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BWMN Mappack #2
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After finding it dumb to let people play that old maps in showmatches,I dicided to make a thread for the second mappack,so tell your favorites!
2006, 02, 04 17:28
That is not a good reason at all to start this thread. I suggest you not to rush the things. There is time. Time that you will improve yourself to fit in the second map pack.
2006, 02, 04 17:42
What the hell are you talking about?

I'm no talking about packing my maps into the second mappack,I'm talking about making the new mappack because the old one is...old.
2006, 02, 04 18:17
being old doesn't mean it loses quality.
2006, 02, 04 18:25
I don't talkabout all your maps. I think that a map or two from each authors on this site, could be good both for BWMN and for the author. Ofcourse the author should be on the level for this. For now you are not on this level. Thats why i say that you could improve yourself to be worth choise to be in the next BWMN pack pack. I see how you push all your maps to get some title or something like that. MotW, BWCL, etc... You want to enter everywhere, so i tought that you will want to be in the BWMN map pack 2.

Keep on mapping. My advise to you is to use your Sleeping Sun desing on your future maps, and use some other more intresting gameplay... Gameplay on Sleeping Sun for me is extremly boring. And i want to remember you that i've played Sleeping Sun more then 20 games, so i am not talking shits...
2006, 02, 04 18:28
This is not the right place to talk about my maps. ONly say things about maps that should be in the mappack.

@flo:They might not lose quality but in contrast to newer maps they are just bad.
2006, 02, 04 18:47
Old mappack still rox.
2006, 02, 04 18:48
i think so too
2006, 02, 04 18:53
Well while I still think the old mappack is fine, we had enough output for another high qualitiy mappack for sure.

I do not want to rush it, but if we start now and really have some time because there is no need to put a mappack together quickly, the quality of it should be pretty good.

Let's say we release the mappack at the end of march. If we start talking now, there is time for plenty of testgames etc :)
2006, 02, 04 19:36
again to the given conditions?
like, two maps per author and stuff
2006, 02, 04 19:45
I would still prefer if it was that way yeah. But I would like to go a bit more "experimental" this time. Last mappack Colonization was the only map that wasn`t just a "standard" map. This time I want to see some more maps that may not be everybody's darling, but might really offer something new to the gaming community.
2006, 02, 04 20:32
hm ok origo hills was a bit more experimental too. But still ;)
2006, 02, 04 20:32
well, origo was just mass Indexed-tileset-abuse ;D

2 original maps? i think evisceration will be good for that :o
2006, 02, 04 20:57
cant we replace maps instead? like remove the least popular ones and replace them with newer maps?

for instance replacing mysterious star with COmet.
2006, 02, 05 12:02
you can just add comet instead :p
2006, 02, 05 12:14
But comet is totaly imbalanced...
2006, 02, 05 15:15
but popular
2006, 02, 05 15:31

comet may have bad balance statistics, but it's not like the other maps are proven to be great balanced maps. most of them never got played seriously, thats all.

And I do not want to replace maps at all.
That is like replacing a less popular track on a music album by one from the next album :X
2006, 02, 05 17:00
no its not? :P
2006, 02, 05 21:20
i like starpartys idea

basically youll have a bwmn map pack, which is constantly being changed and updated. otherwise youll encounter the pitfall that the map pack is trying to avoid: having too many maps that you want to get out there, rather than highlighting the absolute best the site has to offer.
2006, 02, 05 22:00
I was thinking of something like seasons. Season 1 = 10 BWMN showmatches. We count wich map how many times had been played and picked by players, and then we change the maps that are not liked by the players. Then we relise season two with upgraded map pack.

Or something like that...

For example i remember that after the showmatch TechnicS said that he would love to play (4)Comet, (4)Sattarchasm and (4)Grapes of Wrath.

If they are other players from the BWMN showmatches that point the maps that they think they are good for gameplay, this would help us to improve the map pack with maps that are liked even before we relise them!
modified by LGI
2006, 02, 05 22:04
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