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2007, 05, 19 08:44

SC2 campaign editor here I COME!
2007, 05, 19 09:06



Just, Wow.
2007, 05, 19 09:21
the gameplay vids look so much better than the screenshots.
2007, 05, 19 10:18
Oh how surprised we all are, it's SC2 Oo
2007, 05, 19 10:41
Well seems like they did a fairly good job keeping the gameplay fluid. I didn't like the zergling movement though.

And some of those units look pretty stupid Oo Hope it doesn't turn out as colorful as WC3...
2007, 05, 19 11:05
It so much looks like WC3.

In terms of map making I think you will all have quite a challenge.

From the sc2 website, it seems that protoss will have the best mobility ever - stalkers (robotic dark templars) teleporting in the line of sight, mobile pylon and recall device (the prism) the warp gates spawning mobiles anywhere in the pylon's area..

And the zerg movies seem to show some mobile nydus canal, some worm thingie, which reminds me of one the moments of starship troopers movie.
2007, 05, 19 11:59
Imo they pretty much overdid it with all this mobility. Looks like every second ground unit could jump, walk or warp over cliffs. There also seem to be tons of air units. So what are terrain obtacles good for then?

Graphics sure need some changes. This is too Warcrafty.
2007, 05, 19 13:17
just saw the movies with the maradeurs (sp!?)

jumping over, flying over.. wtf :)

The protoss shields work differently against different weapons - that's neat. No more mass goons!
(oie.. goons are gone anyway)

We're yet to see any casters and I have great expectations over that
2007, 05, 19 13:47
"Full map-making and scripting tools to give players incredible freedom in customizing and personalizing their gameplay experience"
2007, 05, 19 14:36
yeah i'm real glad they kept it at 3 races. looks really promising.
2007, 05, 19 17:23
The fourth race will come with the expansion pack...
2007, 05, 19 18:28
@spines- I think they are just keeping it quiet until later screen shots etc.
2007, 05, 19 19:33
Immortals are the new dragoon.:o
2007, 05, 19 19:37
immortals look really ownage. zealot/immortal is going to rape vult/tank. terran will have to come up with something new apparently
2007, 05, 19 19:41
It seems they changed a lot of the unit designs - particularly bcs n zlings
2007, 05, 19 19:42
I absolutely dislike the design of the colossus and siege tanks, zerglings could be better as well. Quite some units/buildings look disproportioned, also...

From what we can see so far, protoss got HUGE boost in strength. Those zealots are already very strong on their own (did you see how long they stood against that massive amount of zerglings?) They also have that boost in mobility; defending your base will be extremely easy: Position your units next to a warpgate and teleport your units where you need them.
Warping your units behind your enemies lines, and those "blink" things... that sound so much like overkill. Terrain (unless its a large gap of space) really doesn't seem to matter anymore imo. Just for a few units.

Zerg has those nydus worms, also incredibly mobile...

This game seems to allow anyone to be anywhere whenever he wants... I fear that this will have a very bad effect...
2007, 05, 19 21:41
talking about balance at this stage of developement will lead imo to nowhere. you dont know all units/game mechanics yet.
i have to agree about the fact that protoss and zerg have seemingly a high mobility though. the game could become very complex, resulting in games that are very difficult to follow for the audience
2007, 05, 19 22:25
i agree. how do you know that terran doesnt get some teleportation as well? or a field generator which denies teleporting into its radius?
2007, 05, 19 23:10
I wasn't meaning to talk about balance. I actually didn't, did I?

Well, imo too much mobility is bad. What would you scout for when your enemy can jump in from basically everywhere?
2007, 05, 20 00:06
The game does look very much like wc3 in space, but then again the first bits of sc beta looked kinda like wc2 in space lol. idk mapping looks VERY hard =/ The campaign maps shown in the videos or w/e looked enourmous, and with 3d graphics the filesize of sc2 maps would probably be big... I doubt panschk will be able to set up a site or setup this site for sc2 mapping... Although who knows how long it'll be before the game comes out.
2007, 05, 20 00:17
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