcl time
modified by flothefreak
2006, 10, 21 18:40
19:00 CET is 12:00 EST I think, I can't play then anyway. The earliest on sunday I could play is 2:00 EST, 21:00 CET (if I'm doing these conversions right) CET is EST + 7 hours right?

22:00 CET would be better though. Flo, what time does bwcl end?
2006, 10, 21 19:30
bwcl is 4 1n1s and 2 2n2s all of them bo3. It ends when you finished those.
A rough estimation would be 2 hours from my bwcl experience. But it varies a lot.
1n1s are _usually_ played first, and some of the 1n1 gamers don't have to stay for the 2n2s, so some finish after 1 hour. But of course 6 games in a row can easily take 3 hours, too (with some delay and so on...)
2006, 10, 21 19:45
ok, what's up? Are we having the tourny today?
2006, 10, 22 19:54
hm im there
2006, 10, 22 21:09
We need more people. I'll make the tourny if atleast 6 more people show up (we have me and scout so far)
2006, 10, 22 21:33
two hungarian guys were also interested..

Guys, i thought we need to do smthg. BWMN mappack 2 has never been played as much as it would deserve. When I was planning to organize a tournament in hungary on the mappack, one of my friend who became an admin on WGT not long ago suggested to do this in an international level. He is ready to write a newspost on WGTour. I know some of you are admin on GGnet. So what about organizing a tournament on that 5-6 map? It would be a double elimination and top(2^x) where x depends on the people. If you are in please suggest a date (i thought next saturday 18:00 CET), name the expectant maps that you find worthy and help me to administrate it. But give me your thoughts about this.
2006, 10, 22 22:13
i didnt even know there was one today. not to mention at which time...
2006, 10, 22 22:16
i'd participate on that GGnet tourney
2006, 10, 22 22:17
Ok, our weekly tourny will again be held on sunday. The time will be the same as usual, unless someone would like a change. We do it around 2-3pm (14-15) EST, 20-21 CET, 19-20 GTM (if I did those conversions right). The maps have already been set. We'd like to have more than eight people this time :)
2006, 10, 26 02:34
Make it either 20 or 21 CET and not say "it's between 20 and 21 CET".Nobody will show up then.
2006, 10, 26 05:26
Lots of the games aren't filled out who won... Is anyone going to do it?
2006, 10, 27 07:31
it is safe to say that if noone reported the result, the games were not played.
2006, 10, 28 14:08
Your Name2
Not true.
As for the tourny this week I doubt I can show up. Hopefully nasty or someone can make the tourny.
2006, 10, 28 22:26
Essentially whether or not I'll be there depends on how happy my dad is tomorow =/. I would like the tourny to start at 20, meaning players show up for register then, so the games can start around 21 CET. Last time I think I said the tourny was at 21, and we started registering around 21 CET not playing. The tourny took like 4 or 5 hours, and for just 8 people -.-
2006, 10, 29 02:49
I'll make the tourny, but I might not be at the tourny
2006, 10, 29 02:50
i probably wont be able to show up again
2006, 10, 29 15:56
Can't you put all the info at one spot? Atm i want to play but i don't know where to register, when the tourney start and which channel/gateway it is.

P.S. It's samrter to put thew latest info in a newspost now. Not to wait the end of the tourney and post the winner... You can just edit the post whit the info after the tourney.
modified by LGI
2006, 10, 29 20:59
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