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Map Testing Tourneys
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Ok, Sound Barrier, Korhal Pride, Spinel Valley and Grief Stricken. Four maps should work. I'll throw Voices into the next one.

Remove ramp or make it accessible, on Sound Barrier? I'm leaning towards making it accessible, and then modifying part of the cliff to function as an ovy spot.
2008, 07, 05 09:12
Which version of spinel now? I'm still not done with it.


Especially the compound it untested. It is supposed to help protecting the minonly a little, as it will not be that easy to come from basically everywhere now.
2008, 07, 05 09:34
I was just gonna use Nasty's current version.
2008, 07, 05 10:02
Not happy with that.
2008, 07, 05 11:56
i am
2008, 07, 05 15:21
I agree in that I don't think Spinel is as good now as it can be, but I think it's the best it's ever been, at this point.
2008, 07, 05 23:59
well, spines is the analyst, some "designer" has to implement spines's concept. not every analyst is a good designer, he is helping with his knowledg but Nasty is not helping, maybe crackling can edit Nasty's map? (like what flothefreak did to my iron flush) so it becomes a finished map?
i'm working on Voices, we'll maybe use it :D
i fixed path issue and added some ovy spits.

take a look:

modified by Testbug
modified by Testbug
2008, 07, 06 07:24
That version of Voices looks a lot better than the old version...
2008, 07, 06 11:57
ok i finished:
2008, 07, 06 17:00
i'd say lets stay with this 4 maps since they are all playable, macro oriented and allready pretty much tested...
we can add/remove maps soon.

so lets say monday, 13.07 will be the first one?

i made a banner :D

Free Image Hosting at
2008, 07, 06 17:44
I can make "real" banner later this evening...
2008, 07, 06 20:05
ok do it :D
2008, 07, 06 20:21
Did you actully make any games on the current version of spinel? How about uploading some replays?
2008, 07, 06 21:38
Image Hosted by
modified by RaDiX
2008, 07, 06 22:23
Leaving Sound Barrier out of your banner is a sure-fire way to get your map not used in the thing Crackling :O
2008, 07, 06 22:26
And Radix, I will be using your banner definitely, it looks really nice :)
2008, 07, 06 22:29
thx m8.
2008, 07, 06 22:49
i think it'll be good if we could apreciate the maps in the banner, transitions between map images is okay, but should be something more simple like my TSL banner.

yeah, RaDiX can do it vry well, could you place plase the images in a more standar possition? it look like my niece just copy pasted no matter where.

it'll also be nice to see map names on it, isn't Grief Stricken boring? (i'm talking about crackling's map) we should use Sound Barrier and Vpices II.
spinel valley and grief striken also need to be tested, i'm not sure about them (and i personally dislike korhal pride as much as nightmajroo dislikes grief stricken)
Gried Stricken needs a Name, what about "drizzle"?
and korhal pride needs a center xD
i'm not sure about Spinel, maybe i'll make spines's version of spinel valley (i wish NastyMArine don't starts hateing me)
2008, 07, 06 23:17
Nightmarjoo sayd:
"Sound Barrier, Korhal Pride, Spinel Valley, Voices, Grief Stricken. They are all fine IMO"
"i just played some more games on spinel valley and grief, perfectly fine"

so can we add voices ii to the mappool?
five maps:
(2)Sound Barrier
(4)Grief Stricken <<< rename it!!
(4)Korhal Pride
(4)Spinel valley
(4)Voices II
2008, 07, 06 23:20
do you know what grief stricken is testbug?

i mean not the player :P
2008, 07, 07 02:12
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