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MOTW 8.07 - The Last MOTW?12 of April 2007 06:05 AM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo

Well the vote has spoken, long time mapper Arden wins another MOTW, and possibly the last MOTW ever!

So what's so special about this map? Well for one the mains instead of being in the four corners, are in the two corners, similar to Space Lotus.
Once you leave your nicely sized main, you have the option of taking a very low money mineral only at the choke of your nat, or take a normal nat at the choke of your main, similar to arcadia, although without as much macro effect with such a low mineral count mineral only.
Pathing from you to the player closest to you by air takes you through the open middle, and past a semi island expo, where you can break neutral buildings to make it not island. If your enemy is across from you, on the same side, either east or west, you have a much closer path, and there are neutrals which obstruct some of the pathing, which you can if you so desire destroy to open up the game. Also, between these positions on the side is a gas expo on a cliff with ramps near both players. Anyone arguing the map is too tight will get flanked by these cliffs. If your enemy is in the opposite corner and opposite side, you have both the open middle and the tighter neutral blocked corridors to contend with.
Also, in front of the nat entrance are minerals which tighten the choke a little, and of course you can mine your own or your enemy's to open that choke.

With many different gameplay styles and possibilities, this solid map is sure to have some good games; a map nice enough to be worthy for both 1v1 and 2v2, Arden's (4)Deliverance is our MOTW!

Congratulations, Arden. Nice to have you back and active here at!

Spam the map's thread here, download the map itself here, and for observing fun download the obs map here.

Go go Arden! Congratz!

"The Last MOTW?" - it seems I have missed something.

The map is great :)
gosh took long enough, great map gj Arden
last motw?
By "Last MOTW", I believe that he meant that the "MOTM" idea might be what will become more prominent.

Anyway, it took long enough for a newspost on this.

I was gonna upload some replays, but are you allowed to upload replays taken with third party programs? Like, BWlauncher/PP?

Anyway, GJ on the map, and GJ on MOTW.

It deserved it ^^;
grats Arden
jees LGI is like a ghost here
wrong he is a zombie
Looks a LOT like Arcadia to me, except turned a bit.
Same structure with main-nat-minonly, and it has 2 islands and 2 expansions on high ground. The execution is nice though, well done.
This map doesn't have any islands - look closer. ;)
True, but it's close enough. -_-
the Golden
map is nothing like arcadia -.- if you call this arcadia clone then all of starparty's maps are lt clones, and that would make him a noob then wouldn't it? Starparty isn't a noob, this isn't arcadia.
Artanis, I just lost all respect I had for you.

True, but it's close enough. -_-"

I wouldn't lose respect for Artanis if I were you -_- just because he thinks it's close to arcadia doesn't mean anything, please remember that he is solely responsible for bwm maps going into the ggsl, which is very important for us.
*Cough cough* We love you Lao-Artanis!
"please remember that he is solely responsible for bwm maps going into the ggsl, which is very important for us."

I had no idea.

And it was basically that he said that it was "close enough" which is not how a mapper or player should feel, when there are obvious differences.


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