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Experimental Map Competition10 of November 2007 02:48 AM
Posted by:Lancet

We had an interesting competition with 9 great maps by Flo, Panschk, PsychoTemplar, Mapghost, Saurus, LostTampon and LML. The maps displayed such experimental features as dwebs, swarms, creep, null tiles, dark templar blockades, a high and low ground "chessboard", mains where the building space is blocked by mineral blocks and a "ramp mound" at the entrance of the nat. Hopefully competitions like this will motivate the rest of you to also experiment with these and other features and figure out their best use for maximizing gameplay and enjoyment.

But let's go on to the winners!

The same mapper that introduced dwebs and swarms to this web-site with his map "Avatar" (MOTM-1 2007) wins the competition with an older map of his. Earlier versions of this map were played in one of the Avaton tournaments held at Yes, we are talking about the map "Jericho" by LostTampon!

When you are playing a 1vs1 on this map the first existentialist question to ask yourself is whether your foe is across the map from you as is the case of a diagonal or vertical matchup or just a "stone throw" away in the case of a horizontal match-up. Beware, if the latter is the case games can be very short! But the stretch of land between the mains is blocked by neutrals and mineral clumps at the borders and contains a field of dwebs. This setup lends itself to many possible strategies, as well as tactical situations that require quick thinking and equally quick action. The rest of the match-ups play like an island map, but there is a wide center for dropped units to roam and side gas expos and central minonlies if the resources behind your main are not enough.

Read the map thread here, obtain the map here.

The second place goes to the map "Geerlux" by Saurus who with this map has contributed 13 maps to this database.

The remarkable feature of this map is the many "8" value clumps of minerals blocking the building space at the mains which have to be cleared to make space for structures. Although at present it is not clear how this feature will affect gameplay, it is certainly an innovative idea to ponder. The horizontal match-ups that have the mains dangerously close to each other will also prove interesting to play, drop-wise, so to speak. Apart from the main and nat, the rest of the resources in the map are minonlies that are either blocked by a creep colony, or isolated from the rest of the map by neutrals with a nearby swarm to make them challenging to mine!

Read the map thread here, obtain the map here.

The third place goes to the map "Home of the Swarm" by our website God Panschk as modified by mapper extraordinaire flothefreak.

A beautifully decorated macro map if you ever saw one. This map that boasts 1600 plus doodads has 4 corner high-ground mains with an unusual ramp to a low ground area next to the nat that can be used by dropped units to attack the nat or march into the main. The other expos in the map are blocked by neutral zerg cerebrates or buildings. One additional feature of the map is several neutral zerg hero units that a protoss player can mind control.

Read the map thread here, obtain the map here.

The winner for the best map theme/description goes to PsychoTemplar's high-adrenaline pulse-pounding heart-stopping map "Waiting to Panic" (which was also fourth place by the way). The map description reads:

I'm sitting, I'm standing, I'm thinking, I'm thinking, I'm walking, I'm running ,I'm thinking, I'm thinking
I'm waiting to panic

Read the map thread here, obtain the map here.

And finally the winner of the most innovative idea is Mapghost for his use of the null tiles. Mapghost introduced the idea in his map "Mazicolozist".

Read the map thread here, obtain the map here.

Psychotemplar further developed this idea in his maps "Out of the Void" and "Chaos Darkness".

Thanks for your participation Flo, Panschk, PsychoTemplar, Mapghost, Saurus, LostTampon and LML, and thanks to all who voted too. This competition would not have been possible without you!

As we bring this competition to a close please remember: experimental maps are about the future, among the experimental maps of today lay hidden the ideas that will make the classic maps of tomorrow!



I can't get the letters in Psychotemplar's map description to be red color. Whatever color I put there they come out blue. Also the "obtain map" ling for Waiting to Panic seem to be messed up. I will try fixing these problems later as now I am exhausted, good night.
Where is there no map pic for that last 2 maps? (unless you go to the map thread ofc).
I really like Mapghost's map just on the look of it (reminds me of mercury or something) but I do not understand it. I'm going to play it now and watch that rep.
< fontcolor = FF0000 > text-to-be-red < / font> with no spaces gets red. With that ascii it's RGB red green blue, with the first two values red, second two green, last two for blue. 0-F are the values, F being 15 in base 16 (hexadecimal).
SpoR, I thought that since the last two maps didn't make the top 3 but rather won other categories they did not merrit a map pic. Also notice that the size of the map pics are #1>#2>#3 also based on the final vote tally.

Also, please consider playing Templar's maps "out of the void" and "chaos to darkness" and please post any replays and let us know what you think. We need some gameplay experience with the null tiles.
Thanks Nightmarjoo!

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