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Yes he knows -.-

Um, what's wrong with Korhal Valley testbug? I personally kind of like it, I dunno, the min only is interesting.
The map is kind of turtley, but imo solid, good enough for this kind of event I think.

I personally like the messy approach to radix's banner.
2008, 07, 07 04:02
I'm leaving today for week, so can't edit the banner. I like the messy look also and made it on purpose.
2008, 07, 07 07:00
do you have the png? so i can make the pictures show each map. if you like that messy look then i won't touch it. will just give more color to the maps.
2008, 07, 07 07:42
Testbug, you are maybe going to "make" my version of spinel? Why not just "get" my version of it? I don't have only pictures, you know ;) Just didn't upload it because I wouldn't want two versions of the same map here, and obviously I am not uploading it into Nasty's mapthread without him asking me for it.

So if you want my version, just give me your email.
2008, 07, 07 10:28
Testbug would probably rather just remake the map using the ideas in the images you uploaded. Testbug seems very comfortable with looking at a map and remaking the concept with far superior execution, regardless of how good the original map was, from what I've seen.
2008, 07, 07 12:07
I dont mind anyone uploading a new version but I'm sticking to my 2.0 :)
2008, 07, 07 14:48
I would just make them into two separate maps, call the nastymarine version Spinel Valley because everyone on TL already saw it and call the other one something else
2008, 07, 08 15:12
no news on this front? tsl3 isn't as far away as you think
2008, 07, 13 06:43
Testbug is remaking Voices again, so we're waiting on that I guess. I want to do Voices3/Sound Barrier/Korhal Pride for the tournament.
2008, 07, 13 08:20
i know i've been lazy with the "Testbug Star League" but if i say "i'll remake this map today" then i'll do it today nightmarjoo :)
you can downloadit and test it, i guess it's done.
i'll upload a "path replay" now okay?
i think i'll work con Battle Grounds or Moon Tear after this.
2008, 07, 13 10:11
sounds good
2008, 07, 13 16:35
Nasty said:
"I dont mind anyone uploading a new version"

so this is what i've done:
(the autocorrection made it too redish, but i can fix it in case i have to upload the map)
2008, 07, 20 05:03
You really could just leave the colors as they are -.-
2008, 07, 20 11:19
Hey, keep the corners full cliffs, which you can drop on.
2008, 07, 20 11:54
no, dont -.-
2008, 07, 20 15:45
are y'all ready for the tournament then? not to rush you but sooner is better i think
2008, 07, 22 10:34
I dunno. Ask testbug. After he makes the corners cliffs in spinel, if he thinks the map is done, and if he thinks voices3 is done, I'll go ahead and make the final edit on Sound Barrier, then announce the tournament. I'd be using Sound Barrier, Korhal Pride, Spinel Valley3 by testbug, and Voices3 by testbug.
2008, 07, 23 12:55
Oo Guess what you say is undeniable, Nightmarjoo? Listen to Crackling, he's against those cliffs too.
2008, 07, 23 13:58
I don't care, not like he explained why he doesn't want them. Probably because I tanked his probes -_-
2008, 07, 23 19:51
On the contrary, it appears everything I post is in fact quite deniable.
2008, 07, 23 20:40
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