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SBWI Mapmaking Contest?
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From Jaevlaterran on TL:

"Yo! would you be interested in hosting a map making contest for the playoffs? Maybe together with freakling? This is what we are talking about in the administration atm."

Relevant TL thread

Might as well include the entirety of BWMN in discussing this - you guys have more experience with hosting contests, plus I might be busy in upcoming weeks.
2013, 10, 22 10:49
Well he didn't say my name, so i will not help at all >:C
2013, 10, 23 02:20
:'( I feel left out and unloved
2013, 10, 23 03:02
But yea I'd be down to help host/compete...
2013, 10, 23 03:03
How long until the playoffs? Map making does take a little bit of time for those less experienced.
2013, 10, 23 04:07
Round 1 just started and its 14 I assume half a year
2013, 10, 23 04:28
Theme for the it :P?
As incentive, 1st place can be in the new server.
2013, 10, 23 14:58
I think what SBWI is going to do is just make a competitive good map that people will like to watch games on and play on and the "prize" will just be using the good maps in their tourney
2013, 10, 23 16:27
But further incentive is always good... I can remove Col II >:D MMUAHAHAHAHAHA.
Im doing college submission stuff next month, but i can certainly help later stages. traceurling, go write up some nice article.
2013, 10, 26 04:55
There's a skype group now!
2013, 10, 26 17:41
What do we need to do? Make maps? Make articles? Make pics? I'll try to do this stuff whenever I'm not doing school/colllege app stuff...
Hey Crystal I might apply to a UT or two :)
2013, 10, 26 22:09
Step 1: Figure out what we want to do and how we best do it ;)
modified by Freakling
2013, 10, 26 23:45
What I think would be cool is hmm lemme make an analogy
BWMN is to SBWI as Rose.of.Dream/other Korean mappers is to KeSpA :)
Like how every new season of Proleague or individual tourneys the korean mappers would make new maps and the best maps would be chosen to replace some of the older maps in the map pool :) of course when I saw "BWMN" I mean anyone who can make good maps and wants to participate :)
2013, 10, 27 00:27
I think we shouldn't just be restricted to making new maps for the contest either. We already have a massive database of good maps which have never gotten any use in tournaments, why not choose from those?
2013, 10, 27 04:38
Because they are old. And the authors have mostly abandoned SCBW map making, so they should be dishonored.

Hey Crystal I might apply to a UT or two :)
UTD and UT. UTD gogo.
modified by CrystalDrag
2013, 10, 27 05:01
Not necessarily other people even - you and Freakling have a ton of good unused maps.
2013, 10, 27 05:28
I think maybe gather a pool of a dozen or two maps made by BWMN or other foreigners that we think are playable and good, whether they are previous maps or newly made, write a review/summary about each map pointing out its merits and cons and submit the list to SBWI for the organizers/sponsors for their final decision...
2013, 10, 27 07:46
First of we need a definite goal. What exactly is our main focus, what do we want to achieve.

Obviously we want to get another foreign map into the map pool for the STL playoffs, and it should be the best choice possible.

To achieve those ends, we should more think of this as a cooperative community project than a mapping comepetition, I think.
A classic competition between mappers, such as "MAPSTERS OF THE UNIVERSE" is obviously a highly ineffective and inefficient way to go.
Foreign mappers who can really execute a map according to the required standards all are, or have been active, on BWMN, and most of them have a rather extensive portfolio of quality maps.
On the other hands, some first time mapper without a lot of experience is unlikely to be able to achieve the executional standards to create a map that would be useable in a serious tourney.

However, I am against going all elitist and making decisions "behind closed doors". This is also a chance to attract new potential mappers, after all. We should probably make a thread on TL, where people can discuss ideas for concepts, post map drafts, or bitmaps of map ideas etc. If some idea catches on, we could work from there.
And, of course, we have a wide selection of maps already in stock, mostly Crystal and I, but also Negative, Cardinal, Jungle, LastCurse etc.

An important question is: Who shall make the final decision about which map(s) to use?
I would say there are four important parties here, and they should probably all be allowed to participate one way or another:
(1) The "general public". A public poll should not be overrated though, too many things wrong with that, and it can be manipulated to serve some one's means easily. It should also not just ask about one's favourite maps, but more specifically, which maps some one finds most interesting to watch games on, most fun to play on oneself, most balanced etc.
(2) at least one top (foreign) player of each race. This is to have a well-informed balance discussion, and possibly some test games, before the things thrown into a tourney. SBWI can certainly help to get some contacts and maybe even some show/test games before the playoffs.
(3) some experienced mappers, i.e. us. Mostly to ensure a map is well made and bug free before going into serious play, because these are aspects that most people, including experienced players, do not know anything about. (and we do not have the luxury of Kespa to have dozens of aspiring amateur players play hundreds of game on maps to discover mostly trivial bugs...)
(4) SBWI as sponsor/organizer of the tourney. In the end it's them who need to figure out what it is they want either way, and the map needs to be integrated into a map pool etc. (if in the end there are 7 maps in the pool, all of which slightly favour one race in a certain matchup, or there are only crazy experimental layouts but no standard macro map in the pool, that would obviously be bad, there needs to be some kind of balance between different aspects)
2013, 10, 27 12:01
You make very good points Freakling c: of course we'd have to see what SBWI wants first whether a map pool to pick from or a mapping competition or whatever and work from there...
-NegativeZero- any word from Jaev about what he wants?
Also for map testing I'm sure we can find some volunteers maybe LMaster, Birdie, or other active low tankers to play a couple games on it just for initial wouldn't be on the same scale as KeSpA's testing but having even a dozen games or so on a map can help a bit
2013, 10, 27 17:29
Incidence? I should try to catch up in map making so i am noticed too because i am feeling sad being left out :'c
2013, 10, 29 14:16
Crystal, have you developed multiple alter-egos lately, or what? Your posts are disturbingly weird.
2013, 10, 29 18:27
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